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Wednesday, September 4, 2013


The controllers of this world, that have us decieved, as slaves, have also messed with OUR DREAM TIME. It all has to do with the big cities and the sacred geometry on the buildings or there shapes....sooo, that makes the big cities like big dream catchers...and they manipulate to have us dream their propaganda dreams....then thats what manifests in this awake world...a long detailed story...BUT here are some hints to get YOU THE DIAMONDS YOU ARE!! Back on the TRUE Dream Time Grid, and to remember YOUR dreams...ready.....

1. unplug your computer router before you go to bed. (these energies interfer with true dream time)

2. turn off your cell phone if at all possible (most important though, do #1)

3. turn off your tv

4. salt (with no iodine) is a great neutralizer: one cup or so in bag, lay on it, your tail bone and or behind your neck; as often as can

5. take epsom salt baths, soak for 20min or more; front and back side. (all the points above help balance your true vibrations or energies)

6. what you think about or visualize right before you go to bed is very important.

7. Say to yourself, before you go to bed, OUT LOUD, with passion and all your heart: "I will dream on the true dream grid"

8. visualize the Aurora Borealis, expand your conciousness at that picture you are visualizing or imagining in your head. (true dream energies are there): below are vids you can watch to help you visualize it.

I like the second to last one, but all are good.
  • Amazing Northern Lights Time Lapse

    The Northern Lights are one of nature's most spectacular visual phenomena, and in this time lapse video they provide a ...
  • The Aurora Borealis

    This video explains how particles originating from deep inside the core of the sun creates northern lights
  • UFO Captured Flying Through The Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights

    Wow here is an amazing photo of a UFO flying through the Aurora Borealis. The UFO craft appears to be starting to or is using ...

  • We DID IT !! #8 NEW YORK BEST SELLER LIST BOOK. 'WE THE PEOPLE" STANDING UP AND DECLARED OUR SOVEREIGNTY!! MADE THIS HAPPEN!! KEEP UP THE GOOD JOB. KEEP STANDING!! Be sure to view the Live stream at Bottom of Post. See updated INTEL at top dated 9/4 Elizabeth Diamondv

    Rev. Michael Announces Synchronicity Key as #8 New York Times Bestseller!

    Thanks to you, David's new book debuted at #8 on the New York Times best-seller list -- which was officially published today in the Sunday edition of the paper!
    Rev. Michael Beckwith announced our surprising success at his Agape International Center -- and introduced David to his congregation. See the free video for yourself!
    [UPDATED 9/4: Link to New York Times Bestseller list added.]

    I do want to mention something else here as well. Once I have better internet access at my next location, I will probably write a new post about this, perhaps early next week.
    The insider leaks on the efforts to defeat the Cabal had dried up for a while these past few months, at least within my own immediate contacts -- but not now.
    There are some very encouraging pieces of news I've been hearing that could explain why I've been pounded with such intense dreams preparing us for something really big -- and positive.
    Only a few of those dreams have been released here, due to time constraints -- but there have been a number of them lately.
    At this point I want to be extremely careful about specifics, and only reveal things publicly that would help the effort, rather than hinder it.
    Let me just say that if the things I'm hearing are true, it verifies and further extends what we've been hearing from both Neil Keenan and Fulford lately.
    This new information came to me from three different sources.
    One of those sources got completely independent verification of key details from three separate insider contacts, with very high-level access.
    If I were to write down what I heard, it would polarize the audience. Some people would believe it and think it is amazing, and others would refuse to believe it.
    I really do hope we see action and not just more talk. If the action does happen, it will be the most significant historical event in any of our lifetimes

    We actually found out Wednesday night that we had hit the list -- and I have had a deep feeling of peace and relaxation ever since.
    I had the clearance to mention it publicly as early as Thursday morning, but I was admittedly wiped out after all this effort.
    I finally took the time to breathe and relax for a few days -- after four and a half years of intense work on this one project!
    Everything else I've done during this time period -- including The Source Field Investigations and Financial Tyranny -- was all a prelude to this magnum opus.
    Without you, none of this would be possible. I do plan on putting out additional free videos in coming weeks and months as a way of saying thank you!
    I also am going back to Canada in September for a much-needed sabbatical -- and possibly to work on the sequel.
    I will be ready for action as I then head directly into our all-weekend Convergence event in Portland, Oregon on the weekend of September 20th.
    We also have an event coming up in Albuquerque, New Mexico on the weekend of October 18th.
    All participants at these events get to meet me in person, take pictures and have a conversation -- and I deliver a stunning presentation with over 1000 slides!

    There is a great deal of suffering in the world, and it doesn't have to be that way. This book is the best effort I've made so far to help tip the scales towards the positive.
    The negative forces are out there -- yes -- and the more we awaken to who and what they are, and why this is happening, the sooner we will move through this planetary initiation.
    The Synchronicity Key has unique information that opens a discussion on many levels -- and can help trigger a much broader awakening to the living universe.
    It is time for us to emerge from the chrysalis of materialism -- and heal the mistaken division between science and spirit.

    The Synchronicity Key is very much a book about karma, as one of the main working aspects of synchronicity -- and how irrevocable this law really is.
    On the planetary scale, things take longer to play out -- and they do so in precise intervals of time.
    We now have compelling evidence that justice will inevitably be served -- thanks to cosmic laws far older than human life on earth.
    We are now at that moment in the ancient and everlasting cycles where the whole facade of planetary negative control falls apart -- permanently and worldwide.
    The Synchronicity Key makes the case for how and why this happens. The 2012 prophecies are very much still in effect -- as this is about a window of time, not an exact date.
    Writing a book that documents and explains this process -- before it actually moves into full gear -- has been richly rewarding, and your reviews reflect that.
    Please be sure to leave a review on whatever site you bought the book from, as this book is taking on the greatest negativity on earth. We want to make sure that all voices are heard.

    We were fortunate enough to have Reverend Michael Beckwith as our personal, invited guest for a photo shoot here at the Divine Cosmos headquarters building on Friday, August 30th -- less than 48 hours after we got the news about hitting #8!
    It was nice to finally meet Rev. Michael after all these years. I have always respected and admired his wisdom and dedication to the truth.
    Rev. Michael has been a favored guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show, and has inspired millions of people around the world.

    Many people have suggested that we collaborate, and we are now moving in that direction -- with book signings and potential workshops now in the planning stages.
    I will have more to say about this in just a minute.

    It also looks like I will be doing a lecture this year with arguably the greatest rapper of all time -- KRS-One -- who has used his music to brilliantly expose the Cabal since the late 1980s.
    Unlike so many artists in this genre who use their music to discuss sex, drugs and violence, KRS has always worked socially progressive messages into his lyrics.
    I was quite blown away when I heard "Sex and Violence" in 1992, and realized that someone was using this art form to expose the Cabal so effectively.
    In that sense, he was way ahead of his time -- and disguised powerful wisdom in music most people who are not fans of this idiom would never pay attention to.
    I have a strong reason to believe that KRS has a close "vibrational similarity" with Martin Luther King -- and may well be his reincarnation.
    KRS is still very popular, and this soul may have "recalibrated" his next incarnation to use music to get his message out -- in a way that better suits the culture and mindset of our times.
    I wrote briefly about this in an article from April 13, 2007.

    In his classic video "You Must Learn," he dresses like MLK in one key scene, while exposing many suppressed truths in his lyrics -- and encouraging people to study history.

    I met KRS about a year and a half ago in the local Whole Foods -- and blew his mind when I flawlessly delivered one of his best "raps" from 1992, start to finish.
    Judging by his reaction, this was not something that happened to him very often. His lyrics are very fast and complicated and require great verbal dexterity and timing to perform.
    By the time I learned them, I was already able to bust out intricate jazz solos on a drum kit -- and that undoubtedly helped me pull it off.
    In my first two college semesters, most of my friends were listening to the latest KRS album -- and with the coaching of my friend Khalid, I memorized the lyrics from every song.
    Twenty years later, it was very satisfying to have KRS kick in various lines in as I went along -- and our random meeting set up the possibility for this event to happen!
    Back in 1992, he was considered "The Real" -- number one among all rappers -- and I still feel he is in a category all his own when it comes to lyrics, rhythms and message.
    We will have more about this upcoming event in the weeks to come -- but KRS has already accepted the invitation!

    Less than a week after we set the groundwork for this event with KRS, Reverend Michael was visiting me in person -- here at our main headquarters.
    I gave Michael a copy of the new book, and got a personal invitation to see him live at Agape International -- which I happily accepted!
    In the following video, linked at this page, Reverend Michael announced the new book and introduced me to his extended family at 28:27 into the program.
    In case you've never seen him before and want to jump right in, Rev. Michael's impassioned speech rolls into full gear beginning at 42:33.
    I was right there, about 30 feet away as he delivered it -- and many regulars said this was an unusually energized performance. He certainly elevated the whole crowd!
    I would highly recommend listening to what Rev. Michael had to say, as it was definitely inspired by our conversation, the contents of the book, and our mutual dedication to the truth.
    I had to laugh because people often accuse me of "going too fast" and never taking a breath. Once Michael got rolling, he was definitely in that same zone!

    Now that The Synchronicity Key made the New York Times best-seller list, we can talk more about other versions besides the hardcover edition.
    Many people in Michael's audience came up and asked me if there was an audio version that I dictated myself -- and the answer is yes.
    They also asked me when it will be available -- and I told them it's already out now in its downloadable audio form!
    For some reason, the CDs aren't coming out until January -- but you can still get it now if you don't mind downloading your audio files.
    Some folks like to listen more than read -- and I feel very good about the performance I gave for this book.

    The Ebook is also handy, becuase you can have it anywhere you go, as long as you have your phone or tablet with you.
    Furthermore, over 90 percent of the references in the book can be looked up online for more information with two quick clicks in the ebook.
    I will probably only be bringing the electronic version with me to Canada -- and will read it in the mountains if I feel so inclined!
    Again, I want to thank you for making this such a big success. It blew me away that we made it into the top ten! Without you it never would have happened.
    There is still a lot of work to be done, but with your collective voice, we now have a powerful means of exposing the truth -- and fighting for freedom, peace and prosperity for all.

    I am enjoying some hard-earned time off in the Canadian Rocky Mountains -- and flew in yesterday morning after Labor Day.
    Right now I'm in a very remote area, and have to share satellite internet access with everyone else. There is no cell reception whatsoever.
    At the moment, 1:08 PM, I actually can use it, probably because most of the other guests are out hiking. It's still ridiculously slow, but at least it works.
    The pine smells alone more than make up for the lack of internet connectivity. I slept for 13 hours straight last night in a rustic log cabin, and feel amazing.
    I worked so hard this past year that it honestly feels like I was just here -- except now the book is actually finished, and has been a major success!
    Here is a link to where our book appears on the New York Times best-seller list.
    Unlike the first volume, which was strictly scientific, this volume has a lot of personal growth material in it, which led the NYT to categorize it under Advice, How-To and Miscellaneous:

    I do want to mention something else here as well. Once I have better internet access at my next location, I will probably write a new post about this, perhaps early next week.
    The insider leaks on the efforts to defeat the Cabal had dried up for a while these past few months, at least within my own immediate contacts -- but not now.
    There are some very encouraging pieces of news I've been hearing that could explain why I've been pounded with such intense dreams preparing us for something really big -- and positive.
    Only a few of those dreams have been released here, due to time constraints -- but there have been a number of them lately.
    At this point I want to be extremely careful about specifics, and only reveal things publicly that would help the effort, rather than hinder it.
    Let me just say that if the things I'm hearing are true, it verifies and further extends what we've been hearing from both Neil Keenan and Fulford lately.
    This new information came to me from three different sources.
    One of those sources got completely independent verification of key details from three separate insider contacts, with very high-level access.
    If I were to write down what I heard, it would polarize the audience. Some people would believe it and think it is amazing, and others would refuse to believe it.
    I really do hope we see action and not just more talk. If the action does happen, it will be the most significant historical event in any of our lifetimes.

    Please be sure to check out Gaiam TV as well -- as there are a wealth of half-hour shows I present, which you can enjoy for less than ten dollars a month.
    You can start a 10-day free trial, with no obligation, and watch every existing episode for FREE, at
    New half-hour episodes come out every Monday -- and it just keeps getting better and better!
    Gaiam TV has tons of great material -- a veritable warehouse of wisdom, with over 5000 top spiritual titles -- and the library is constantly expanding.
    I have taken a huge variety of topics that I may have done in one or two events, only to drop later on -- and have cataloged many of them here!
    I do feel it's well worth your time -- so check it out

    HERE IS SOME GALACTIC NEWS. Elizabeth Diamond Thurs Diamonds Forever 30min News Tomorrow Sep 5 2013. See you there 209-255-1000 pin 883267#

                                          A rose made of galaxies


    Announcement from Tolec regarding “Comet” Ison…

    Hollis (of Vermont) was the first one to show me a video of “Comet” Ison. The video showed it was clearly not a comet.
    Here is what Tolec announced, just now…
    “Announcement: 08.30.13. Regarding the alleged – “Comet Ison”. It is not a comet. This is a large scale ship operated by Galactic Federation forces. Expect it to arrive in the ‘sol’ (solar) system, in Earth’s ‘space’ & in orbit over this planet… sometime in the near future. Consider this sighting to be another major harbinger of the many changes coming to this planet! “
    1. ISON COVER UP/May not be a Comet. Part 1.

      ISON images. " style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; background-color: transparent; display: block;"A Closer Look at the ISON images.
      • HD
    2. ISON Cover Up, Part 2

    3. by thornews
    4. 2 weeks ago
    5. 12

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  • Tuesday, September 3, 2013



    Benjamin Fulford - September 3, 2013: Connecting the dots between Syria, Fukushima, Olympic terror threats and the Nazi CIA

    The attempt to start a war in Syria, the sudden spike in radiation at Fukushima, threats by Saudi Arabia to wage terror on the coming Russian Olympic Games and other unusual world events are part of a long ago planned bigger plot to start a fascist world government.

    Fortunately for us all, the plot is unraveling and the Sabbatean Nazis behind it are now very, very scared. That is why US corporate government slave Barak Obama is now the laughing stock of the world for his attempt to get the US military to support Al Qaeda based on obvious lies.

    The regional headquarters for the ongoing Syria operation is a terrorist training school in Turkey run by a Nazi CIA front called the Jamestown Foundation, according to MI5 sources. A key player in this plot is Nazi Skull and Bones Nazi so-called Secretary of State and suspected wife murderer John Kerry (Kerry married the heir to the Heinz family fortune who then died in a plane crash, leaving the fortune to lucky Kerry), the sources say.

    Just when the arrests of these mass murdering criminals will begin is not known but their next moves are becoming increasingly easy to predict and thus easy to prevent. The next events the Nazi will try to orchestrate will likely include major oil crisis triggered by a closure of the Suez Canal, a financial crisis caused by an implosion in the derivatives market and nuclear terrorism, according to various agency sources.

    Stepping back to look at the big picture for a minute by piecing together testimony from a variety of insiders over the years, the plot to create a Sabbatean Nazi world government has become transparent.

    We know for example, from the testimony of pilots and others, that George Bush Sr. and John Kerry were aboard a special flight to Paris, France to meet with Iranian representatives in order to ask them to take over the US embassy in Iran, and keep the staff hostage until after the US Presidential election of 1980 as part of a plot to ensure that US President Jimmy Carter was not re-elected in 1980.

    Once he became Ronald Reagan’s Vice-President, we also know from former Soviet top brass and others that George Bush Sr. told Mikhail Gorbachev that if he agreed to allow the USSR to fail the EU would become the new USSR.

    We then saw George Bush Jr. and the fascists carry out the 911 attacks to impose a Nazi constitution known as the Patriot Act on the US and begin a massive invasion of the Middle-East.

    The plot involved creating a Weimar Republic type of economic crisis in the US and Europe in order to create the conditions needed for further Nazification of Europe.

    Part of this plot involves creating a massive oil crisis in the Middle East. To prepare the ground, the invasion of Iraq and the so-called Arab Spring were all part of an effort to impose Nazi-allied Muslim Brotherhood governments in the region.

    The Muslim Brotherhood was then supposed to revive a pan-Muslim Caliphate and provoke a Christian/Muslim holy war to fulfill biblical prophecies of Armageddon, according to fascist P2 Lodge whistleblowers. The end result of course was supposed to be a fascist world government run by the estimated 1 million members of the Sabbatean Nazi Cult. Barak Obama was supposed to put a brown face on this world government in order to make it acceptable to non-Europeans.

    Now let us look at how this plot is both unfolding and unraveling at the present time. The fall of the Mulsim Brotherhood government in Egypt has been a key element in the unraveling because it makes closing the Suez Canal, and thus causing a major oil crisis, much harder to carry out. At the same time, members of the P2 fascist Lodge and their Nazi operations center in Turkey were supposed to have removed the government of Syria by now but have failed.

    The attempt to blame the Syrian government for a sarin gas attack on its own citizens, in order to provoke a Western invasion of Syria, has seriously exposed and crippled the Nazi movement.

    UK puppet Prime Minister David Cameron had the dubious honour of being the first British Prime Minister to be voted down by Parliament since 1782. Cameron is now expected to be out of office by December and the British political system will then be freed from cabal control, according to MI5 sources. The British parliament is also expected to go from a two party system to a much harder to control four party system, the sources predict.

    The Syrian crisis has revealed the Nazis now only control Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia and a pseudo-government in Washington that does not control its own armed forces. Barak Obama will be a laughing stock if he is shameless enough to still consider going to the G20 summit meeting this week in Russia.

    The key Nazi ally Saudi Arabia is also in serious trouble now. When Saudi Arabian intelligence chief and Bush bum buddy Prince Bandar bin Sultan threatened Russia with a terrorist attack on its upcoming Sochi Winter Olympics he made a fatal error. By convention, even if some governments sponsor terrorism, there is supposed to be plausible deniability. By directly linking the Saudi Government to terrorist threats, he allowed Russia the opportunity, under international law, to legitimately attack Saudi Arabia.

    Given this situation, the Jews definitely need to remove that Nazi scumbag traitor Benjamin Netanyahu and free Israel before events spin further out of control.

    Netanyahu has been recorded threatening to blow up all of Japan’s nuclear reactors in a phone call to then Prime Minister Naoto Kan in the immediate aftermath of the March 11, 2011 nuclear and tsunami terror attack against Japan. The motivation was to force Japan to sign away ownership of its US Treasury holdings to the Nazis (which Kan duly did), according to Japanese military intelligence. The use of nuclear terror to shut down Japan’s nuclear reactors was also aimed at forcing Japan to import more oil from the Middle East as a part of the Nazi planned oil crisis.

    The recent spike in radioactivity being reported in Fukushima is being caused by the dumping of nuclear industrial waste (mostly medical), according to Japanese gangsters sub-contracting to the Nazi Mossad faction. The aim is to blackmail the Japanese government in order to prevent it from restarting its nuclear reactors. Message to Netanyahu: they are coming after you and there is nowhere in this universe where you will be able to hide.

    In any case, it is not over until it is over but even if you read the fascist controlled corporate media, it is increasingly obvious the Sabbatean Nazi’s days are numbered.
    THIS IS A SYRIAN GIRL....DON'T MISS LISTENING TO THIS..STRAIGHT FROM SYRIA..Some one should send this to usa congress and senate...see what they think about this. Elizabeth Diamond.
    The Syrian Girl explains it best and really puts her country  like Egypt, on the ‘Well Awake and Aware’ map:   CLICK ON LINK BELOW. WOW

    Monday, September 2, 2013

    Here are the Diamonds Calls last week...Fresh off the press...As Requested.. Reference 70# and 69#

    Check this out

    The above link is Our Exstended Saturday call for August 30 2013 Enjoy...and send it to your Friends. REFERENCE 70#

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    This is Thursdays August 29 2013  30min world news update call.  REFERENCE 69#

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    This is Saturday Exstended Aug 2013  REFERENCE 67#

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    This is a 5min Declaration YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS. Reference 65#

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    This is Saturday Exstended call  REFERENCE 63#

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    This is Saturday Exstended call REFERENCE 60#

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    This is Saturday Exstended call REFERENCE 57#

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    This is Saturday Exstended call REFERENCE  54#

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    This is Saturday Exstended call REFERENCE 51#

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    Here is OUR First Diamonds Forever Call  REFERENCE 1#

    I will Post More in the days to come, Elizabeth Diamond  Love  Peace Joy and Laughter toooo Blissssssssssssssss!!!!!

    Well, Well, Well.....9/11 coming to the forfront....just as I have Predicted......Elizabeth Diamond

    ReThink 9-11 with this Viral Video and SHARE!

    by 2012thebigpicture

    A Major New Venture re 9/11 Kicks Off Today: ReThink911

    The People of this planet will NOT rest until the truth about 9-11 is exposed.
    The Illuminati are already shaking in their boots because we are protesting all their initiatives to steal what's left of our freedoms, and refusing to go to war in Syria, and NOW we are demanding to know what happened on September 11th, 2001 so that we may take the appropriate action and see to it that the conspirators are arrested and dealt with accordingly. We won't take no for an answer.
    The experts who have painstakingly studied the evidence surrounding this travesty of injustice make it impossible NOT to rethink 9-11 if you believe it was terrorists, and planes, and all the rest of the story the government's lame investigation commission considered "official".
    Please take 5 minutes to watch this video.
    Then, if you support this initiative, please share this video with everyone you can, and sign the petition, and make your voice heard.
    It's time for the Truth to be known. No more cover-ups. We demand transparency in all things. We demand conspirators be prosecuted for crimes against Humanity. And so it is. (Preview)
    If that got you thinking, and you missed the video I shared a couple of weeks ago which goes much deeper, you can watch it here. Share both if you like!  ~ BP
    Dear ReThink911 Supporters,
    The day we’ve all been waiting for has arrived. Today the ReThink911 campaign officially launches. Over the next month, tens of millions of people in 12 cities around the world will see the ads that thousands of you made possible with your hard work and generous donations.
    But this campaign is way more than just these ads. It’s the educational materials we distribute, and it’s the tens of thousands of people—and one day millions of people—who raise their voices in support of a new investigation into the events of 9/11.
    We kick off our people-powered educational campaign by asking you to take two vitally important actions:
    1) Watch the newly released official ReThink911 video narrated by Daniel Sunjata—then forward it to all of your friends and family and everyone else on your contact list, and share it on Facebook and Twitter using the buttons below the video player. Let’s make this video go viral!
    2) Sign the newly unveiled ReThink911 International Petition. When this petition reaches one million signers, it will be delivered to the Head of State of every nation that had citizens who died in the attacks of September 11, 2001.
    Are you wondering when your city’s ads will be up? Here you go!
    San Francisco – Bay Area Rapid Transit posters: already in circulation
    Washington D.C. – Taxi tops: already in circulation
    Boston – Taxi tops: already in circulation
    Chicago – Taxi tops: already in circulation
    Dallas – Stemmons Freeway billboard near Feizy Center: September 2 installation
    Toronto – Dundas Square billboard: September 2 installation
    London – Downtown billboard and street boards: September 2 installation
    Sydney – Downtown street posters: September 2 installation
    New York – Times Square billboard (47th St. & 7th Ave.): September 3 installation
    Vancouver – Downtown transit shelters: September 4 installation
    San Diego – Mobile billboard: September 5 to September 11
    Ottawa – Bus posters: September 9 installation
    Stay tuned in the coming days for photos and videos.
    Thank you for making this historic campaign a reality!
    To make a donation to this campaign, click here.
    2012thebigpicture | September 2, 2013 at 11:54 AM | Categories: What's happening in Society | URL:
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    9/11thology - full version of my book is ready! Download it now!

    Sunday, September 1, 2013


    • Global Debt Discharged as of July 1, 2013
    • Jaemes McBride of DivineProvince announces human race has been released from bankruptcy
    • Pope releases game-changing Apostolic Letter
    • Numerous resignations forthcoming including Fed Chairman Bernanke, Homeland Security Chief Napolitano and much more
    News | August 31, 2013
    For more news stories see our News Archives
    Our world continues its inexorable march towards total and complete freedom.
    Freedom like the butterfly
    As we had anticipated, humanity is throwing off the chains of slavery and finding itself being liberated at a truly astonishing rate. A miraculous process continues to unfold where we are seeing very tangible results coming forward into the public consciousness, despite a massive mainstream news media blackout.
    Almost every other day some new, amazing development emerges to positively confirm major and dramatic changes are upon us as never before. The momentum of these successive events is building to such a fever pitch, the end result will be a great shift of the paradigm which we call our reality. This shift is absolutely inevitable now.
    What we now see developing in our world is the return of personal power within each and every one of us. This power comes from the understanding and recognition we are completely sovereign beings with God-given, unalienable rights which no man, government nor corporation can put asunder. Those unalienable rights include "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" as laid down by our Founding Fathers in the great document known as the Declaration of Independence.
    Regrettably, those God-given rights have been under attack ever since the Founding Fathers established our great nation. Through a slow and methodical campaign by the Crown of England (the City of London)the international banking cartel and the Vatican, we have witnessed the tables turned to a point where America has become a virtual police state and our rights have been ground into the dirt.
    Although many assume the United States of America is a "free" country, the actions of our government, the political elite, the wealthy aristocracy and the multi-national corporations over the last 140 years belies the ideals of freedom as envisioned at the birth our nation. The words of German politician and writer,Johan Wolfgang von Goethe have never rang more true: "none are more hopelessly enslaved than those who believe they are free."
    The United States and the entire world remain controlled by one very key tool of enslavement ––  the availability of money. And nearly all the money in the world today has been reduced to mere worthless paper, or fraudulent numbers upon a bank's computer screen.
    To that end, the world economy and its many currencies have been systematically hijacked and are now solely based upon the foundation of debt. In fact, debt is the engine which drives our global economic system and without the debt/credit relationship, the world economy as it is currently constituted, would cease to function.
    Thus we have reached a most critical point in the modern world history where a debt-based economy and its related fiat currencies simply must go. Neither can sustain themselves any longer nor do they adequately serve the needs of a rapidly evolving human race. In their place must come a wholly new system based upon lasting value, sustainability and fairness for all.
    And that is precisely what is happening at this very moment.
    A very determined effort from a contingent of brave, noble people and alliances is working feverishly behind the scenes to transform our world economy for the better. And now, we are seeing the results coming out into the open in a series of historic steps which are unfolding. Ultimately there will be an unveiling of many landmark initiatives such as the Global Currency Reset, the World Global Settlements, the Global Collateral Accounts and the Restoration of the Republic, among many others.
    It is truly remarkable to behold all of which is occurring in our world.
    The year 2013 has already been one of the most historic and revealing years in the history of mankind. And we still have a whole quarter left to go. The amount of revelations which have come from heretofore secret societies and clandestine institutions has been nothing short of staggering.
    As we dive further down the proverbial rabbit hole to uncover an understanding much more closely resembling a truth, we find the same story repeating itself again and again. That story is –– all roads lead to Rome. The Roman empire of Constantine, Cesar, etc. never really went away. It just moved into the Vatican and has remained there ever since to rule over the entire world in secret, hidden to nearly everyone on the planet.
    Nonetheless, the Holy Roman Empire finally began the process of seriously unraveling on the date of February 11, 2013 when Pope Benedict XVI announced he would be stepping down as of February 28th due to health concerns. This marked the first time in 700 years a sitting Pope voluntarily chose to leave office rather than being forced out.
    Who says lightning doesn't strike twice? Two lightning bolts strike the Vatican on February 11, 2013.
    Later, during the very same day at 6 PM local Vatican City time, lightning struck the very symbol of Vatican control, St. Peter's Basilica, not once but twice. As it turns out, these lightning bolts were very foreboding signs of even more amazing developments yet to come out of the Roman empire.
    Within days of the Pope Benedict's announcement, it was revealed an arrest warrant had been issued against him for crimes against humanity. On February 15, the Vatican revealed Pope Benedict would lead a quite life in retirement residing in a convent within the walls of Vatican City. In essence, the Vatican proclaimed it will protect him from any or all prosecution regarding the ongoing pedophilia and sexual abuse allegations against numerous priests and other members within the Catholic church umbrella.
    On March 13, 2013, the famous white smoke arose from the chimney of the Sistine Chapel to signify a brand new Pope had been chosen, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, a Jesuit Archbishop no less, from Argentina, who decided upon the name of Pope Francis.
    Almost immediately, the new Pope seemed intent on displaying a much different public profile than his predecessors when he returned back to pay his hotel bill, chose not reside in the lavish Papal apartment and to take the bus rather than luxurious limousines. Then, on Easter Sunday, March 29, 2013, in an surprising break from tradition, Pope Francis went to a youth prison to wash the feet of Muslims and atheists in an emulation of Jesus washing the feet of his disciples.
    News emanating from the Vatican then took yet another noteworthy turn on July 25, 2013. Jaemes McBride of, the de jure Postmaster General of North America, held a special free live webinar. He proceeded to make a number of amazing announcements regarding the world economic condition and the Vatican, which has thus far gone unrecognized by the mainstream media. (See video archive below.)

    Shift Happens! ~ July 25, 2013
    "We're seeing that there is this shift that is happening. We made it, that we won. We've been fighting for years to discharge the debt. And we did that," he stated on the live webinar. "As of July 1, 2013, we do have global debt forgiveness. All the accounts and claims have been settled," he added.
    For years, Mr. McBride and others have been negotiating with Vatican and the Crown of England to release the burden of world-wide debt from the people of th world. He claims he was able to accomplish this feat by obtaining the coveted Seal of St. Peter from the Vatican which gives him authority to effect changes to the laws.
    Divine Province has also gained control of the Global Estate Trust, "previously held by the Vatican and the Crown by default, having successfully assumed control and claim of the commission and powers of the Apostle Peter without challenge for centuries".
    The Divine Province: Birthing New Earth book
    Mr. McBride also revealed he was given confirmation of the discharge of the debt by the Chinese elders who have been an integral part of the Global Currency Reset about to be implemented.
    According to Mr. McBride, although the global debt discharge became official on July 1st, the world rulers requested a three year period until the old system is completely fazed out.
    "There is a transitional window. The powers that be and the banks and everything have a window to make this transition so as not to excite chaos," he explained. "They have a three year window that they plan to exploit."
    However, Mr. McBride was adamant this three year window was simply an arbitrary number which can be severely reduced by the awakening of the people of the Earth to the truth through a process of education and awareness.
    Here is further information about Divine Province and Jaemes McBride from one of their sister websites,
    "Divine Province and Jaemes McBride, along with the labors of all who are committed and passionate for freedom and Natural Law, have broken the spell and power of the Vatican and Crown (City of London), and its presumptuous claim on the land and assets of the world as being under their sole and ultimate control, being managed by its structured hierarchy (which extends down to governors, cities, and towns worldwide).
    The Vatican and Crown established the thoroughly incorporated, international commercial system throughout the world that has severely debilitated justice, governments, and the People’s wealth, power, and standing; by holding and controlling their divine estates in bankruptcy/dishonor, covertly treating them as lifeless subjects under commerce and numerous debilitating presumptions and adhesion contracts, and exploiting them and their souls as chattel for trade and profit." (Also see Jaemes McBride's & Ed Rychkun's book "The Divine Province: Birthing New Earth" for much more detailed information. Also linked here.)

    A Rare 20/20 Interview with James McBride
    Within a short period of time of the global debt discharge, even more dramatic world events began to unfold in rapid succession.
    On July 11, 2013 a new Apostolic Letter was issued by Pope Francis. Effectively, this letter states all immunity for anyone under the auspices of the Roman Curia including not only priests and bishops but world leaders, political figures, government officials, judges, lawyers, etc., officially ends on the date of September 1, 2013.
    In essence, this letter states any or all of these parties can be held accountable and sued for war crimes or crimes against humanity. Although, given their long history of malfeasance, it would be unwise to assume the Pope and the Vatican will be politely stepping aside as their numerous crimes are revealed to the world's people.
    Nevertheless, beginning on September 1, 2013, we may begin to see a degree of profound changes unfold in both the US and throughout the world. It is no coincidence that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has announced his resignation effective on that particular date. As has Federal Reserve Board Governor, Elizabeth A. Duke and Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano, both of whom be resigning on September 1st.
    In addition, numerous other resignations of priests, bishops and clergymen have also been quietly announced for September 1st. We can expect to see more resignations forthcoming from many other public officials in the very near future.

    Jaemes McBride of Divine Province on As You Wish Radio August 10th, 2013
    "The truth shall set you free, but first it may piss you off," it has been said.Frankly, the truth is hard to come by.
    Admittedly, there is no real accurate historical account of how the world found itself in such a desperate state of enslavement to the Vatican, as it has been so well concealed. It is safe to say it has been accomplished by a very meticulous, elaborate and devious plan in order to bring the entire world under the Vatican's collective thumb. Therefore, to tell the story it is necessary to piece together a wide variety of information from a number of sources. And these sources don't always agree.
    With an economic system based upon debt and a worthless fiat currency, where does the value of the US dollar come from? Many will be shocked to learn the truth behind how our financial system has been set up and has operated since the official implementation of the privately owned Federal Reserve in 1933.
    The short answer is the value for our money is obtained directly from you and all Americans who have been born in the US since the 1930's. The value is drawn from our life force, our good will as consumers, spenders, wage earners and taxpayers. Thus, we can see where a term such as "human resource" figures into the equation.
    Our life force is represented by one very important document which is then used as an instrument of value to back up the worth of the US dollar and to act as collateral against the fraudulent, illusionary US debt. That instrument of value is the birth certificate.
    Naturally, this system has been instituted very slowly over many years in a strictly covert fashion. It has relied upon the ignorance and low level of consciousness by the people in order for it to take root. And it begins at the moment of birth and entangles us until our last breath upon this Earthly plane.
    When parents sign off on a birth certificate for their new born child, they are authorizing him or her to be entered into the system as a bona fide debt slave. At the same time, each of us is issued a line of credit sanctioned by the world-wide economic system and ultimately controlled by the Vatican.
    That credit amounts to anywhere from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars within the confines of the system and only accessible via a financial institution, insurance agent, public utility, medical care provider, etc.
    Your birth certificate, in turn, is tied to your social security number and becomes the method by which the banks draw upon to establish a line of credit when you come of age to open a bank account, a credit card, apply for a home loan, car loan and/or educational loan, etc. In fact, nearly every business relationship you enter into with a corporation, whether it is a cell phone contract, cable TV, telephone, electrical power, water service, insurance, health care, loan, traffic ticket, lawsuit –– you name it –– all tap into the same credit system.
    In effect, these banking institutions are lending you your own credit and then charging you an exorbitant amount of interest for the use of it. If you default on a loan, the banks or the corporations then have the legal right to confiscate your home, property, car, etc. or take you to court for payment.
    All of this is accomplished because the Vatican believes it has been bestowed the Divine right through the Papal bull to have dominion over all land, property, valuables and even your own body and your children through their possession of the birth certificates. In their eyes, the people of the Earth are merely debt slaves or paupers, and thus, must not become a burden to the Church. And as such, slaves have no rights, have no say in the matter and by law, cannot own anything. In other words, slaves are property and not human beings. (See video below for more Vatican secrets from Jordan Maxwell.)

    Vatican Secrets EXPOSED! Jordan Maxwell |
    Yet here we stand, in the year 2013 and we are witnessing the disintegration of this entire corrupt and insane system. And we are now actually getting to see how its demise is being accomplished.
    Granted, most people of the world will be shocked to the core to learn the true and absolute powers which lie within Vatican City, the Holy See and the Pope. The Holy Roman Empire has been the most powerful force on the planet for over 2,700 years. The Vatican has wielded indisputable temporal power over world affairs for centuries, including over the US as it sits at the very top of the pyramid when it come to the pecking order of planetary rulers.
    Therefore, the very fact they have now authorized the discharge global debt is one of the greatest milestones in the history of the world.
    Ironically, as the world's people are released from all debt obligations, the USA, Inc. shadow government, also known as Washington, DC will not be afforded the same privileges. The USA, Inc. has been over laid on top the original Republic envisioned by the Founding Fathers by an act of Congress known asthe Organic Act of 1871, which established the Washington, DC/District of Columbia corporation.
    Despite the illegal formation of this corporation, the Republic of the united States for America, as it was originally intended to be still very much exists. The USA, Inc., the entity responsible for the national deficit, is now bankrupt and we are now witnessing its free fall.
    ––  As if to further confirm the discharge of the debt and the bankruptcy of the USA corporation, a series of strange events began to unfold over the weekend of August 3rd and 4th.
    The US government announced as many as sixteen embassies in the Middle East would be closing for a period of several days. Within hours of that report on CNN, the US State Department declared the embassies instead will be closed for as long as a week, with a further number of African embassies added to the total of nineteen.
    ––  Then, on Monday, August 5th, the Daily Mail reported HSBC Bank had informed the many foreign embassies and consulates located in England who are account holders, they will need to find another institution to do their business. As the foreign embassies, including even the Vatican, scrambled for an alternative, they found no other banks in England were willing to take on their banking needs either.
    Very likely the numerous embassy closings by the US State Department and the refusal of HSBC Bank to retain other foreign embassies as customers are intricately related to the ongoing bankruptcy of the world corporate governments.
    ––  On August 12, 2013, Attorney General Eric Holder announced he would recommend the states begin to release prisoners in victimless crimes such as drug offenses, tax evasion, etc. It should be noted nearly one quarter of all prisoners world-wide are found in US jails. And yet we are told again and again, by our history books and our media we are a free nation.
    Make no mistake about it, the penal system is part of the international slave trade where prisoner bonds are bought and sold like livestock on an underground market. The very fact the US Attorney General would make such a pronouncement is clearly directly tied to the discharge of the global debt.
    ––  In still another astonishing development, on Thursday, August 22, the NASDAQ stock exchange went dark for a full three full hours during daytime trading. In the aftermath, many Wall Street media pundits and insiders were scratching their heads in an effort to figure out what really happened. They were unable to come up with any definitive answers.
    ––  On August 23rd a report emerged insisting the down time was due to an attempt to link the NASDAQ exchange with the Global Currency Reset which ultimately crashed the entire system as many as six times. The NASDAQ collapse caused numerous other stock entities to briefly go off line, as well, including: the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE); the Toronto Exchange (TSX); the Iraq Stock Exchange (ISX); among several others.
    Although most sources attributed the outage to some kind of major technical glitch, it is important to note a malfunction of this magnitude had never occurred in the entire 42-year history of NASDAQ, easily the most technologically advanced exchange in the world.
    ––  Ironically, tech titans Google and Amazon, as well as, media conglomerate,the New York Times, all had similar outages during the month of August. It is highly likely these other technical failures are not merely coincidental but perhaps part of a series of warning shots to the global elite. It should be noted, the heads of Google, Amazon & the New York Times all have been active members of the Bilderberg group.
    ––  The very same day as the NASDAQ outage, August 22nd, the annual Federal Reserve meeting was convened in Jackson Hole, Wyoming without Ben Bernanke in attendance but with IMF Managing Director, Christine Lagarde. Ms. Lagarde was interviewed during the conference and proclaimed: "The banking system needs to be unclogged, and liquidity as well as instruments need to move fluidly throughout the system, which has not been the case."
    ––  On August 23rd, David Wilcock reported in his latest post the US military is now working with the hacker group Anonymous in a united effort to take down the Federal Reserve banking cartel. He also stated the majority of the military is in support of the take-down of the Federal Reserve cartel. If accurate, this report would mark a crucial development ensuring the proper security will be in a place for any type of scenario to institute the Global Currency Reset and the Restoration of the Republic.
    ––  Meanwhile, the international cabal in an act of total desperation continues to try to ferment World War III in Syria in order to stave off their own bankruptcy and the implementation of the Global Currency Reset. Having already miserably failed to do the same in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and Egypt, Syria remains one of the few remaining Middle East countries vulnerable for manipulation through a false flag attack.
    Yet, even with a threat of world war, we are seeing more and more of the globe uniting to stand directly opposed an international cabal whose support may have now dwindled down to a mere eight member countries including: the US; Canada; France; England; Israel; Turkey; Saudi Arabia; and Qatar. Another clear sign the game has dramatically shifted. We have come to the point where nearly the whole of the planet has mandated we must begin the move towards a world of peace.
    Clearly we are seeing the collapse of an old paradigm no longer sustainable within our rapidly evolving reality. From this point on, we can expect big and spectacular changes to become the norm.
    Unfortunately, it appears as if the sheer scope and scale of the Global Currency Reset and all its many components was a far grander and more complex undertaking than any had anticipated. The numerous technical issues which have cropped up recently with NASDAQ, Eurex and the co-ordination with other financial systems such as Forex as well as the newly created International Currency Exchange (ICX) have proven it to be so.
    Many, many reports have suggested numerous attempts of the GCR have been done without success thus far. We must now conclude there may still be several important pieces to this puzzle which must align themselves for the Reset to be finally launched. Yet we must appreciate the many steps which have already been accomplished and thus we can confidently determine we are very, very close to completion.
    With all of this extraordinary amount of activity, it should be abundantly clear by now we are dealing with a much, much bigger undertaking than revaluing one or two currencies. We are deep within the process of a total global phenomenon unprecedented in human history. As we sit now, humanity is at a critical stage of evolution. We have reached the point of no return.
    Besides the upcoming date of September 1st, other significant dates to look towards include September 30th which is the end of the Fed fiscal year andOctober 8th when the new symbolic $100 bills will be released, ideally by the newly revitalized US Treasury, and not the Federal Reserve.
    It is interesting to note the numerology for the date of August 31, 2013, the ending date before a new paradigm kicks in on September 1st ––  8 + 3 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 3 = 18. Then if broken down to single integer – 1 + 8 = 9. Nine is the symbolic number for completion.
    If you have been following this story for some time, you have also likely noticed a great deal of conflicting and confusing information has peaked to an all time high. Understandably, you may have reached a point where you are ready to throw your hands in the air in a state of exasperation.
    As events accelerate towards a crescendo, we may well be in the midst of what scientists have often referred to as the Chaos Theory. In this instance, reality begins to accelerate into an increasing state of chaos. Eventually, it reaches what appears to be an out-of-control stage. At this point, a dramatic shift occurs taking reality to a much higher level, or a more evolved state of being.
    Do not be surprised if the world appears to get even stranger as we venture from an old paradigm into a new. From an old, outdated way of being to an entirely, expanded new one.
    One of the greatest detriments to change is fear. As we have discussed in many previous news articles, fear can be a extremely debilitating condition which robs us of our innate power. We must resist the temptation to fall into a state of fear as we come to this critical stage in the future of the Earthly experience, despite the threats which seem to emerge from everywhere.
    Ultimately, realize these are tests for us to overcome and all are merely an illusion. They are not real. In the process of overcoming our fears, we will accelerate our evolution that much more quickly.
    We have outlined a great deal of very profound changes coming into our reality at this present time. These changes are directly the result of an awakening of consciousness within the human experience.
    We must understand, all changes start from within. The world is not happening to us, we are directly affecting the experience we are having by our own thoughts and beliefs. All the conditions on the Earth, whether negative or positive, are the makings of the human mind.
    Realize how magnificent a time we are living in as we are now witnessing the world transforming right before us. A long, sordid chapter of slavery, subjugation, fraud and fear is thankfully coming to a close. Directly in front of us lies a much more spectacular and enhanced human experience. And it is here now for the taking.
    This time period which was long ago prophesied has been referred to in many different ways such as the great shift of consciousness, Heaven on Earth, or the Golden Age. Whatever label it goes by is of least importance, rather it is the feeling it engenders within which makes all the difference.
    For sure, many, many challenges lie ahead us. Yet, ten times as many blessings will become accessible to you and your family like never before as we move forward.
    Indeed, the time has come to begin to reap the harvest. And what a bountiful one it will be.
    © 2013 MR Productions, LLC | All rights reserved
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    Editors note: Recently, several of our previous news articles have gone to the "viral" stage, having been posted far and wide on message boards, forums, blogs, websites, etc.
    As these articles have reached more and more people, they have provoked quite a reaction. Some have reacted with a great deal of fear, trepidation and misunderstanding, particularly regarding the topics of NESARA , the Restoration of the Republic and the concept of oneness. Some have even called for my arrest for dare mentioning these kinds of possible scenarios, despite the fact many have been floating out in cyberspace for nearly ten years!
    It is quite clear, this kind of fear-based thinking is a prime example of how programmed the US population has become. Unfortunately, many are simply ignorant of the true history of our nation and blindly believe in the propaganda spewed forth by the compromised mainstream media.
    The fact of the matter is our government was overthrown well over 140 years ago when the corporation known as the District of Columbia was created by the Organic Act of 1871 at the behest of the international bankers.
    The Restoration of the Republic is about returning to a constitutional form of government first envisioned by our brilliant Founding Fathers where the people of the US can be truly free. An overthrow of our government is NOT a part of this plan. Let me repeat –– it is NOT a part of the plan.
    Admittedly, NESARA is a highly controversial and highly charged topic. Much has been said and written about it to the point where many have understandably become rather confused as to what it is all about. I have only briefly mentioned it in a few recent articles, yet it provoked quite a firestorm of debate on one particular forum.
    Still others have taken the spirit of our news articles out of context in order to convince the reader their information is more accurate.
    We are fully aware and understand everyone is entitled to their own opinion and their own beliefs. And in turn, everyone is entitled to experience a reality of their own making –– be it positive or negative, uplifting or terrifying, love or fear. The choice is ultimately yours.
    We are also keenly aware there is a process underway to free the world and the methods by which it may happen might all depend on who you talk to or believe in. And we also realize, all may not proceed smoothly, and in fact, it might be a bit of a bumpy ride as major events start to unfold.
    Our mission is to present the most uplifting and inspirational angle on world events as possible. We intentionally look for information and confirmation of only the most optimistic outlook in order to create the most positive experience for everyone.
    While some place the utmost importance upon the facts from "qualified sources," our writings are primarily meant to generate an overall feeling of enthusiasm and excitement.
    At the same time, we have stressed the profound influence of quantum physics which has proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, our reality is created solely by our thoughts, feelings, attitudes and beliefs. We are not independent of the world but rather are the creators of it! In other words it really all depends on what you truly believe.
    This realization is perhaps most important of all in understanding who and what we really are within the context of this 3-D Earthly experience we find ourselves in. When we truly comprehend this concept, we can then begin our evolution to a higher dimensional experience –– namely, the Golden Age.
    In closing, I would also be remiss if I did not acknowledge all of the wonderful support which has poured in with the expanded readership of our articles. I would like to extend a personal thank you to all those who have written to me, who have supported me on the forums and who have signed up as new subscribers. Thank you one and all.
    Best wishes and peace to all,
    –– Scott Mowry
    © 2013 MR Productions, LLC | All rights reserved
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