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Friday, September 4, 2015


!!! Here it is! This is why I've been driven to ONLY state the earth as healed and that we ARE in the 5th already! I'm just crying with JOY and PEACE and LOVE!!!
WE ARE HERE.... NOW!!!! ... IF WE CHOOSE!!! What absolute beauty!  Faythe 



Dear Readers,
Certain articles I received in the past have been placed into my field of attention. This was written about a year ago, but the Arcturians wanted me to add important information to this message that could not be shared before. Therefore, if it sounds a bit familiar, it is because you have a good memory.

Reality is in layers of frequencies that are embedded into the holographic projections of 3D/4D Earth. Your difficulties on these levels of reality are not just about the persons known as the cabal or the dark ones, but also have to do with the frequency of reality to which you are attuned.

If you look at the fourth-dimensional lower astral plane and the lower survival levels of the third-dimension, you can see that the cabal still has some control on those frequency layers of reality.

In fact, many of those who desire power-over others have migrated to these lower levels of reality because they cannot tolerate the higher light that is flowing deeper and deeper into Gaia’s fourth and higher third dimensional layers of reality.

Meanwhile, more and more of you, including Gaia Herself, are moving into the higher frequency layers of reality in which energy out quickly returns as energy back. The cabal and others ruled by fear and anger are quite terrified about having the energy they send out being quickly returned.

They know the energy they have put out into the world and do NOT want to experience it coming back to them. The selfishness, the taking from others, the power-over, and the fear lived as anger and domination is not something they want to experience in their lives.

Therefore, they seek refuge in lower frequency layers of reality where energy out does not come back for a long time. In the lower dimensional realities they rule over those who also live within that resonance. To live beyond the lower frequencies of reality, you need to release the third-dimensional concepts of “what is important.” Very often, you also need to release your attachment to wealth, as money has become a negative force on physical Earth.

The need for “more money” has been the reason for murders, wars, domination and selfish, power-over others. Money is absolutely not a component of the higher fourth and fifth-dimensional layers, habitat zones, of reality. In fact, except in the lower astral plane, money is barely a component of the fourth dimension.

As you expand your consciousness into higher and higher brainwaves, you begin to release the third-dimensional concept of hard work to get money so that you can “have enough” or “have more.” The cabal does not want others to get money, as that is a threat to them because money has been an important element of their power-over others.

Fortunately, as your frequency of consciousness rises, you increasingly resonate to the flow of the Now. Therefore, you gradually move away from third-dimensional “time.” As you continue to expand your consciousness into the realities that resonate beyond wealth, acquisition, or power-over others, your creativity expands and so does your freedom.

As more and more of you make this shift, those who are still struggling and working hard will begin to wonder if perhaps they too could find out how to flow through life with peace and a sense of abundance.

This “sense of abundance” is not about money or about the things that money can buy. Abundance is a state of mind that reminds you of your own ability to direct your attention and intention into the peace, love and happiness of creating your own life. 

As more of you leave your corporate jobs, move out into the country, grow your own food and barter for what is needed, you will find that you are perfectly happy with less “stuff.” These types of choices take down the cabal as quickly as the unconditional love that is being sent to them from the higher dimensions.

Eventually, you will flow into the tipping point, the quantum shift, the transmutation back into the higher frequencies of your Multidimensional SELF. What will happen when the majority of people chose to primarily think about Earth, other people, and creativity?

What will happen when only the minority of people thinks about accumulation, success, and power? When people are NOT lost in the struggle and dream of “getting more,” they can more easily flow into the higher frequencies of reality that resonate beyond the illusion of “needingmore.” Needing more is the opposite of being thankful.

When you “want more” you are affirming that there is “not enough.” Then you fill that thought with the emotions of fear and anger. This thought and emotion combine create a negative thought-form.

`This thought-form travels out into the world to spread fear that there is “not enough,” which activates a collective fear and anger. Furthermore, this 3D thought-form returns to the sender and actually create MORE “not enough.”

Conversely, when you are thinking, “Thank you for the substance at hand,” your thoughts combine with your feeling of thankfulness to combine a positive thought-form. This thought-form calls out, “I am thankful for what I have.”

Then your thought-form travels out into the world to spread gratitude for all that you have.Eventually, this thought-form returns to you, the sender, with the blessing of “more of what you have.”

The challenge for many of you is that the rules of the 3D Game have changed and many of youdid not get the memo. In the old version of the third-dimensional Earth you had to work hard to get ahead and could not imagine that you could create your own reality.

Fortunately, the “old” third dimensional version of reality has taken in so much higher light that instead of working hard, you feel that you are working smart to discover new ideas and technology that makes life so simple that you feel like your are creating rather than working.

Then, because your life are filled with creativity, your consciousness, and hence your perceptions, expand into higher and higher frequencies of reality. In other words, you are flowing into New Earth NOW!

As you advance towards the threshold to 5D New Earth, the Galactic Federation, who represents your ancestors and higher expressions of SELF, await the grand reunion. In this pre-fifth dimensional habitat zone, money no longer exists, as it is no longer needed.

You all have replicators, which can instantly create anything you need from food, to furniture, to cars and even houses. You also have free personal tricorders, which are also bio-scanners, voice recognition language translators, anti-gravity cars etc. etc.

In fact, ALL of these devices are being “discovered” right now in your present transitional reality. However, the cabal does NOT want these devices to be shared with their “worker bees.” Hence, many work hard to put a meal on the table while the dark ones just program their personal replicator.

Fortunately, as you continue to flow into higher and higher frequencies of reality, you will be seeing more and more of this technology in your daily life. This will occur because the cabal and other dark ones who have been hiding this technology, will no longer be able to resonate to that layer of reality.

Therefore, the technology will be freely disseminated to everyone. This technology will be available to everyone because the first ones to expand their consciousness into the awareness of what is actually being horded by the few, while the many “work hard,” will come out and say,
“Did you know that you could have this advanced technology?”

As your consciousness allows you to perceive more and more of New Earth, you will be greeted by your Galactic and Celestial families. As these members of your higher dimensional self seem to “descend from above,” you will also meet your Lemurian and Atlantian family who will arise from the Core of Gaia.

Of course, descending and arising are third dimensional terms based on the polarity of up and down. Your fifth dimensional reality will be free of these polarities. As you further adapt to your higher dimensional perceptions, the concepts of polarity, separation, power over and even conflict will fade from our reality.

 Your Galactic, Celestial, Lemurian and Atlantian families will assist you to create a personal and collective New Earth by moving through your population assisting, loving and supporting all the newly awakened ones who have released their fear and turned towards unconditional love and multidimensional creativity as a new way of life.

At first you will move into and out of these higher zones of reality, as it will take practice and more mastery of your thoughts and emotions to maintain a constant presence in this higher frequency of Earth.

Fortunately, your higher dimensional thoughts and loving emotions will direct your attention towards your ever-expanding, fifth dimensional bodily sensations. Some of you will slowly adapt to these sensations, some will adapt very quickly, and others will not adapt at all.

Those who cannot adapt to a higher frequency version of reality will live out their third dimensional life as if nothing happened at all. They will remain in the same illusion that led them through myriad versions of life on 3D Earth.

When they “die” at the specific time that was chosen by them before they took an incarnation, they will be able to study in the fourth dimensional Mystery School until they are ready to release their addiction to the third dimension.

Yes, the third dimension is very addictive because, too often, you do NOT get the satisfaction of “a good job well done.” Without this feeling of satisfaction, some of you have problems growing. Therefore, you try the same thing again and again and expect a different outcome.

You see, the cabal moved deeply into the educational system to make it difficult for people to learn new ways to perceive and live their life. Thankfully, once you remember how to gain and maintain a fifth dimensional state of consciousness, you will remember that you are already Masters of your Energy Field, but you forgot that fact when you entered your 3D earth vessel.

Once you steadily remember your Multidimensional SELF, you do not need to learn, or try, or wait. Your fifth dimensional Light-body will instantly align your consciousness and perceptions to a fifth dimensional resonance of reality.

Within that frequency of reality, the physical earth vessel that carried you through your third dimensional reality will instantly transmute into your fifth dimensional Light-body.

Just as your third-dimensional, physical body resonated to the third dimensional habitat zones of Gaia, your fifth-dimensional Light-body resonates with fifth-dimensional New Earth. In other words, your fifth dimensional state of consciousness will align you with your fifth dimensional perceptions of fifth dimensional Earth.

Once you can perceive that frequency of reality,
you can chose to live that frequency of reality.

Remember that your fifth dimensional Light-body SELF chose to send it’s essence into a third dimensional vessel to assist Gaia with Her planetary ascension. Therefore, your fifth dimension Light-body is your natural body, and your third dimensional physical-body is a third dimensional creation that is connected to the 3D Matrix.

YOU are a Multidimensional Being who chose to temporarily wear a third dimensional earth vessel. You chose to wear that vessel at this “time” to assist in Planetary Ascension. Your assignment was:

·      Align your fifth dimensional consciousness with your third-dimensional earth vessel.

·      Forget your true Multidimensional SELF and become a physical human.

·      Remember your Multidimensional SELF and gradually return to your light-body.

·  Return to light-body by returning to a conscious awareness of your fourth and fifth        dimensional SELF.

·     As you return to your multidimensional consciousness, gradually transmute your 3D vessel so that it can merge with your fifth dimensional Light-body.

·      As you transmute your personal earth vessel, elemental-by-elemental, you ALSO transmute Gaia’s planetary earth vessel—elemental-by-elemental.

·     As you return to your fifth dimensional Light-body, you assist Gaia to return to Her fifth dimensional Light-planet.

Remember that creation begins in the higher dimensions and expands down into the lower dimensions. Hence, the higher dimensions never leave or disappear. However, the higher worlds do disappear to YOUR perceptions once your consciousness falls into the lower third and fourth dimensional brainwaves.

However, as you expand your consciousness into the NOW of the zone of reality in which you are wearing your Light-body, you will easily perceive the New Earth that ALWAYS existed. Since there is NO time in the fifth dimension and beyond, there is no beginning and no ending. There is only the ONE of the NOW.

When you learned to walk, you often fell. When you learned to talk you said words wrong. You just had to practice, practice, practice, and “grow up.” You are all growing up now and returning to your Multidimensional SELF. Be as patient and loving with your self, as you would be with your beloved child.

In fact, YOU are beloved Children of the Universe. As the higher light increasingly infiltrates your reality, you will leave “time” flow into the NOW of the higher frequencies of reality.

If you believe you must suffer or work hard, you will create that thought-form which will align you with that version of reality. YOU are Masters in training. However, because you are a Multidimensional Being, you do not need to learn anything except to:


We are the Arcturians

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Just Recorded!! Elizabeth & Candy Painting Beauty #2: Diamonds Network

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Here is the First Show we did #1

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Benjamin Fulford Report September 1 2015: A small scale military operation would be enough to remove the Khazarian cabal from power

Notice to readers, due to my annual holiday, the reports for August 17th, 24th and 31st will feature non-time sensitive material. Regular reporting will resume in September
In September the leaders of the current world system are planning many changes. Chinese President Xi Jinping, the Pope, Russian President Vladimir Putin and others will be visiting the US in September ostensibly to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the UN. The leaders are also promising to announce many reforms including making a promise to end poverty and stop environmental destruction by 2030.
There are also plans to include the Chinese yuan into the International Monetary Fund’s Special Drawing Rights or SDR currency. The Pope is also planning to issue an encyclical officially committing Catholic Christianity to environmental protection.
All of this though, is probably going to be too little, too late. It is mathematically impossible for the current world system to continue as is without root and branch reform or even revolution.
The first thing to realize is that the world financial system based on Babylonian style debt slavery has to be replaced with a transparent financial system controlled by the people. Promising to do more good within the current architecture is like a fox telling the hens that from now on he will steal less eggs.
The system as it now exists leaves 50% of the world’s wealth in the hands of just 85 people. Meanwhile, according to Oxfam,
80% of all people on the planet only own only 5.5% of the world’s assets. This is the result of a system that has turned 8 out of 10 Americans into debt slaves and lowered their standards of living since the 1960’s.
This is the sort of inequality that led to the collapse of the Roman empire and is now making the collapse of the current system a mathematical certainty because all the world’s wealth (and natural resources) are disappearing into a black hole centered around the hyper-wealthy.
So thinking from a military perspective, what needs to be done? In military terms a campaign to change this system would be quite simple. Here are a three simple steps that need to be taken:
First, nationalize all the privately owned central banks. The right to create money has historically belonged to governments for good reasons in that governments represent the people. Issuing government currency would allow governments to pay for education, health care, the military, public work and basic scientific research without resorting to either debt or taxation.
People who want more than barebones basics will continue to work in the capitalist system that can thrive in a properly regulated environment. To occupy the 12 Federal Reserve Board Branch offices and the headquarters of the top ten megabanks would require, at the most, about 5000 special-forces troops.
The same could be done in Europe with even fewer people. China’s central bank is already government owned which is why China has been booming for the past several decades.
Second, redistribute the assets that were stolen over the past century from the people by the privately owned central banks. A simple back of the envelope calculation shows that in the case of the US Federal Reserve Board, doing this would immediately make about $300,000 available for each man woman and child in the United States.
On a global scale it should be possible to increase the average asset base of the poorest 80% about 7 fold, or raising their net worth from $3800 to $26,000. Doing this would even benefit the richest 1% because it would create a huge boom as the newly empowered world middle class began to use its new wealth.
Third, replace oligarchy with meritocracy. The world system as it currently exists is an oligarchy. A tiny group of hyper-wealthy individuals and families use financial control to hire mercenaries, politicians and propagandists to carry out their orders while maintaining a fa├žade of popular control.
History shows that oligarchies stifle innovation, create mass poverty and eventually implode due to excessive concentration of wealth. A meritocracy is a system somewhat like a song contest. Anybody can apply and, in a totally transparent way, those that popularly considered to be the best, rise to the top. This is the system used by successful armies, corporations, charities, religious organizations and bureaucracies. It is the system that has allowed China to enjoy decades of double digit growth while the West has become poorer under oligarch controlled debt-slavery.
The only organizations in the world with the ability to carry out such reforms without causing major anarchy or social disruption are the world’s military and intelligence organizations. In particular, the US military industrial complex, Russia’s military and China’s military need to agree to some sort of collective decision making process. Once this is accomplished, the rest of the world’s military and intelligence organizations will have no choice but to join.
The military umbrella organization would then announce a planetary emergency. Let is make it clear, there really is a planetary emergency going on so this would be no pretext for fascism. Here are some aspects of the emergency:
We have wiped out more than 30% of all species of living creature on the planet in the past 100 years and the rate of extinction is increasing.
Over 1 billion people are either starving or on the brink of starvation.
Our current global power structure has been taken over by religious fanatics bent on starting World War 3.
A rogue artificial intelligence has already taken over the financial system computers and is on the brink of being able to override electronic control systems on modern military hardware.
We are in a state of quarantine, unable to leave this planet.
So, if you are in the military or an intelligence agency and you read this report, immediately contact your superior officer and ask why they are not taking action. There are certain key individuals who need to be inducted into the job of saving the planet. In the US these are Martin Dempsey, Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Ashton Carter, Secretary of Defense.
In Russia, it is Vladimir Putin who needs to take action. In China it is Xi Jinping and the military high command. The Queen of England, as head of the committee of 300 and the Pope, official head of the P2 lodge, also need to offer their blessing to this project. Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India also needs to be brought on board. Just these 7 people and the large organizations they represent, have it in their power to save the planet.
The ringleaders of the group that are still trying to start World War 3 and artificially create a Biblical Armageddon are Benyamin Netanyahu, the Bush/Clinton crime family, Sheldon Adelson and their fellow Sabbatean fanatics.
The Sabbateans, for those who are new to this issue, are a fanatic gangster sect who believe that they must carry out the end time prophesies in the bible. They pretend to be Christians, Muslims and Jews in order to try to manipulate the world’s governments and military agencies to make their Armageddon happen. Their founder was a madman by the name of Sabbatai Zevi who claimed to be the Messiah and later pretended to convert to Islam in order to save his life.
There are about a million members of his sect, many of them located in high positions of power in Israel, the US, Europe, Iran and the Gulf countries. They have carried out multiple nuclear (eg 311) and other (eg 911) terrorist attacks as part of their fanatical schemes. This sect needs to be disbanded.
So, when we all return from our summer holidays, we need to each and every one of us take action to put pressure up the chain of command and force the leadership to act. Pick up the phone and call the Pentagon, the FBI, the CIA, the police and anybody else you can think of who is in a position to make arrests.
The criminals in power must be removed and control of the financial system must be returned to the people. If the leaders of these agencies fail to act, we have to use pressure from below to replace them with leaders who are willing to act. No giant spaceship filled with friendly aliens is going to save this planet, we are going to have to do it ourselves. As the saying goes, “if you want to do something right, you have to do it yourself.”
In the next report, due on September 7th we will summarize what we found out in Canada this summer. We will also report on how the actual battle to free humanity and save the planet earth is progressing.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Just Recorded!! Diamond's Rainbow body Connecting In.

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