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Friday, February 20, 2015

JUST RECORDED!!! Diamonds Forever 31 13 Show Presents: Mastering The Zodiac Febuary 21 2015 at 2pm EST with Athen Chimenti Sidereal Astrologer & and his Love Rachael Lynne, has developed a personalized Self-Illumination system

HERE IS THE RECORDING!!! :  Check this out   Here is The You Tube:

ATHEN CHIMENTI And Rachael Lynne Guests on the Diamonds Forever 31 13 Show

 Athen Chimenti, a Sidereal Astrologer. To learn more about Athen, visit his websites:

Mastering The Zodiac

Mastering The Zodiac Youtube Channel

Athen gives a brief description of what Sidereal Astrology is on his website: 

 "Athen Chimenti, Sidereal Astrologer and Youtube Host. He does daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes as well as personal sessions. You can find him at or Mastering the Zodiac on Youtube."

Athen Chimenti
"Mastering the Zodiac uses the actual positions of the stars and planets in the sky - also known as Sidereal Astrology. You may have noticed that almost everything on You tube and the internet uses Western Tropical Astrology. This is the most popular system in the Westernized world, particularly the United States and Europe. However, it does not use the real positions of the stars. Instead, it is based on a fixed astrological map of the stars as they were during approx. 285 AD. Tropical Astrology was intended to match the stars with the vernal equinox. However, the stars are slowly changing relative to the Earth, so there is currently a variance of 24 degrees between the two systems.

Sidereal Astrology has not yet received widespread popularity in the Western world. It has, however, always been used by Vedic Astrologers in India and is the form of astrology which was also practiced by other Ancient cultures such as the Egyptians, Persians, and Mayans. We feel this is the most accurate form of astrology because it is grounded in what you can actually see taking place in the sky. For example, if you download the Star Chart App for your smartphone, you can see that the signs used by the Tropical system are different. For example, while Tropical Astrology might say that Jupiter is in Leo, if you looked to the sky you would see that Jupiter is in fact in the constellation Cancer. We believe in maintaining the link between ourselves and the natural world by viewing the stars as they truly are."


Diamonds Forever 3113 Show time is at 11am PST/2pm EST, Saturday, Febuary 21, 2015.  Scroll down for Rachael Lynne Info.
                                                    Image result for picture of a heart diamond

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GO BEYOND AWAKENING!, for your Whole self. OUR MISSION at Diamonds Forever 3113 is TO AWAKEN THE HEARTS OF ALL OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS; A Counseling therapy, tool giving Catalyst, for the Whole Being, YOU Diamond!! Diamonds Forever 31 ("Roar"; the Lion taking Dominion & 13 (christ Consiousness; the Supernatural Natural YOU) understands that seeking catalyzing (Change), is not the easiest thing to do. We are here to help. In a non-judgmental environment with trust and acceptance as the foundation, Diamonds Forever 3113 will join and help you move through uncertainty and difficult times. We will guide, and offer Whole being tools for you! through those situations, and will reveal your strengths, potential solutions, and ways to overcome life’s bumps in the Now & future, healing your past. Located in Coon Rapids MN, Diamonds Forever 3113 will leverage their experience and skills to actively guide you in meeting your goals. If you’re looking for compassionate guidance with a human touch, give Diamonds Forever 3113 a call today. 612-715-8314 Or for more information on our services visit It's All Free. / Donations Appreciated. Much Love to YOU. eDiamond

Hi there! My name is Rachael Lynne and I am an Intuitive Guide located in Louisville, KY specializing in the realms of the Personal and Collective Unconscious.  I have studied the archetypal systems of the individuation of ‘the Self’  broadly for over 5 years. Out of this, I have developed a personalized Self-Illumination system that I practice with clients by donation.  The main tools I incorporate include the Sidereal Astrological Birth Chart, Tarot, Enneagram and MBTI Personality Assessments.

I would truly love to assist you on this journey through the hidden labyrinths of the Unconscious as your Intuitive Guide. It is what I love to do. And I would be honored to serve you. At this time, I can be contactedhere. You may also send a friend request on Facebook with a brief message introducing yourself. I am very happy to chat (when available & appropriate) even if you would just like to more casually get to know me. I look forward to meeting you.   – Rachael Lynne

Guiding Principles:

“Love others as you love yourself”

“True healing is simply the radiance of the self causing an environment in which a catalyst may occur which initiates the recognition of self, by self, of the self-healing properties of the self.”  - The Law of One, Session 17 (RA Material)


Interested in a session?

Here’s what you can expect.

As a transformational catalyst, I will simply be present with you in the moment as my True Self throughout our session. For best results, I ask for your participation in facilitating a mutual heart space of authenticity. Many of the messages and guidance you receive will be facilitated by your own inner Source as we are speaking – which may or may not have anything to do with words. As I express to you what I am receiving, light is generated which may be utilized for your Self-Illumination – clearing away the veils to what you already know as Source. In this way, the sessions are actually directly guided by your True Self informed by the Source awareness presenting itself through our exchange. It is always up to you what you will do with the new awareness. Lastly, I am a human being… and I understand that you are human, too. If at any time you would like to change the direction, ask a question, pause and take a deep breath to reflect, or are guided to share something… please feel free to do so. This is just as much of a Self-illuminating experience for me as it is for you and I look forward so much to connecting with you!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Here is an Example of Taking Action!! keep it up usa!! Remember, everyone!! One Little Action a Week counts!! Actioning into The New World of Peace Harmony Love Joy & "The Pursuit of Happieness". Do it!!! Diamonds. Much Love e Diamond

Clean it ALL up! This is 2015! Do it right!!!
 — with Guy McPherson and 18 others.
Earlier this week, the City of Chicago announced that they were denying a request from KCBX in which the company asked to delay enclosing the pet coke piles. KCBX lines the banks of the Calumet River with this sooty material on the Southeast Side.
While enclosing the hazardous material is an improvement on the current method of open air storage, Mayor Emanuel had vowed to get KCBX out entirely and he has fallen short of that promise. What he fails to understand is that the entire operation contributes to the negative impact on our quality of life,. Even after the piles are enclosed, the blight will continue with: the 100 plus rail cars that rumble within 20 feet of residents' homes disturbing their sleep and peace of mind. The dust blowing off of those rail cars blanketing our homes, parks, little league fields, and even our picnic food. Most importantly, it's the concern for how that dust filters into our lungs and what health implications it might have.
The Southeast Environmental Task Force stands with the community on demanding a complete ban of pet coke in Chicago. More than 2700 Chicagoans have signed petitions which have been delivered to the City calling for a ban on pet coke. This issue will also be in focus on election day, as voters in the 10th Ward have a chance to pass a similar resolution calling for a ban.

PRG Congressional Hearings Exteristrial Disclosure) Initiative Status taking it Live to usa Senate & usa Congress: Update Febuary 19 2015

February 19, 2015
Congressional Hearings Initiative (CHI) Status
See archived CHI press releases, media coverage, interviews, lectures HERE.

There are two fundamental hooks that could and should draw the political media into the Congressional Hearing Initiative and the congressional committees into hearing discussions. One is political; one is national security.

The national security hook is the evidence and testimony regarding nuclear weapons tampering compiled by Robert Hastings in his seminal work UFOs and Nukes along with the growing number of military witnesses to these incidents. The political hook is the evidence regarding the Rockefeller Initiative compiled by Grant Cameron, which resides on The President's UFO Website.

Without the truth embargo these events would have generated considerable media attention. That did not happen. Without the news coverage, congressional hearings are not likely. The failure of the media in these instances is perfectly demonstrated by the now infamous "cookie story" penned by Washington Post Metro columnist John Kelly after attending the September 27, 2010 nuclear weapons tampering press conference at the National Press Club. One story like this from the nation's "political paper" can and did blunt the impact of many other stories by other papers and prevent follow-up.

PRG is in Washington, DC now trying to get the political media back into these stories and use that coverage to get hearings. There has been progress.  Examples:

02/17/15 - Outgoing Obama Advisor John Podesta Has UFO Regrets - Lee Speigel, Huffington Post

02/16/15 - 'We should reveal the fact we met aliens,' says top Obama advisor - Robert Waugh, Metro (UK)

01/20/15 - Lobbyist buzzes Washington over extraterrestrials and a government "truth embargo" - Jennifer Harper, Washington Times                              
More stories are pending. Also, 70 member offices of five key congressional committees have received faxes providing information on the Rockefeller Initiative. 

Contact in the Desert - Joshua Tree, CA - May 29-31
PRG executive director Stephen Bassett will speak at the CITD in May and should have much to say about developments in Washington, DC. As many as 2000 attendees are expected for this rapidly expanding event.
Disclosure Canada Tour
Ivolve TV Disclosure Content

There is considerable Disclosure related content available at the ivolveTV website. Check it out.
Other Developments
John Podesta ReduxFor those who have not been meditating in a cave in Nepal during the past week, advisor to sitting and aspiring presidents, former White House Chief of Staff, founder of the Center for American Progress, and leading member of the Democratic Party brain trust, John Podesta, posted a tweet heard round the world (note the 5300 comments) just after leaving his job as advisor to President Obama. Hundreds of stories were printed about this tweet worldwide, which follows President Bill Clinton's comments on the Jimmy Kimmel Show in April of 2014. PRG is feeling the love.

The Galactic Biodisk
This most intriguing study along with the developing research into panspermia may lie at the very heart of the extraterrestrial engagement of the planet Earth. The implications are staggering, and much more may become known in the post-Disclosure.
Other PRG Links
Paradigm Research Group | (202) 215-8344 | | 4938 Hampden Lane, #161, Bethesda, MD 20814

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Jump in into Andrew’s rabbit hole of manifesting in dreamtime. Andrew will explain further what it means to manifest while dreaming.

Update on Progress of The Real Disclosure Citizens Hearing in usa Congress and Senate: Disclosure of "There is Truly Exterestrial Prescence and Our Goverments Around the World, including united states of America have been working with them, especially with developing Techknowledgy!! that We The People should Have Access too!!! and this IS a Big part of What getting this Disclosure out to The World is all about!! Join us in any kind of ACTION!! YOU Diamond can Partake in this, History Making Adventure for Planet Earth. e Diamond Much Love to YOU all.

The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure is

CHD2 is excited to be part of the 2015 UFO Congress in Arizona this week.  And we have some BIG announcements!

1) The OFFICIAL Citizen Hearing DVDs are finally printed, and ready to be shipped to our contributors! Make sure we have your current mailing address if you ordered the footage by emailing us at  We are starting to ship next week!

2) CHD2 will represent at a table at the 2015 UFO Congress (with a limited number of DVD BOX sets available for sale).  We look forward to seeing you there!

3) We at CHD2 are also looking forward to supporting our friend and Director,  JEREMY KENYON LOCKYER CORBELL, who will be presenting a lecture on Saturday February 21st, just before George Knapp & Bob Lazar at the UFO Congress.

4) Corbell has a very special presentation set for the weekend, and will be releasing and premiering TWO films at the UFO Film Festival!  First will bePATIENT SEVENTEEN and the second is NANO MAN: UTILITY FOG.  Also available - only on PayPerView - is Corbell's very special short film titled...LAZAR: Cosmic Whistleblower.

You can PRE-ORDER Corbell's short film LAZAR right HERE AND NOW.

On February 20th @ MIDNIGHT, Corbell is launching a short film on the most EPIC UFO cases of all time... the story of BOB LAZAR.

With a look at the key characters involved, as well as fresh testimony from Lazar himself... you can PRE-ORDER Corbell's short film to watch the moment it's released on Friday.

Don't miss out on this unique short film!

Reuben Langdon
CHD2 Productions, LLC.


Published on Jan 14, 2015
Description: You Are not reading this by accident!! Welcome, my brothers and sisters:, for Going Beyond Awakening!!
The Diamonds Forever 31 show is Every Sat 2pm ET, Attend via skype or
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is expanding with these shows, so i can bring Beyond Awakening to a stronger saturation, to Humanity.
Blessings of Love Peace & Joy Turning to Bliss!!, to YOU (Diamond) and your family. elizabeth Diamond
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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Transformation Journal: Entry 5 May 11 2015; I have Been on a Journey, down the road of Spiritual, Emotional, Mental it's Time!! for Physical Transformation. Let This inspire YOU Diamond!! & remember YOU ARE Limitless!! so you are always Transforming every Second. Blessings of Love Peace and Joy turning to Bliss!! to YOU. elizabeth Diamond. I will continue entries all the way through my journey. Will you all please support me with comments, prayers, loving intentions / imaginations. and Co Create with me, every time you come to this Blog, click the link on Rt side of blog to Co -Create and Donate energy in kind if choose . thank you. e Diamond

Journal Entry #5 This is my Essay I needed to write for my Life time Fitness (90 Day Transformation Contest), it has been fun, enlightening & and I still continue on...... Thank You all You Diamonds, for your support in following me in this. Love elizabeth Diamond.
Transformation Essay:   Image result for picture of a butterfly flying

My transformation journey began in a moment of time when I was inspired with a desire that welled up in my heart, with a personal goal of balancing my "whole" being. Wholeness to me is a balancing of, Mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical capacities in each human. For years I have come upon many experiences to bring me more in a state of balance in the mental, emotional, spiritual aspects of me. I then realized that the Most important state of ALL of me was the "Physical balance state", because the physical part IS the foundation of my house. I realized, then desired, balance with my physicality, because I thought if not "physical fit", the other aspects I am working so hard on will not survive. We need our bodies to "Live" life in this earth and without our bodies there is no mental, emotional, spiritual capacities to experience and balance, if we choose.

My desire of balancing physicality, brought me to Life Time fitness on January 10 2015. During my sign up for life time fitness membership, i was informed there was an in house "90 Day Challenge", the choices; weight loss or transformation challenge. I was errily motivated to join in on the Transformation 90 day journey. I signed up and away i went to get busy in balancing my physicality. 

In this 90 day Transformation journey, through Life Time Fitness, i have lost 14.5 lbs, down 12.5 in body fat, down 3.0 in BPF, & a 2.4 change in BMI. I have gained strength and balance in the major and instability muscles of my physicality. My body shape has changed, people i see that i have worked with for years now greet me and say "hello beautiful lady", they know and love my change, as I love and see MY self more beautiful today because of this transformation 90 day challenge life time fitness has offered to members. My fitness through this journey has developed in a wonderful way. I now have more overall body strength, energy, balance, sleep well, and an outlook on my body and  nutritional health that is magical.

I have learned so much from my personal trainers, through my personal training sessions, at life time fitness. My weekly work outs at Life Time, of strength building, cardio strength, and body fat loss, now make sense to me in a wholeness concept, one that i can keep in my mental book and keep upgrading and implementing strategy, for a life time! Through this 90 day transformation journey, I have taken advantage of life time fitness, lab clinic to gain information on myself to implement my journey. I took advantage of personal training sessions from life time personal trainers. I also, Purchased from life time Nutritional products like Dynamic fruits and greens, the protein bars and the wonderful organic food made fresh to order in the life time cafe. I also, purchased and use the awesome organic shampoo & hair conditioner in the life time spa, (Color Proof evolved color care), that i will continue to use. This shampoo is wonderful for my hair health and transformation. 
I have used life time gym for my own personal physical growth as well as the kids open swim times, taking my family.

As for my nutritional changes; I try to eat six balanced times a day, starting early in the morning and last intake 2 to 3 hours before bed time.  The Life Time Transformation journey has taught me; "Diet & being physical = Metabolism  Metabolism = Diet & being physical" I am incorporating eating raw vegetables and fruits with also proteins and other products i have purchased from life time fitness. Drinking lots of pure, organic, poison free Water, was a absolute add to my physical transformation journey of changes.

Thank YOU Life Time Fitness, this has surely been a Life time physical transformation journey and balancing experience for me. Now I can say my foundation (physicality), can join in with the "Whole" of me. I Am whole and enjoying Life!!. I love Me!! & in the NOW Living Life abundantly!!  Elizabeth Mulligan - Diamond3113

Journal Entry #4 April 15 2015: I have lost 19 lbs since mid Jan 2015 and 18.5 of that is body fat. I have also gained muscle. I am learning in this journey, it is not just about going to the gym all the time, i have not got to the gym as much as i want, you know life and the other priorities were for me and family, mostly. Physical Transformation is about the balance of it all, meaning the balance in taking care of your physical vessel that God has bestowed upon us. These Physical vessels are very Unique to this Universe and i think even much bigger than that. I am finding little, new changes of things to eat, and what to eat, when and how much. I am also drinking more water, non floride and chemicals out, structured in my own way (now thats living water; full of Life and abundance), many tools for doing this water thing out there, we are made up of mostly water. Also finding creative ways to get activity if unable to go to gym, spending time in nature, and a little sex helps too! LOL Lemons have lots vit. in the peel so every time i squeeze a piece of lemon in my water i take a bite of the peel., or lime. Trying to keep good proteins in me, good low fat proteins, this to help the muscles that i am building, maintain and grow more. Eating 6 little meals a day and trying not to eat late in evening. Anyway.. hope you all are encouraged to take baby steps with your vessel, your body. "Baby steps make for a Big Step" heard that quote recently. And all those steps Make for Transformation exstrodiniar!!  And don't forget to add your spiritual side to this journey. Victoriously command and desire and visualize (only takes 90seconds a day), of what you want. Take Dominion in who YOU really are!! (learn about this on diamonds show every week, see top of blog for show attendence) to You!! all YOU Diamonds out there. With Much Love elizabeth Diamond  

Journal Entry #3 Febuary 17 2015: Have had 4 personal trainer sessions, working on what they call, "unstabability muscle building", thats the muscles you don't normally use, and the big muscles of the body. Have been using variety for work outs, even enjoying Aqua arobics, and swimming with my grandchildren, when i cant make it to gym, jump on trampoline or dance with grandchildren. So, if you are on the same journey as me Diamonds, make it fun and diversified. Eating lots of different variety of proteins, veggies and fruits (watermelon,polmagrante seeds strawberries, more) and trying to split the three meals us usa citizens have been trained to eat, into 6 small variety packed meals. Lots of water, using the reverse Osmosis water, that is delivered, and Adding John Ellis water too it!! wonderful stuff. Have these Wonderful spray vitamins, superfood.... spray under tongue or in mouth, they 98% absorb right into the blood stream, so your body can use it sufficiently, as for the pills, that go to  your gut and small % is used, besides i hate swallowing all those pills. I will be talking about the water and spray vitamins more on upcoming Diamonds shows soon. I have lost 7.7 lbs since January 10 2015, and have been steadily decreasing in PBF  (body fat), and gaining Muscle mass. Well on my way. until Next time e Diamond Much Love to All YOU Diamonds. 

Journal Entry #2 January 19 2015: so far this week I have had one Personal trainer session, been to gym myself and followed that training strength building session trained to me, and went last night to swim. I have forgotten how much i like the water, i was in creator mode and made up different muscle laps to do, i swam laps continuously for a good 50min, it felt like 15min!!! (my trainer taught me in her session to strength work out, (muscle instabability), meaning try working your muscles you do not normally use, cause building as much muscle tissue as you can, helps melt away the fat in your body faster. She also encouraged me to take alot of different protein foods (this builds and maintains muscles), along with "good fats", for energy. Also, add fresh or frozen fruits, veggies, greens too. I know it is good for all of us to try and eat small portions of tiny meals throughout the day, it is good for dieabetics, and those trying to loose the weight, gain muscle strength = (minimum effort, masimum efficiency), i go back to the Bible scripture to help me "my yoke is easy, burden is light", love you Jesus!!, by the way, Jesus was here to show us "Unconditional Love" = this Is!! the Way in these parideim shifting times into the Golden Age. Inbetween the Gym i have been working on my weakest points, i have percieved, that is those...lean against a wall, squat down for 60 seconds, works the big muscles in top of your legs, YUK!!! ohhh, the worst, but getting better, and i jump on my little mini trampoline, dance bounce on it, actually with my favorite radio playing "The", lol., i don't make this at home what i do a chore, just do it just to move in some way, for 15 20 min. By the way, jumping on trampoline, gets your lymph system juices running, this system is very important, not to clogg up, and I take powdered Vit c shots every day; vit C organic powdered does sooo much for YOU, google it, and get it thru internet or Trader Joe's store for only 13.00 for a big bottle that lasts for 3 months or longer. So I have added changes to my diet, protein eating little red meat, hemp powder, hemp oil, nuts, almonds, raw no salt peanuts, gotta get better on protein, carrot apple juicer with the protein powders and oils added, beats, lettuce salads, cucumbers (high in Vit C), omega oil, grapeseed oil, olive oil, avocados, ......also have ordered this product i have found. Yeah!! no more taking pills and capsules, i will try this Vit Spray and superfood spray....your skin is a organ of your body, it is the biggest organ. So this spray works on skin, has a 98% absorption rate, meaning it goes straight to your blood stream so your body can use it, again = maximum efficiency minimum effort. I will let you know my testimony in this and offer it to you if proves to be beneficial for me. ok?  Also have been drinking spring water, reverse osmosis, and ordered another water product that you add to your water, recommended from a special friend in Missouri, will let you know results on this too!! I write all this to Encourage you all, if you have any ideas for me Please Comment in the comment section below this blog. thank you Diamonds. One last thing, to my amazement!! according to my scale weight, in only 6 days of my practice in all this, I lost 3.7 pounds, wow!! Also I encourage YOU to Listen to This Diamond Show; we Just recorded it on Jan 17th and it has to do with a Awesome perspective of YOUR Body!!, you probably never thought or ventured into before. Enjoy. 
 Until Next journal Entry, continue To Shine!! like the Diamond YOU are!! with Much Love to YOU!!  eDiamond

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Journal Entry #1:  I start Tomorrow 1 13 2015, Wellness check, base line of HDL, LDL, measurments... And I WILL win the 90day challenge, that this club has every year, on to... Super Natural Natual of... "Who I Really Am"...mission of Diamonds Forever 31 Show. Personal Training sessions start Tuesday 1 13 15.   What is great i can also take my grandchildren swimming and to the gym, open family days, on the weekend they visit me!! I will incorporate all this clubs products into this "90day Transformation contest", they call it. I also have to write an essay of my Journey. until next update Love always Elizabeth Diammond. .     Here is to Me!!  


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