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Saturday, June 14, 2014


These types of videos are far superior to some anonymous blogger posting something on a random dinar website. Bloomberg lended credibility to our situation

The gentlemen speaking in the video is are not bumpkins but rather a highly educated men who have spent their entire lives in the financial field. At this point in our history all information is speculation is it not? There are fewer than perhaps eight human beings among a world population of 7 billion that are technically "in the room" with the GCR "red button."

 Unless you have a direct line to those individuals I believe it would be valuable to take in free pertinent information such as this from economic mavins especially on news networks dedicated to finance.

BLOOMBERG MENTIONS THE GLOBAL CURRENCY RESET IN 2013 - ONE OF THE ONLY MSM MENTIONS  & THIS LISTEN TOO!!  Cs1969:  I found this clip today and thought I would share. It's from You Tube from Feb. 2014.
Global Currency Reset - The Iraqi Dinar will Revalue.

be patient....its worth the time...the best stuff is the last........The Devil’s Brew Morphs Into A Can Of Worms

be patient....its worth the time...the best stuff is the last

The Devil’s Brew Morphs Into A Can Of Worms

Have you noticed the accelerated pace at which reality seems to have spun out of control? Whether it’s banking, the environment, or lab-made designer disease the purveyors of chaos have turned up the heat and are rapidly stirring the pot.

Your Money Doesn’t Belong To You

The EU financial overlords have determined that a systemic bank run across Europe would overwhelm the European Central Bank. So voilĂ ! They’ve taken pre-emptive steps to stop this terrifying outcome by creating rules that make it clear who owns your bank account. Unsurprisingly the owner is not the account holder. It’s the bank. As such banks can do whatever they like with your money.

Mark Kempton compiled a short list of the most common rules in place across banking establishments in Europe (and presumably elsewhere).
  • A depositor can only withdraw ~10% of their balance in large-scale cash per year.
  • These limits do not apply to small one-time incidents such as ~5,000 euros.
  • All large cash withdraws must have a “valid” reason given. Hint: “I don’t trust my bank”, is not a valid reason.
  • Daily cash machine limits are exempt.
The vast majority of bank account holders are unaware of these rules because they don’t have large enough balances to create problems even if they withdrew every cent. That said, even this possibility of massive withdrawal activity by small account holders has been covered by the banks.

“If they see an excessive/unusual amount of small daily withdraws taking place they can easily tighten these limits – all the procedures are in place.”

So what does all this mean? Kempton states “Quite simple really. There won’t be a bank run in Europe – because it’s no longer allowed.

What’s Allowed? Chemtrails

Notwithstanding the clear evidence of chemtrails littering the skies a frightening majority remain so unaware they can’t even frame the question “what are they spraying, and why?” 

"These are very serious questions, and apparently the answers would not meet with public approval.

. . . “Besides being highly toxic, these metallic particles, much of them nano sized in order to stay afloat as well as able to permeate everything possible, are very sensitive to electromagnetic influences. Upon this concoction in the atmosphere a directed energy device could literally steer the jet stream and local weather patterns.

. . . “By far the most dominant cover story is that they are trying to reflect sunlight from the earth to mitigate global warming. Whatever your feelings on global warming science and rhetoric, that idea is both nonsensical and extremely dangerous, both to our ecosphere and human health. It’s even since been proven that a canopy of heavy metal nanoparticulates entraps earth’s heat instead of reduces it which shoots that excuse full of holes.”

So What Exactly Are In Those  Chemtrails?

“Multiple independent water and air samples have determined a wide array of particulates raining down on our rivers, streams, plants and animals, and obviously the human race, that are extremely toxic and life altering. The predominant components have been determined to be aluminum and barium oxides, while other components are more than troubling to say the least.”

Vast swaths of humanity seem incapable of absorbing the truth of what’s happening “[w]hether it’s 9/11, obvious economic manipulations, governmental betrayals or the concerted assault on our food, water and health, the implications are apparently too hard for most to handle.”

"Humanity is being manhandled and manipulated on a massive scale, and as Hitler and other despots have pointed out, the bigger the lie, the less they’ll challenge it.

This is a subject for serious thought and consideration, not off-handed dismissal in the stigmatized name of “conspiracy theory”. Any challenge to today’s ruling oligarchy and the overarching onslaught on our planet we’re witnessing is readily swept under the rug of that convenient label.

Either we wake up and take action, or our very lives and the life of our planet are in imminent peril – and may very well be extinguished."

Despite It All Humanity Holds A Key - Epigenetics

“As the study of epigenetics expands, researchers are finding out a lot about our DNA and genetics that we previously didn’t know in the past. For one, we are realizing that we are not always a victim of our genes and that our experiences and thoughts/behavior can make an impact on our DNA.

"HeartMath researchers have conducted experiments that illustrate that physical aspects of DNA strands can be influenced by human intention. The article, Modulation of DNA Conformation by Heart-Focused Intention – McCraty, Atkinson, Tomasino, 2003 – describes experiments that achieved such results. [2]

"In the experiment, an individual held three DNA samples and was directed to begin generating heart coherence. Heart coherence is referred to as a beneficial state of mental, emotional and physical balance and harmony. As they created heart coherence with the aid of a HeartMath technique that utilizes heart breathing and intentional positive emotions, the individual was able to successfully intentionally unwind two of the DNA samples to different extents and leave the third unchanged.” 

. . . “In the case of HeartMath’s research, HeartMath founder Doc Childre believes it is the heart’s intelligence that creates a connection energetically with DNA in order to intentionally adjust its structure. In theory, this same principal could explain how the same phenomenon is happening to water, cells or other aspects of our reality”

It turns out “where’s there’s a will there’s a way” is more than just clichĂ©. The engagement between the breath of life and heart-centered focused intent is key to humanity’s liberation.

Please note: I'm taking a break next week from publishing the newsletter.

Back in 2 weeks,



Zen Gardner ~ Who Stole The Weather? Chemtrails And GeoEngineering

Mike ~ Are Americans Apathetic Or Increasingly Awake & Aware?


Scott Cundill ~ The Future Of Money And Business

Mark Kempton ~ Secret European Cash Limits In Place

Charles Hugh Smith ~ The Stock Market Is Like A Fish Tank

Michael Snyder ~ Russia Is Doing It – Russia Is Actually Abandoning The Dollar

Simon Black ~ How Is This Not A Massive Conflict Of Interest?


Thomas Corriher ~ Everything About Colloidal Silver

Joe Martino ~A Science That Explains How Your Thoughts & Experiences Affect Your DNA

David Icke ~ “One Of The Most Corrupt Industries On Earth – The Cancer Industry” [Video]

Jon Rappoport ~ Drug Cartels? Amateurs! Here’s The Real Thing

Reality Modification

Jenny Resnick ~ The Widespread Use Of Inverted Esoteric Symbols In Fashion

Jill Mattson ~ Sound: Its Influence On Civilizations

This is pretty intense and seems to debunk the debunkers.

GAME OVER, LETS BUILD THE NEW WORLD NOW!! Glory!! Blessings of Love Peace & Joy turning to Bliss!! elizabeth Diamond


Pope Francis Warns The Global Economy Is Near Collapse

Posted: 06/13/2014 10:16 am EDT Updated: 06/13/2014 12:59 pm EDT
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The global economic system is near collapse, according to Pope Francis.
An economy built on money-worship and war and scarred by yawning inequality andyouth unemployment cannot survive, the 77-year-old Roman Catholic leader suggested in a newly published interview.
“We are excluding an entire generation to sustain a system that is not good,” he toldLa Vanguardia’s Vatican reporter, Henrique Cymerman. (Read an English translation here.) “Our global economic system can’t take any more.”
The pontiff said he was especially concerned about youth unemployment, which hit 13.1 percent last year, according to a report by the International Labor Organization.
"The rate of unemployment is very worrisome to me, which in some countries is over 50 percent," he said. "Someone told me that 75 million young Europeans under 25 years of age are unemployed. That is an atrocity."
That 75 million is actually the total for the whole world, according to the ILO, but that is still too much youth unemployment.
Pope Francis denounced the influence of war and the military on the global economy in particular:
“We discard a whole generation to maintain an economic system that no longer endures, a system that to survive has to make war, as the big empires have always done,” he said.
"But since we cannot wage the Third World War, we make regional wars," he added. "And what does that mean? That we make and sell arms. And with that the balance sheets of the idolatrous economies -- the big world economies that sacrifice man at the feet of the idol of money -- are obviously cleaned up."
Pope Francis is gaining a reputation for pointed comments on the global economy. In April, amid feverish media coverage of French economist Thomas Piketty's bombshell book on income inequality, he made clear his stance on the widening wealth gap with a tweet saying: "Inequality is the root of social evil."
Fittingly, the pope commemorated Thursday's kick-off game of the World Cup – a global tournament that has so far cost host nation Brazil at least $15 billion and sparked violent protest by the country’s disenfranchised poor – with this message to his 4.14 million Twitter followers:

ull text of Pope Francis’ Interview with ‘La Vanguardia’

Vatican City, Jun 13, 2014 / 07:00 am (CNA/EWTN News).- In an interview granted with Spanish-language magazine "La Vanguardia" on Monday, Pope Francis lauded Pius XII for his efforts in saving Jews, discussed Orthodox-Catholic relations, as well as the motivations behind his prayer meeting at the Vatican last Sunday.
Below, please find the full text of his interview in English:
Interview with Pope Francis: “One has to take the secession of a nation with grain of salt.”
“Our world economic system can’t take it anymore,” says the Bishop of Rome in an interview with La Vanguardia. “I’m no illumined one. I didn’t bring any personal projects under my arm.” “We are throwing away an entire generation to maintain a system that isn’t good,” he opines with respect to unemployed youth.
“The persecuted Christians are a concern that touches me very deeply as a pastor. I know a lot about persecutions but it doesn’t seem prudent to talk about them here so I don’t offend anyone. But in some places it is prohibited to have a Bible or teach the catechism or wear a cross… What I would like to be clear on is one thing, I am convinced that the persecution against Christians today is stronger than in the first centuries of the Church. Today there are more Christian martyrs than in that period. And, it's not because of fantasy, it’s because of the numbers."
Pope Francis received us last Monday in the Vatican – a day after the prayer for peace with the presidents of Israel and Palestine – for this exclusive interview with “La Vanguardia.” The Pope was happy to have done everything possible for understanding between Israelis and Palestinians.
Violence in the name of God dominates the Middle East.  
It's a contradiction. Violence in the name of God does not correspond with our time. It's something ancient. With historical perspective, one has to say that Christians, at times, have practiced it. When I think of the Thirty Years War, there was violence in the name of God. Today it is unimaginable, right? We arrive, sometimes, by way of religion to very serious, very grave contradictions. Fundamentalism, for example. The three religions, we have our fundamentalist groups, small in relation to all the rest.
And, what do you think about fundamentalism?
A fundamentalist group, although it may not kill anyone, although it may not strike anyone, is violent. The mental structure of fundamentalists is violence in the name of God.
Some say that you are a revolutionary.
We should call the great Mina Mazzini, the Italian singer, and tell her “take this hand, gypsy” and have her read into my past, to see what [she finds]. (He laughs) For me, the great revolution is going to the roots, recognizing them and seeing what those roots have to say to us today. There is no contradiction between [being a] revolutionary and going to the roots. Moreso even, I think that the way to make true changes is identity. You can never take a step in life if it’s not from behind, without knowing where I come from, what last name I have, what cultural or religious last name I have.
You have broken many security protocols to bring yourself closer to the people.
I know that something could happen to me, but it’s in the hands of God. I remember that in Brazil they had prepared a closed Popemobile for me, with glass, but I couldn’t greet the people and tell them that I love them from within a sardine tin. Even if it’s made of glass, for me that is a wall. It’s true that something could happen to me, but let’s be realistic, at my age I don’t have much to lose.    
Why is it important that the Church be poor and humble?
Poverty and humility are at the center of the Gospel and I say it in a theological sense, not in a sociological one. You can't understand the Gospel without poverty, but we have to distinguish it from pauperism. I think that Jesus wants us bishops not to be princes but servants.
What can the Church do to reduce the growing inequality between the rich and the poor?
It’s proven that with the food that is left over we could feed the people who are hungry. When you see photographs of undernourished kids in different parts of the world, you take your head in your hand, it incomprehensible. I believe that we are in a world economic system that isn’t good. At the center of all economic systems must be man, man and woman, and everything else must be in service of this man. But we have put money at the center, the god of money. We have fallen into a sin of idolatry, the idolatry of money.
The economy is moved by the ambition of having more and, paradoxically, it feeds a throwaway culture. Young people are thrown away when their natality is limited. The elderly are also discarded because they don’t serve any use anymore, they don’t produce, this passive class… In throwing away the kids and elderly, the future of a people is thrown away because the young people are going to push forcefully forward and because the elderly give us wisdom. They have the memory of that people and they have to pass it on to the young people. And now also it is in style to throw the young people away with unemployment. The rate of unemployment is very worrisome to me, which in some countries is over 50%. Someone told me that 75 million young Europeans under 25 years of age are unemployed. That is an atrocity. But we are discarding an entire generation to maintain an economic system that can’t hold up anymore, a system that to survive must make war, as the great empires have always done. But as a Third World War can’t be done, they make zonal wars. What does this mean? That they produce and sell weapons, and with this the balance sheets of the idolatrous economies, the great world economies that sacrifice man at the feet of the idol of money, obviously they are sorted. This unique thought takes away the wealth of diversity of thought and therefore the wealth of a dialogue between peoples. Well understood globalization is a wealth. Poorly understood globalization is that which nullifies differences. It is like a sphere in which all points are equidistant from the center. A globalization that enriches is like a polyhedron, all united but each preserving its particularity, its wealth, its identity, and this isn’t given. And this does not happen.
Does the conflict between Catalunya and Spain worry you?
All division worries me. There is independence by emancipation and independence by secession. The independences by emancipation, for example, are American, that they were emancipated from the European States. The independences of nations by secession is a dismemberment, sometimes it’s very obvious. Let’s think of the former Yugoslavia. Obviously, there are nations with cultures so different that couldn’t even be stuck together with glue. The Yugoslavian case is very clear, but I ask myself if it is so clear in other cases. Scotland, Padania, Catalunya. There will be cases that will be just and cases that will not be just, but the secession of a nation without an antecedent of mandatory unity, one has to take it with a lot of grains of salt and analyze it case by case.  
The prayer for peace from Sunday wasn’t easy to organize nor did it have precedents in the Middle East nor in the world. How did you feel?
You know that it wasn’t easy because you were there, and much of that achievement is due to you. I felt that it was something that can accidentally happen to all of us. Here, in the Vatican,99% said it would not happen and then the 1% started to grow. I felt that we were feeling pushed towards something that had not occurred to us and that, little by little, started to take shape. It was not at all a political act – I felt that from the beginning – but it was rather a religious act: opening a window to the world.
Why did you choose to place yourself in the eye of the hurricane, the Middle East?
The true eye of the hurricane, due to the enthusiasm that there was, was the World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro last year. I decided to go to the Holy Land because President Peres invited me. I knew that his mandate would finish this Spring, so I felt obliged, in some way, to go beforehand. His invitation accelerated the trip. I did not think of doing it.
Why is it important for every Christian to visit Jerusalem and the Holy Land?
Because of revelation. For us, it all started there. It is like “heaven on earth.” A foretaste of what awaits us hereafter, in the heavenly Jerusalem.
You and your friend, the Rabbi Skorka, hugged each other in front of the Western Wall. What importance has that gesture had for the reconciliation between Christians and Jews?
Well, my good friend professor Omar Abu, president of the Institute for Inter-religious Dialogue of Buenos Aires, was also at the Wall. I wanted to invite him. He is a very religious man and a father-of-two. He is also friends with Rabbi Skorka and I love them both a lot, and I wanted that that friendship between the three be seen as a witness.
You told me a year ago that “within every Christian there is a Jew.”
Perhaps it would be more correct to say “you cannot live your Christianity, you cannot be a real Christian, if you do not recognize your Jewish roots.” I don’t speak of Jewish in the sense of the Semitic race but rather in the religious sense. I think that inter-religious dialogue needs to deepen in this, in Christianity’s Jewish root and in the Christian flowering of Judaism. I understand it is a challenge, a hot potato, but it can be done as brothers. I pray every day the divine office every day with the Psalms of David. We do the 150 psalms in one week. My prayer is Jewish and I have the Eucharist, which is Christian.  
How do you see anti-Semitism?
I cannot explain why it happens, but I think it is very linked, in general, and without it being a fixed rule, to the right wing.  Antisemitism usually nests better in right-wing political tendencies that in the left, right? And it still continues (like this). We even have those who deny the holocaust, which is crazy.
One of your projects is to open the Vatican archives on the Holocaust.
They will bring a lot of light.   
Does it worry you something could be discovered?
What worries me regarding this subject is the figure of Pius XII, the Pope that led the Church during World War II. They have said all sorts of things about poor Pius XII. But we need to remember that before he was seen as the great defender of the Jews. He hid many in convents in Rome and in other Italian cities, and also in the residence of Castel Gandolfo. Forty-two babies, children of Jews and other persecuted who sought refuge there were born there, in the Pope’s room, in his own bed. I don’t want to say that Pius XII did not make any mistakes – I myself make many – but one needs to see his role in the context of the time. For example, was it better for him not to speak so that more Jews would not be killed or for him to speak? I also want to say that sometimes I get “existential hives” when I see that everyone takes it out against the Church and Pius XII, and they forget the great powers. Did you know that they knew the rail network of the Nazis perfectly well to take the Jews to concentration camps? They had the pictures. But they did not bomb those railroad tracks. Why? It would be best if we spoke a bit about everything.
Do you still feel like a parish priest or do you assume your role as head of the Church?
The dimension of parish priest is that which most shows my vocation. Serving the people comes from within me. Turn off the lights to not spend a lot of money, for example. They are things that a parish priest does. But I also feel like the Pope. It helps me to do things seriously. My collaborators are very serious and professional. I have help to carry out my duty. One doesn’t need to play the parish priest Pope. It would be immature. When a head of state comes, I have to receive him with the dignity and the protocol that are deserved. It is true that with the protocol I have my problems, but one has to respect it.
You are changing a lot of things. Towards what future are these changes going?
I am no illumined one. I don’t have any personal project that I’ve brought with me under an arm, simply because I never thought that they were going to leave me here, in the Vatican. Everyone knows this. I came with a little piece of luggage to go straight back to Buenos Aires. What I am doing is carrying out what we cardinals reflected upon during the General Congregations, that is to say, in the meetings that, during the conclave, we all maintained every day to discuss the problems of the Church. From there come reflections and recommendations. One very concrete one was that the next Pope had to count on an external council, that is, a team of assessors that didn’t live in the Vatican.
And you created the so-called Council of Eight.
They are eight cardinals from all the continents and a coordinator. They gather every two or three months here. Now, the first of July we have four days of meetings, and we are going to be making the changes that the very cardinals ask of us. It is not obligatory that we do it but it would be imprudent not to listen to those who know.
You have also made a great effort to become closer to the Orthodox Church.
The invitation to Jerusalem from my brother Bartholomew was to commemorate the encounter between Paul VI and Athenagoras I 50 years ago. It was an encounter after more than a thousand years of separation. Since the Second Vatican Council, the Catholic Church has made efforts to become closer and the Orthodox Church has done the same. some orthodox churches are closer than others. I wanted Bartholomew to be with me in Jerusalem and there emerged the plan to also come to the Vatican to pray. For him it was a risky step because they can throw it in his face, but this gesture of humility needed to be extended, and for us it's necessary because it's not conceivable that we Christians are divided, it's a historical sin that we have to repair.
In the face of the advance of atheism, what is your opinion of people who believe that science and religion are mutually exclusive?  
There was a rise in atheism in the most existential age, perhaps Sartrian. But after came a step toward spiritual pursuits, of encounter with God, in a thousand ways, not necessarily the traditional religions. The clash between science and faith peaked in the Enlightenment, but that is not so fashionable today, thank God, because we have all realized the closeness between one thing and the other. Pope Benedict XVI has a good teaching about the relation between science and faith. In general lines, the most recent is that the scientists are very respectful with the faith and the agnostic or atheist scientist says, “I don’t dare to enter that field.”
You have met many Heads of State.  
Many have come and it’s an interesting variety. Each one has their personality. What has called my attention is the cross made between young politicians, whether they are from the center, the left or the right. Maybe they talk about the same problems but with a new music, and this I like, this gives me hope because politics is one of the more elevated forms of love, of charity. Why? Because it leads to the common good, and a person who, [despite] being  able to do it, does not get involved in politics for the common good, is selfish; or that uses politics for their own good, is corrupt. Some fifteen years ago the French bishops wrote a pastoral letter reflecting on the theme “Restoring Politics.” This is a precious text that makes you realize all of these things.
What do you think of the renunciation of Benedict XVI?
Pope Benedict has made a very significant act. He has opened the door, has created an institution, that of the of the eventual popes emeritus. 70 years ago, there were no emeritus bishops. Today how many are there? Well, as we live longer, we arrive to an age where we cannot go on with things. I will do the same as him, asking the Lord to enlighten me when the time comes and that he tell me what I have to do, and and he will tell me for sure.
You have a room reserved in a retirement home in Buenos Aires.  
Yes, its a retirement house for elderly priests. I was leaving the archdiocese at the end of last year and and had already submitted my resignation to Benedict XVI when I turned 75. I chose a room and said “I want to come to live here.” I will work as a priest, helping the parishes. This is what was going to be my future before being Pope.    
I am not going to ask you whom you support in the World Cup….
Brazilians asked me to remain neutral (he laughs) and I  keep my word because Brazil and Argentina are always antagonistic.   
How would you like to be remembered in history?
I have not thought about it, but I like it when someone remembers someone and says: “He was a good guy, he did what he could. He wasn’t so bad.” I’m OK with that.
Read more:
This text was translated from the original Spanish by CNA's Alan Holdren, Estefania Augirre and Elise Harris.

Read more:

Friday, June 13, 2014

Planetary Situation Update, by COBRA, June 9 2014

by Cobra
Monday, June 09. 2014
Planetary Situation Update
Behind the scenes, the Light forces are focusing on the defeat of the Chimera group. Not much intel about their operations will be given for obvious reasons. The only thing I can say is that the Light forces have established many new bases in the inner solar system, especially in the asteroid belt, on Mars and the Moon and many new motherships of the Light forces are positioned on strategic positions inside the inner solar system. Smaller ships are positioned in vicinity of the Earth, with a current special emphasis on medium Earth orbit (MEO).
It might be interesting to know that MEO is the orbit of GPS, Glonass and Galileo satellites. It is also interesting that Russia is shutting down their GPS stations:
There is much »unusual« activity in the space near our planet and mid-level management of the Cabal is being prepared for the reality of existence of extraterrestrial races. These revelations are quite shocking and bizarre for many of them:
There are also some promising developments regarding the QEG overunity device:
On the surface of the planet, the Eastern alliance is working slowly but steadily to create an alternative financial structure to defeat and remove the petrodollar / Illuminazi / military-industrial complex conglomerate:
More intel will be released when certain operations of the Light forces are completed.
— with Tobe Tallahassee.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

JUST RECORDED:Paladian update via Julien Wells June 6th & SAT. JUNE 14 EXSTRODINARY UPDATE SHOW!! (Recorded Link just below, Red Text) TO WHAT THE PELADIANS ARE OFFERING HUMANITY, IN THIS MOMENT OF NOW!! Via Julien Wells, Listen to this first info show below: "Fax from the Multiverse", received on June 6 2014, Then attend The Update Show on Diamonds Forever 31: Sat June 14 2014 1pm central, clik and scroll down past pictures: instruc how to attend this update.

"The Pleidian Offer": via Julian Wells, Recieved on June 6 2014. Update will be given on June 14 2014, Diamonds Forever31 Show.

JUNE 6th: First News click this window....then listen to June 14th update link just below.

Recker Ralph the movie, & Hidden Hand Article, this link:

UPDATE, JULIEN WELLS  JUNE 14 SHOW, LINK HERE: June 14 2014 Diamonds Call :// or call 209 255 1099 Pin 883267#  Ref 150#      Guest: Julien Wells Peladian update. Astounding Info, Humanity

OVER VIEW OF UPDATE peladians via  JULIEN WELL, JUNE 14 2014. see below

-Elizabeth gives cobra update from June 9 -First 10 mins of 1st audio is played -10,971 people left on the ships -Julien shares the dreams he had the night the pick-ups happened -He shares the experience of his is parallel life, the "other Julian" who went -Actually experienced it with him in dream time -The "four-legged" appearance is a technology they use to adjust to standing on the surface of the planet in our density -Julien clarifies miracles/technology, dimensions/density -What the 11,000 are going through/experiencing aboard the ship (less dense reality) -They're living in a holographic "village" which was prepared for them -It's meant to seem familiar to them, Pleiadians are around to answer questions -Experiencing initial physical discomfort without typical "food" -Going through deprogramming -This was considered a radical move on the part of the Pleiadians by other Galactic groups -But their level of empathy with us was such that they could better understand the depth of the outcry -Julien's plans to collaborate with the Pleiadians more publicly -Richard Rockefeller was taken aboard a ship, he did NOT die in a plane crash -Julien speaks about connecting with your Guides -What dreams really are -Moods and attracting reality -Ego/higher self and how they work together -Cabal is very vulnerable now with absence of 11,000 -Children of the cabal -Imminent Pyramid Hierarchy collapse -Questions to the Pleiadians: -What is their perspective on the pick-up? 3 answer who have positioned themselves in "townhalls" to answer questions -Much religious deprogramming (particularly for the large concentration from the Middle East who went) -The Annunaki role -The group is missing their families and inquiring about ways to keep tabs on or remote track the loved ones they left behind -They are learning to understand why they made such a choice as to participate on Earth in the way that they did -Elizabeth's question: what can we do down here to assist with our shift? Follow exploratory state of mind.. it will teach you your own heart -Book a session with Julien to speak directly to Pleiadians (, he will be doing more public Q&A, and wishes to remind people they can ALL do this themselves -Offer yourself to be perceived by them, define contract parameters  thanks Crystal Walker...FOR writing this update. 

                               (The Pleiades Star System)



 DIAMONDS FOREVER 31 Show,  Saturday JUNE 14, 2014: Guest: Pleidians Udate via Julien Wells. LOOK BELOW FOR MORE INFO ON JULIEN WELLS. 

HERE IS THE LINK: Sat June 14, 2014 Diamonds Call, Guest Julien Wells :// or call 209 255 1099 Pin 883267#  Ref 150# 

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Invite Anyone to Join a Conference Anytime!

About Julien Wells: At this stage in our Awakening, we are becoming ever more aware of the non-physical aspects of ourselves and our connection to each other as One at the energetic level. We have access to just about any consciousness we can imagine, and many are aware of this and actively practicing. Many of us, however, have not yet discovered our own direct link to our higher selves or our guides, the angels, etc. Julien Wells has developed this connection for himself and has integrated it to such an extent that he can be a bridge for others as well, and is now providing this amazing service to the public. He can tell you who your guides are and what messages they've been trying to get through to you, and connect with your Higher Being. The messages come through symbolically and he simply unravels them one by one. Many times there are dietary suggestions which come through as well to optimize your own personal process-- suggested, of course , from your own Inner-being and relayed back to you. Julien is a most kind-hearted wayshower who is humbly making himself available to anybody who has been trying to make these connections with themselves and finding difficulty. Julien also has a direct empathic/telepathic link with the star civilization The Pleiadians, and shares much insight from their perspective. Click the link below to find out more about booking, and find links to the things he's shared publically at No more than 5 minutes of speaking to Julien, his kind (and Canadian!) authencity simply shines through, and his psychic abilities and connection to his own heart are undeniable. I live with the guy, I can certainly attest as these are sincere words from my heart! -Crystal



!. on The Real Truth call 2, first 3omin about 7min in talking about the Paladian june 14 update, diamonds call with julien wells, and how it went viral:  6/02/14 - Buck, Dr. WC, Capt & The Real Truth Callers                         
6/17/14 - Dr. WC, Barb, & The Real Truth Callers                                        Listen To Call






or listen here: Awesome, update!! Awesome Expanding!!! YOU