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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Both YOU Tube's are Up!!! JUST RECORDED LINK: Click Galactic!! Et"s !! building Relations Diamonds Forever 31 13 Show Presents on Sat January 17 2015; At 1pm Central 2pm Est Diamonds will have an APPETIZERr show before the FEAST show at 5pm central 6pm EST Tolec: Andromeda Council, Ray K: 32 contacts different races, Julien Wells: Pleiadians, and Reality Programmer & Sherry Wilde: Contactee Experiencer



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Julien Wells - Reality Programmer

  1. Pleiadian Update Part 1: Julien Wells, Judy Jandora, Sheri Gordon, Dan Alvin & Crystal Walker

    • 7 months ago
    After listening, please listen to the update Part 2 on Elizabeth Mulligan's Diamond .

                   Sherry Wilde - ET Volunteer Experiencer


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Sheldan Nidle Update, January 13,2015 "My friends, this is a time for reflection and inspiration" shelden Nidle


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Sheldan Nidle Update, January 13, 2015

13 Ben, 11 Chen, 11 Ik

Selamat Jalwa! (Be in everlasting Joy!) We come with more news! The last vestige of resistance by the dark is in its banking system. These rapscallions are delaying the distribution of your blessings by being supposedly ill prepared to process your funds. We have instructed our earthly allies to set deadlines and personally supervise the last steps in this process. In addition, our allies tell us that a whole slew of new wealth managers need to be prepared for you. We are disgusted at these revelations and have instructed our allies to be very strict and demand that they be permitted to appoint personnel as needed to ensure this process can go as smoothly as possible. We are ready to use our technology to ensure that this set of final procedures is completed without further delay. We have also been overseeing the coming dismantling of a number of major governments. Your world has been under the thumb of a number of super-wealthy and well-situated dark individuals ever since the Anunnaki left this reality nearly 20 years ago. Our efforts are currently set on preparing this reality to finally rid it of these powerful dark emissaries.

We are carefully working with your various common-law agencies to arrest these extremely powerful individuals at the right time. The dark, after all, has been in charge of this reality for nearly 13 millennia. When these various individuals are arrested, the last controller of this reality will be “out of business.” This can allow the governances to release formal statements about how the new financial system is to be globally operated. This new system is to be the transition from the hard world that you know to one filled with the energies of the Light. Included in this plethora of announcements is to be one that sets the stage for our arrival. In our announcements, we intend to set the stage for the Ascended Masters and the formal arrival of the Agarthans. Once you are fully conscious, a new star nation is to begin forming. It is to consist of both corporeal and non-corporeal beings. You are to learn much about physical life. Your Love is to transcend into galactic joy. At that time, your wisdom is to vastly grow and you will learn about Heaven and the very nature of divine service.

My friends, this is a time for reflection and inspiration. We see ourselves as special emissaries sent to this part of our galaxy to watch over you, and at the right divine moment to land and begin a mass series of mentorings – to ready you for the vast transformation that is the transfer into full consciousness. Our societies are based on truth and complete self-acceptance. We consider exploration of physicality to be our greatest accomplishment. Each of us has spent time being a part of an exploration mission to some part of this galaxy or traversing space and exploring the wonders of the endless galaxies that surround us. During our long lifetimes we acquire a whole host of new wisdom and we add these gems to ever-growing knowledge. Thus, each of us possesses a great storehouse of truths about this reality and many, many others. We have taken our mentors and matched them to you. Once chosen, each mentor has been accompanying your medical team as it makes its nightly rounds.

Mentoring is by far the most important task we can perform. Each of you is either a starseed or a Being that has endured numerous lives on the surface of this world. Shortly, you are to be introduced to us. We take this meeting seriously. You have a vast ensemble of past relatives to appease. There are as well your many past lives to take into account. Once you have accepted all of this, we need to use our abilities to prepare you to learn intimately about who you were and what your present lifetime is really all about. This is indeed a most special process, which we are to share with each other. Each of us is mutually to grow from these experiences. You are an important part of this society. You are to add your “flavor” to how this new galactic society is to be born. Thus, you need to let us jointly create your fully conscious self. Your angels and other heavenly hosts are to assist us in this sacred process. This process is a prelude to what you are to accomplish in this new galactic society. This is indeed to be a new epoch for humanity!

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We arrive with important news of what is presently happening on your world. As noted in past messages, your blessings are very close to a mass delivery, which is to allow your major governances to be changed. The first nation scheduled for this momentous event is America. It was noted long ago that America is the point where this unholy cabal is to first taste the rigors of defeat. Heaven has graciously sent special emissaries to aid us in this. Our friends in Agartha have likewise provided us with sacred resources. These are to permit this world to oust these scalawags from power and permit the reinstituting of both common and constitutional law in America. This is only the start of a process, which is to spread across this globe, and bring you freedom and prosperity! We bless our friends, and most of all, Heaven. We bless Heaven and all for finding the means to change this realm from dark to a wondrous Light!

This grand change is happening to you in the spiritual and in the physical. Heaven is using ways to enable this formerly dark realm to transition to the Light. We thank and bless you for holding the vision, and for enabling us to use our energies with yours. Together, we are a gracious force for good, which cannot be defeated. You are shortly to see the results of what we have jointly done. The dark is being forced to permit our allies to distribute the wealth that the dark stole over the last few centuries, and to give you your freedom by ending all debt and releasing you from very clever debt slavery. This process is to bring you governance, which is the transition from manipulation of truth and sinister control to wondrous freedom. This is as well to mark your move from galactic isolation to a reunion with spiritual and space families.

We say this to remind you that we are to reenter the spiritual and physical realities as true ambassadors. We are to reconnect with those who have for an eon protected Gaia and served as her Spiritual Hierarchy. As you again manifest the joys of full consciousness, you are to re-acquaint yourselves with these marvelous entities. For millennia, we have looked to them for guidance in our healing and spiritual assistance practices. Their wisdom and wondrous joy is a great comfort to us. Now, it is soon time for you to meet these great Beings of Light. They have advised Heaven about how best to move each of you to this most glorious moment of remembrance. You are to see how amazing these Beings truly are! We leave you now, knowing just how close you are to your many wondrous blessings! So we again ask your patience in all of these matters. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Today, we continued our messages with you. We ask you to keep patience and hope truly glowing within you! Accept the fact that a great time of miracles is about to reach a crescendo! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Red Skelton's Pledge of Allegiance


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Peter Slattery made this Diamond show

Meet Seattle's solo, bus-riding dog

This Is an Awesome Show!! YOU will learn alot about YourSelf . Enjoy  Live Sat Jan 17th again with another Galactic show with Personal Experiencers, will Blow Your Mind....bring YOU to your Heart.  see top of Diamonds Blog for Show attendence Info. see you there!! keep Shining Diamonds!! elizabeth Diamond     

Benjamin Fulford Report of January 12 2015 The fake Paris incident is aimed at taking down the house of Saud.

Ben Fulford

The fake Paris incident is aimed at taking down the house of Saud.

The obviously faked
terror incident in Paris last week was clearly aimed at preparing public opinion in the West for an operation to take down the Saudi Arabian monarchy. The operation consisted of having a French magazine publish cartoons of a sort that would lead to a death penalty in Saudi Arabia and then faking the execution of the magazine’s staff. This serves to make the Western public aware and angry about the sort of thing the Saudi government does.
It is a fact the Saudi Monarchy has for years bankrolled and promoted and obscurantist, radical sect of Islam known as Wahhabism. They have also worked hand in glove with the Bush Nazi crime family for decades in their project to replace Western democracy with totalitarian dictatorship. This is a country where, if you are caught in an adulterous relationship, the punishment, to this day, is to have you buried up to the waist in the sand and then stoned to death. This is also a country where you can be arbitrarily killed by the ruling family for questioning their control of that country. When I was there I was advised that if I got in a traffic accident, I should pretend to be injured so that I would be taken to a hospital instead of a police station. If I ended up in a police station I might never come out, I was told. This family mafia country has been using their oil wealth to create armies of ignorant fanatics throughout the world.
So, to cut off financing for Islamo-fascists, beheading the Saudi regime would be a good place to start. Or at least that what seems to be going on in the minds of the people staging the events in Paris.There is a deeper aspect to this story though.
The Saudis themselves represent a slave government controlled by elements of the P2 Freemason lodge who want to engineer a battle between Christianity and Islam in order to force them to become a single religion, or a one world religion controlled in secret by them. They created and financed Wahhabists and other fake Muslim extremist groups in order to create a boogey man for brainwashed Western militaries to attack. The end game is a world fascist dictatorship controlled by a small clique of inbred families. In this version, the Saudi royals are just pawns acting out the role of bad buys.
When my father, Dwight Fulford, was Canadian ambassador to Saudi Arabia in the late 1980’s the Saudi royals he met tried to get him to read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. A Saudi prince also told this writer “we have worked under them for a very long time.” The story being conveyed by the Saudis is that of a secretive “Zionist” group manipulating world events in order to take control of the planet. French President Francois Hollande, for his part, on public television blamed the incident on “les illumines,” the French world for Illuminati.
The Illuminati he was referring to are most likely the gnostic Illuminati, a group that claims credit for the American, French and Russian revolutions. This group wants to end bloodline rule in Europe. Hollande is affiliated with the French Grande Orient Freemason lodge which would put him under the French branch of the Rothschild family.
The Illuminati previously told the White Dragon Society they want to end European bloodline rule in the Middle East as well.
Now let us take a look at what is going on in the Middle East. What we see there is an alliance between Turkey, Syria, Iran, Shia Iraq, and the Pentagon apparently facing off against Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt. Turkey, Syria, Iran and the Iraqi Shias together can wield a modern army of over 1.5 million men. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Jordan together can muster just under one million. If both the Pentagon and Russia support the Turkish alliance, and apparently they do, this essentially means Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Israel have no real choice but to join the Turkish/Iranian alliance or be militarily crushed.
Now let us look at this situation from the US angle. Here we have an Obama regime stubbornly clinging to power in Washington that still refuses to tell the truth about 911 and the fascist coup d’etat that followed it. Note too that nobody significant from the Obama regime showed up at the big French PR event last week that followed the fake terror attack.
This is the same Obama regime that is threatening to veto the Keystone pipeline plan to bring oil from Canada to the United States. Apparently Obama thinks it is better for the US to import its oil from the fanatic sponsoring Zionist slave regime in Saudi Arabia than from peaceful democratic Canada.
The Pentagon, quite sensibly, is no longer obeying any orders from the Obama regime.
Incoming Defense Secretary Ashton Carter, when he comes into office next month, knows the rest of the world will stop financing the pentagon and the US regime unless action is taken against the neo-con war criminals, starting with the Bush family, that Obama is still protecting.
Now let us get back to Europe. France was attacked immediately after President Hollande called for an end to sanctions against Russia. Germany is also talking about setting up a joint security arrangement with Russia making a “terror” incident there a likely bet.
This comes as the US announces it is closing 15 military bases in Europe and concentrating its military power there in England. England is also now moving away from the EU and aiming to become a sort of Atlantic Switzerland.
Meanwhile Greece, which is secretly ruled by the British royal family (Queen Elizabeth’s husband Philip was born as Prince of Greece and Denmark), is expected on January 25th to elect a government that will leave the German controlled Euro.
So, let us try to visualize the big picture of what is going on. We have a new super-state emerging in the Middle East. We have Russia and Germany replacing the US as the main sponsors of security in continental Europe. We have England distancing itself from Europe and rebuilding its bridges with the Anglo Saxon world.
In Asia, meanwhile, China has done a pretty good job of hiding how powerful it has truly become. One mind-blowing statistic says it all: in the past 3 years China has produced more cement than the US did in the entire 20th century.
China wants to reassure its neighbours and the rest of the world that it poses no threat. For that reason it is not only tolerating but actually financing Pentagon efforts to defend countries that border China. As a part of this, (as mentioned before in this newsletter) China has agreed to a merger between North and South Korea with Japan under Pentagon protection.
So, the Pentagon moves 60% of its forces to Asia, while the Russians and Germans take over the role of protecting continental Europe. The Muslim world, for its part, will become strong and independent once again minus the radical fanatics.
One other bit of news that slipped in mostly under the radar last week is that China just reached an agreement with the nations of the Caribbean, Central and South America (the US’s “backyard”) to increase bilateral trade to $500 billion a year.
And, in Washington D.C., we have a rump regime carrying out foolish anti-social acts like inciting race riots, faking North Korean hacking incidents etc. In psychological maturity it resembles a two year old having a temper tantrum after its candy was taken away.
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Monday, January 12, 2015

Transformation Journal: Entry 3 three January 19 2015; I have Been on a Journey, down the road of Spiritual, Emotional, Mental it's Time!! for Physical Transformation. Let This inspire YOU Diamond!! & remember YOU ARE Limitless!! so you are always Transforming every Second. Blessings of Love Peace and Joy turning to Bliss!! to YOU. elizabeth Diamond. I will continue entries all the way through my journey. Will you all please support me with comments, prayers, loving intentions / imaginations. and Co Create with me, every time you come to this Blog, click the link on Rt side of blog to Co -Create and Donate energy in kind if choose . thank you. e Diamond

Journal Entry #3 Febuary 17 2015: Have had 4 personal trainer sessions, working on what they call, "unstabability muscle building", thats the muscles you don't normally use, and the big muscles of the body. Have been using variety for work outs, even enjoying Aqua arobics, and swimming with my grandchildren, when i cant make it to gym, jump on trampoline or dance with grandchildren. So, if you are on the same journey as me Diamonds, make it fun and diversified. Eating lots of different variety of proteins, veggies and fruits, and trying to split the three meals us usa citizens have been trained to eat, into 6 small variety packed meals. Lots of water, using the reverse Osmosis water, that is delivered, and Adding John Ellis water too it!! wonderful stuff. Have these Wonderful spray vitamins, superfood.... spray under tongue or in mouth, they 98% absorb right into the blood stream, so your body can use it sufficiently, as for the pills, that go to  your gut and small % is used, besides i hate swallowing all those pills. I will be talking about the water and spray vitamins more on upcoming Diamonds shows soon. I have lost 7.7 lbs since January 10 2015, and have been steadily decreasing in PBF  (body fat), and gaining Muscle mass. Well on my way. until Next time e Diamond Much Love to All YOU Diamonds. 

Journal Entry #2 January 19 2015: so far this week I have had one Personal trainer session, been to gym myself and followed that training strength building session trained to me, and went last night to swim. I have forgotten how much i like the water, i was in creator mode and made up different muscle laps to do, i swam laps continuously for a good 50min, it felt like 15min!!! (my trainer taught me in her session to strength work out, (muscle instabability), meaning try working your muscles you do not normally use, cause building as much muscle tissue as you can, helps melt away the fat in your body faster. She also encouraged me to take alot of different protein foods (this builds and maintains muscles), along with "good fats", for energy. Also, add fresh or frozen fruits, veggies, greens too. I know it is good for all of us to try and eat small portions of tiny meals throughout the day, it is good for dieabetics, and those trying to loose the weight, gain muscle strength = (minimum effort, masimum efficiency), i go back to the Bible scripture to help me "my yoke is easy, burden is light", love you Jesus!!, by the way, Jesus was here to show us "Unconditional Love" = this Is!! the Way in these parideim shifting times into the Golden Age. Inbetween the Gym i have been working on my weakest points, i have percieved, that is those...lean against a wall, squat down for 60 seconds, works the big muscles in top of your legs, YUK!!! ohhh, the worst, but getting better, and i jump on my little mini trampoline, dance bounce on it, actually with my favorite radio playing "The", lol., i don't make this at home what i do a chore, just do it just to move in some way, for 15 20 min. By the way, jumping on trampoline, gets your lymph system juices running, this system is very important, not to clogg up, and I take powdered Vit c shots every day; vit C organic powdered does sooo much for YOU, google it, and get it thru internet or Trader Joe's store for only 13.00 for a big bottle that lasts for 3 months or longer. So I have added changes to my diet, protein eating little red meat, hemp powder, hemp oil, nuts, almonds, raw no salt peanuts, gotta get better on protein, carrot apple juicer with the protein powders and oils added, beats, lettuce salads, cucumbers (high in Vit C), omega oil, grapeseed oil, olive oil, avocados, ......also have ordered this product i have found. Yeah!! no more taking pills and capsules, i will try this Vit Spray and superfood spray....your skin is a organ of your body, it is the biggest organ. So this spray works on skin, has a 98% absorption rate, meaning it goes straight to your blood stream so your body can use it, again = maximum efficiency minimum effort. I will let you know my testimony in this and offer it to you if proves to be beneficial for me. ok?  Also have been drinking spring water, reverse osmosis, and ordered another water product that you add to your water, recommended from a special friend in Missouri, will let you know results on this too!! I write all this to Encourage you all, if you have any ideas for me Please Comment in the comment section below this blog. thank you Diamonds. One last thing, to my amazement!! according to my scale weight, in only 6 days of my practice in all this, I lost 3.7 pounds, wow!! Also I encourage YOU to Listen to This Diamond Show; we Just recorded it on Jan 17th and it has to do with a Awesome perspective of YOUR Body!!, you probably never thought or ventured into before. Enjoy. 
 Until Next journal Entry, continue To Shine!! like the Diamond YOU are!! with Much Love to YOU!!  eDiamond

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Journal Entry #1:  I start Tomorrow 1 13 2015, Wellness check, base line of HDL, LDL, measurments... And I WILL win the 90day challenge, that this club has every year, on to... Super Natural Natual of... "Who I Really Am"...mission of Diamonds Forever 31 Show. Personal Training sessions start Tuesday 1 13 15.   What is great i can also take my grandchildren swimming and to the gym, open family days, on the weekend they visit me!! I will incorporate all this clubs products into this "90day Transformation contest", they call it. I also have to write an essay of my Journey. until next update Love always Elizabeth Diammond. .     Here is to Me!!  


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