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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Just Recorded!! Oct 18 2014 Diamonds Forever 31 Show: Discussing Intel of World Changes in This Week, and to Come, next 2yrs & Our DNA Make up. elizabeth Diamond

 Diamond News:Diamonds Forever Call. Go Beyond Awakening?

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Dr. Emoto, who has become THE EXPERT in The Physics and Beyond of Water; has passed to Higher Dimensions. We miss you Already! Thanks for All you Have done for Humanity. Love Elizabeth Diamond and All of Us.

Our Heart Felt Arigato ~ Thank You Dr. Emoto  Who passed to Higher Dimensions 
皆様 (English Message is at the bottom)
Everyone like this morning 50 the minutes, my father, Dr. Masaru Emoto has been passed away peacefully.
It was 71 years old.

Being 看取ra by my mother, died quietly.
Since the fall in Shanghai, whats the prayers of so many messages from all around the world.
I'll read the message on my father's bed and had really happy.

I think my father we made love was. I think for us was cute and funny father, from all over the world loved, was a really happy life. Father died, father had life's work to promote the power of love and gratitude from this family and IHM staff everyone good luck will continue.

Please lend your support.

Thank you father's last words were.

Everyone in the world with love and gratitude. Emoto everyone wins children will wake 10/20 (Mon) 19: from the farewell 10/21 (Tue) 11: from the urayasu funeral hall is performed in. Not those who are directly met with father, your time will is convenient, be sure to visit. My father loved to interact with Facebook.

As farewell to so many people I would like to make. Dear Facebook friends of Masaru, Early this morning, Masaru has passed away.

His wife was with him. Since he became ill in Shanghai, he has received so much love and gratitude from his dear friends of all over the world.

He was very encouraged and happy to receive your kind messages with love. His last word was "Arigato". ("Thank you" in Japanese) We believe his last word was to you, everybody.

He was so grateful for you and thanked you all so very much. He used to say, "Life is LOVE which is a gift from God and parents, and DEATH is gratitude for going to a new dimension".

So now he is in another dimension and continues to look over us warmly with love and gratitude.

We are going to carry on his mission of spreading the power of "love and gratitude".

We thank you very much for offering prayers for Dr. Emoto, and please send your love, light, and gratitude to him once again. With much love and gratitude, IHM Staff(Translated by Bing)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Sacha Stone Unleashing Human Possibilities; Hosted by Antonia Hagens. Masterpiece Life


Dr. Sam Mugzzi; Shifting with Alfred Webre and Mary Rodwell !!!!

Click Here to Listen:

Exciting show with Alfred and Mary Rodwell!  This is a special show to discuss how the positive timeline works and what you can do to start creating a better reality.  In addition to information from the frienldy ET's and what is instore for our future. 
Here is the formula:
Positive Future = Positive Timeline + Unity Consciousness!
Alfred is going to shed some light on how to make postive decisions for yourself and learn how to steer away from systems of negativity. 
Mary Rodwell is an experienced speaker, and invetigor of ET communications. 
Mary, ACERN is a resource and support network for all those with Close Encounter experience.
ACERN is a professional organisation and as such, has several professionals available as a resource, offering information, counselling and therapy.
Come and join us in creating this instructional "how to" video, that will shed some light on how to manifest your "happily ever after".  It's a one of a kind show and you are invited!

Updated October 21 214 On October 19 Sunday: Historic Flyby: Comet to Zoom Past Mars This Weekend

WONDERS IN HEAVEN – Comet Siding Spring causes an explosion on Mars
An incredible video, posted to YouTube on Oct. 19, shows the atmosphere of Mars exploding as the Comet Siding Spring passes within 87,000 miles of the Red...

nnnnn A comet will buzz Mars this Sunday (Oct. 19) in an epic encounter that has astronomers around the world tingling with excitement. Comet Siding Spring, also known as C/2013 A1, will miss the Red Planet by just 87,000 miles (140,000 kilometers) at 2:27 p.m. EDT (1827 GMT) on Sunday. For comparison, the moon orbits Earth at an average distance of 239,000 miles (384,600 km). While the comet won’t put on a show for skywatchers here on Earth, the fleet of robotic explorers at Mars will get an eyeful. They will study the comet, as well as any observable interactions between its shed particles and the thin Martian atmosphere. [See photos of Comet Siding Spring] Comets are icy leftovers from the solar system’s birth, and Siding Spring is a pristine object that has never been “heat-treated” by the sun before. So any insights about the comet’s composition and behavior could help researchers better understand how our cosmic neighborhood began taking shape 4.6 billion years ago. “This is a cosmic science gift that could potentially keep on giving, and the agency’s diverse science missions will be in full receive mode,” former astronaut John Grunsfeld, associate administrator for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, said in a statement. “This particular comet has never before entered the inner solar system, so it will provide a fresh source of clues to our solar system’s earliest days.” All five operational spacecraft orbiting the Red Planet — NASA’s Mars Odyssey, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and MAVEN probes, India’s Mangalyaan spacecraft and Europe’s Mars Express — will observe the flyby. And NASA’s Opportunity and Curiosity rovers will crane their necks up to watch from the Martian surface as well. The Siding Spring observation campaign is not restricted to the closeMars approach on Sunday. A number of different instruments on the ground and in space have already been observing Siding Spring, and they’ll continue to do so after the comet leaves the Red Planet in its rear-view mirror. A primary goal is to see how a pristine comet changes as it gets closer and closer to the sun. There is no chance that Siding Spring will hit Mars during the flyby, and analyses suggest that material shed by the comet poses little danger to orbiting spacecraft. (Opportunity and Curiosity will definitely be fine, protected as they are by Mars’ air.) But NASA is taking precautions anyway; the space agency has maneuvered its orbiters to make sure they’ll be on the safe side of the planet when Mars gets closest to Siding Spring’s dust tail, officials have said.
The mountain-size Siding Spring spends most of its time in the Oort Cloud, a frigid comet repository that lies perhaps 50,000 astronomical units (AU) from the sun. (One AU is the distance from Earth to the sun — about 93 million miles, or 150 million km).
Scientists think Siding Spring’s multimillion-year orbit has never taken it closer to the sun than the realm of the giant planets (Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune). So the comet’s current journey is something special — something to marvel at for several different reasons, researchers said.
“This comet got knocked into the inner [solar] system by the passage of a star near the Oort Cloud. So, think about a comet that started its travel probably at the dawn of man, and it’s just coming in close now,” ‪Carey Lisse, a senior astrophysicist at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Maryland, said during a news conference on Thursday (Oct. 9).
“The reason we can actually observe it is because we have built satellites and rovers, and we’ve now got outposts around Mars,” Lisse added. “That’s pretty exciting.”
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