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Saturday, February 14, 2015

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Actor...Metaphysician...Movie Maker...Reiki Master...U-fol-o-gist...Unexplained Phenomena Investigator/Researcher
Founder, Universal Truth Investigative Associates
Joe Palermo was born in St. Louis, Missouri, August 1958 to Joe (1912 - 1970) and Mary (1922 - 2007) Palermo, who owned and operated a tavern now referred to as "America's Original Sports Bar" ).  Joe was introduced to science fiction and horror films by his father, and became fascinated with the unknown.
Over the summer of 1972, 14 year old Joe's curiosity was peaked when he and several neighborhood friends sighted a circular object over their homes just South of Lambert International Airport.  Parents ignored Joe and his friends UFO sighting, but he knew he had witnessed something unlike anything he'd seen before, even on television.  He was further excited to discover a UFO study group (the launching pad for what is now known as the Mutual UFO Network, Inc.) in the area was bringing nuclear physicist Stanton T. Friedman in to lecture on "Project Blue Book."  Joe attended the lecture, got Friedman's autograph but was disappointed to find that all the study group could *offer the 14 year old was a subscription to their newsletter and a list of books to read (*In later years, Joe would go on to become the president of the group with a seat on the Board of Directors).

Thursday, February 12, 2015

These Angels, you can welcome them to you to Open Your Heart More to LOVE. Love Conquers ALL. Blessings of Love Peace and Joy turning to Bliss!!! Limitlesssss Much Love elizabeth Diamond

13 degrees Libra
The Angels of Opening Hearts
Also known as

The Angels of ‘Rigolon

We give assistance when it is important to connect with others in love, kindness, help, and understanding. ‘
When a Child of Light sees the true immortal divinity that resides in another’s heart, when the true immortal perfection of the divine life that keeps this heart beating is SEEN, a miracle occurs.
 No matter how wounded such a heart is, cognition brought about by Love Divine opens it.
 As long as there is life, a heart can be opened.
Sometimes, if a heart has been extremely damaged,numbed out, and inaccessible, it may take some time, but even a heart that is carefully guarded can be opened through the power of cognition brought about by love divine.
Deep within the heart of each person, there is a place in which all creation exists, as well as all potential creation. Here flows the eternal Ocean of Cosmic Love. By entering in to this space within the heart, it is possible to soar in the ecstasy of Love Divine, to visualize and dream solutions that bring supreme happiness to all.  In this space, the ONENESS of all life is experienced as fact, and all time exists simultaneously. When you go into this ancient space, ask for awakening of self and others to the process of mind working with love to create and dream new realities into existence.
Divine Providence has ordained that all hearts be opened at this time of the Alpha and the Omega.  All hearts are opened through The Power of Love. Love sees awakens the eyes to see the immortal truth of each Child of Light and each animal, plant and form.
From the beginning of time we have inspired the Children of Light to open hearts through the power of love and see the divine in everything. In this way miracles have flowed.
 The love of open hearts attracts Heaven to Earth.  An open heart brings forth harmony, grace, mercy and supreme happiness. It is the virtue of supreme happiness which allows solutions to every problem to be seen.
 At this time, great healing is immanent, for this is the time that has been foretold of great happiness.
We are the heavenly hosts of ‘Rigolon’, and we open hearts.  We open all hearts.  Even the hearts of animals are opened by us.
If your own heart has been wounded, and the door is locked and you wish for it to open, call on us and we shine our Love through you and witness the perfection of your spirit and soul.  Through the power of our love your heart ignites so strongly that all are understood and forgiven who have caused the wounding of your heart.
 The power of your love enables you to also see the perfection and divinity of even your worst enemy. Through your loving forgiveness, their negative karma is lessened and they experience grace and mercy.
 In this way the loving truth that shines in your own heart goes out to bless the world and all within it.  In this way you merge with the All That Is, the Cosmic Ocean of Love.
Wars end.
The power of your love for others enables you to witness the perfection of the spirits and souls of even the worst enemy.  Then it is the power of your love that ignites their hearts so strongly that they are able to also forgive all that has caused their woundings.  Then they in turn erase negative karma, even for their worst enemies, and grace and mercy bring supreme happiness, harmony and justice, to all.
Open hearts opens other hearts.  Forgiveness creates forgiveness.  Negative karma is transformed by grace and mercy for all.
This is the essence of the prophecy that the second coming would be as the sun rising from the east to the west.
We are the Angels of The Open Heart, the Angels of ‘Rigolon’.
R… This sound is the sound of the virtue of freedom and independence.   It has a golden color, the note of C, and is the earth element, so it is felt with a sensation of weight.  The left nostril is formed from this virtue.
 The mastery of this virtue gives clear inner guidance that is in complete harmony with Divine Providence, so no mistake is ever made.  Because the divine virtue of free will is the extension of Divine Mind operating within each being, a high state of maturity and ingenuity is gained through this virtue that allows quick understanding of all knowledge.
I… The sound of this letter is the virtue of cause and effect, which is the karma law.
When a heart opens and experiences forgiveness for previous wounding, those who caused the wounding are freed from the negative karma.
‘On the mental level, this is analogous to memory, remembrance and conscience.  In the emotions, this corresponds to the astral matrix with all of its functions’. The ‘astral matrix’ is the connecting link between the physical body and the feelings.  Therefore, the mastery of the virtue of cause and effect controls the connection between the body and the soul.
It is a known fact that the astral matrix, and with it the whole body, is kept alive by breathing.  With the initiation into karma law, which is the knowledge of cause and effect, you are in the position to get under your perfect control the breath with all of its aspects and ways of application.  All mystical abilities are subject to the mastery of breath.  On the material world, everything that has shape, measure, number and weight can be understood and mastered with this virtue.’
 The color of this virtue is light opal, the musical note is G, the element is earth so it has the sensation of weight, and the left kidney is created by this oscillation.
G… This letter symbolizes the divine virtue of grace and mercy.  When a child of God creates the reality of opening hearts according to inner guidance and the power of love to see the divinity in everything, forgiveness comes naturally bringing grace and mercy.
  This emotion is the feeling of beauty and perfection manifesting in form, which is the bringing of heaven to earth.  It is this feeling which magnetizes the imagined reality of heaven on earth into actual form on the physical plane.
This virtue has a deep grass green color, the musical note of F, and is of the water element so it has the sensation of coolness.  The left eye is formed from it.
This O is pronounced umlaut O, eu, the power of the virtue of divine cognition brought about by love divine is used to transform reality on all levels.
Umlaut O [eu]
Akasha: In the principle of consciousness penetrating all, the umlaut O oscillation evokes the most profound cognition which can only be brought about by love divine.
 By the help of this a person gets to know all the possibilities of transformation of the spirit, all the systems and ways serving this end, and all knowledge concerning transformation in all other fields. He/she is informed about everything that, deriving from the act of creation, had to pass through all the mode of transformation to be reunited.
  A person must attain all the faculties that are offered by this profound cognition made possible by Love Divine, in the principle of consciousness-penetrating-all, and must make use of all possibilities, in order to get convinced that they cannot be described by words, by must be experienced, lived through.
I have mentioned the letters unlaut A and unlaut O as the last ones in this series of exercises, because by the help of their virtues one is able to comprehend, from the principle of consciousness-penetrating-all, the crown of all wisdom in the micro- and macrocosms, from the act of creation to the present state of evolution, and even to the final development.
Mental:  Evoked in the intellect, the virtue of profound cognition brought about by love divine gives the understanding of the transformation of ideas, virtues, etc. by the quabbalistically pronounced word, which is a very great and comprehensive field.
Astral/ emotional level:  In the feelings, the virtue of profound cognition brought about by love divine develops the faculty of perfect astral projection and the mastery of all occult and magical phenomena that have reference to transformation, so that a person may, for instance, assume any desired vibration in the emotional body without being recognized by other beings and with only Divine Providence seeing through him/her.  Apart from this, a person is able to transform any emotional oscillation into the oscillation he wants and to do the same with any element.
Material:  When mastered in the physical body, the profound cognition brought about by love divine leads to perfect knowledge of quabbalistic alchemy in the material world.
 A person is taught the true preparation and charging of the philosopher’s stone in the physical sense.  He/she can influence, at will, any oscillation—atomic, oscillation, electronic oscillation- by quabbalah, and he/she is able to transform it into the oscillation desired by him/her.
 Therefore he/she perfectly masters the laws of transmutation and is able to transform any metal into gold, any stone into a precious stone, etc. if desired.  By the help of this virtue a person is furnished with many other faculties of which he/she cannot even dream now and which non-initiates would regard as absolutely impossible.
Umlaut O is dark orange, has the musical note of D-sharp, is the element of akashic-earth which has the sensation of weight penetrating everything.  The ovaries and testicles are formed from this virtue of the profound cognition brought about by Love Divine.  In healing, heal the left ovary first and then the right one.
O…Justice and Harmony, see definition below
L… The letter L represents the sum total of all the divine virtues. These virtues taken together are the splendor and majesty of Divine Consciousness. By mastering the virtue of unity with all of the divine virtues, it is possible to create the splendor and majesty of heaven so that it manifests in the intellect, in the feelings, and in the reality of the physical world. This gives morality, mastery of emotions, great courage and endurance, and the drive for self-preservation in self and others.
 The color of this virtue is olive green, the musical note is F, the sensation is the air element of ease, and the organ formed by it is the spleen.
Umlaut O, eu,…see above
O…By becoming one with the virtue of justice, the ability to open hearts is always used according to ‘the absolute legality of harmony’.  The mastery of this virtue also gives absolute success and harmony in any project that is undertaken.
Divine Justice is predicated on the Highest Law of All.  It is the Law of One and this law states that we are all one, and that when one is harmed, all are harmed.  Likewise, when one is helped, all are helped.  Whenever a heart opens, the entire web of life is infused with love in the same way that sound carries in water.
The Law of One
We are all one.
When one is harmed, all are harmed.
When one is helped, all are helped.
Therefore, in the name of my being, of who I AM, and I am one with all there is, with all beings, masters, saints, prophets, and with the Christ,
I ask that only that which is the highest good of all concerned
Happen here.
I give thanks that this is done.
So be it.
 ‘Mentally you will be able to give expression to the absolute legality of harmony in all four basic qualities of the elements.  You will have a high power of judgement and the ability to comprehend spiritually any legality, any interference by Divine Providence for the sake of justice.  You will never be able to condemn anyone unjustly.  This will bring about the abilities to create any change in the emotional situations that you find yourself in and to have absolute success and happiness on all levels.’ 
 The ability to control emotions is the ability to control the element of water and magnetism, which is the ability to attract.  It is also the ability to manifest anything on the physical level. This virtue has an ultramarine blue color, the musical note of C, and is the earth element so it has the sensation of weight. It formed the throat and windpipe.
N… This sound is the sound of supreme happiness and fulfillment. Supreme happiness is the process of heaven manifesting successfully into earth expression.  This virtue gives control over the mental matrix, which is’the spiritual bonding material which connects the emotional body to the mental body, i.e., to the spirit.  The mastery of this virtue reveals to the child of God all the mysteries relating to connecting the emotions with the mind, i.e. the mental matrix, and bestows the ability to comprehend, see, sense and contol, the mental matrix with its sphere of action, either in regard of self or others.’  
The color of supreme happiness is dark red, the musical note is A, and it is of the water element of feeling so it has a cool sensation.  The liver is formed from this virtue.

The names and meaning of angel groups come from Quaballah, which is a very ancient set of teachings which together form a common precursor, or root, of three of the world's religions: Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.
Each degree of the zodiac is ruled by a high being of the heavenly host in the zone girdling the earth, and the angels who work with him or her. The being and the angels share the same name. This name is a key to their powers and influence.
* Names, phrases, or sections, in Italics or single quotation marks in the angel messages are quoted or paraphrased from the books of Franz Bardon.
Information of the heavenly hosts of the zone girdling the earth is referenced from THE PRACTICE OF MAGICAL EVOCATION, ISBN 3-921338-02-6, and Information of the divine virtues and the letters are referenced from THE KEY TO THE TRUE QUABALLAH, ISBN 3-921338-12-4]. Publisher is Dieter R├╝ggeberg, Wuppertal/W. Germany. These books have very important information for these studies.
The book " Initiation into Hermetics" ISBN 3-921338-01-8, is a preparatory book for the others. Franz Bardon's last autobiographical book, "Frabato the Magician", gives historical background and was compiled by his German publisher from notes written by Franz Bardon. This book is most important for understanding present day political issues.


The newer versions of these books may not have the appendixes which contain very helpful information. Its best to find used older copies that do have these appendixes if you can. If you have these, read Frabato the Magician first, with appendixes, and then read appendixes from the other three for background.
If you have questions about how to meditate on the divine virtues or what the angel messages are about, go to the archives at the lovingpurelove egroup in Yahoo. * Previous messages contain instructions on the method of meditation for the divine virtues.
 The lovingpurelove egroup site is a loving cyber family learning together.   
The angel messages are indexed there. Email Polly at
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We have a yahoo group for people who want to receive only the angel messages and have access to all previous messages on the web.
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If you don't have an instrument for playing the sounds (pitches) associated with each letter, here is a program which will play the notes at the correct pitch like a tuning fork:

For a copy of the TIBETAN EXERCISE OF PARADOX, which stimulates whole brain functioning, go to

And for information on emotional processing (Emotional Healing Exercises), go to
{Note:  The entire process of recapitulating and healing wounded emotions is elaborated in detail in a new book in process, “Healing the Past for Good” being written from the teaching materials of the late Dr. Michael Schlosser, Ph.D., to be published in the future.}

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The Law of One is the original law of Creation, and is the supreme Law over all laws in all dimensions.


We are all one.
When one is harmed, all are harmed.
When one is helped, all are healed.
Therefore, in the name of who I AM,
and I am one with all;
I ask that ONLY THAT WHICH IS THE HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL CONCERNED happen here and now, and through all time and space.
I give thanks that this is done.

Benjamin Fulford Full Report of February 9 2015 "Inevitable"........

Benjamin Fulford - February 9, 2015: Zionazi defeat now inevitable, Pentagon to turn blind eye as Russia, Iran and Turkey take-out Saudi Arabia

The defeat of the international Zionazi* crime cabal is now inevitable due to rapidly unfolding events around the world, most notably in the Middle East and the Ukraine. The arrest by Germany last week (as reported in this blog) of a US government official carrying billions of dollars in forged US $100 bills destined for the Ukraine has had enormous and ongoing repercussions. The Pentagon contacted this writer to say this was “actionable intelligence.” Hopefully this action will include arrests of all top Zionazis starting with the Bush crime family. We have all waited too long for this to happen already. Remember, Washington D.C. is not actually part of the Republic of the United States of America but is rather a foreign enclave. It is time to remove that cancer from the Republic and restore American independence.

In any case, there are clear signs that this Zionazi cancer is being dealt with elsewhere already.

There is a G20 meeting going on in Turkey which, according to Russian sources, is part of a series of meetings aimed at being the equivalent of the 1945 Yalta conference held by Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin. It was the Yalta conference that created the post-World War 2 order we still live under. So, the implication is that a series of ongoing meetings will herald the biggest changes in international architecture since the end of World War 2.

These meetings are discussing a total transformation of the current international architecture including the IMF, the World Bank and the UN. Some national boundaries may also be redrawn, notably in the Middle East, the Ukraine and Korea. There is also a determination to permanently end Zionazi mischief.

The discovery that American State Department officials were supplying forged dollars to both sides of the battle in the Eastern Ukraine has already caused Germany and France to split with the Zionazi regime in Washington D.C. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande already met Russia’s Vladimir Putin last week without US approval and are planning on another meeting Wednesday. There is very little leaking in public about the talks but, according to Russian sources, France and Germany are seriously thinking of leaving NATO and creating alternative security arrangements with Russia.

The US official arrested by Germany has spilled the beans on exactly how the Zionazis were orchestrating the civil war in the Ukraine. The Vanguard Corporation, a front for the Federal Reserve Board (according to MI5) has paid mercenaries to kill people on both side of the conflict there so that they would blame it on each other. They also gave money to buy weapons to both sides of the conflict.

This is the same modus operandi they used to destroy Yugoslavia. It is the one also now in operation in Syria and Iraq.

The report of what the Germans discovered in the Ukraine prompted a Japanese government source to tell this writer about a meeting with Agostinho Neto, President of Angola during that country’s civil war. At the time Neto showed him a room filled with $5 billion in cash and told him George Bush Sr. had flown it in on a jumbo jet and told him to use it to buy weapons. This event took place at a time when officially the United States was supporting rebels fighting against Neto’s “communist” regime. You can be sure Bush Sr. was also supplying the rebels with similar funds.

Anti-social behavior by the Zionazis is now being increasingly understood to be the main source of the world’s terrorism and moves are being made to end it once and for all.

The G20 meeting ending today in Turkey comes on the heels of a major security conference that just ended inGermany. Pentagon sources say that already a secret deal has been reached with the Russians, Turks and Iranians that will allow them to take out the regime in Saudi Arabia and force them to pay heavy financial compensation for all the terrorist activities they have sponsored. The Pentagon will not defend the Saudis who they rightfully suspect were one of the main sponsors (together with US based Zionazis) of the 911 terror attacks. They are also pressuring the Zionazi whores in Washington D.C. to release the evidence of Saudi involvement in 911. Of course the Zionazis do not want to do that because they know the Saudis will then point the finger at the fifth columnists in the US led by George Bush Sr., Senator John McCain, John Kerry, etc. Nazis in Israel like Benyamin Netanyahu would also be exposed as being in bed with the Saudis in financing international terror networks.

In any case, the plan to take down the Zionazis in the Middle East has already begun with regime change in Yemen. Now the Island nation of Cyprus, a member of the EU, has allowed Russia to open military bases there. These bases will be used by the Russians for their Middle Eastern operations. The Pentagon is doing their bit by supplying the Lebanese army with weapons they need to fight the Israeli-Saudi backed ISIS mercenary army. The Turks are also now cooperating with the Syrians, Russians and Iranians in a battle to take out not only Saudi Arabia but also Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman. The Egyptians have also agreed to cooperate with this effort to remove these kleptocratic, trouble-making regimes, Russian sources say. Israel with eventually become, as mentioned before here, a Jewish autonomous zone within the now forming moderate (Sufi) Islamic federation.

The Zionazi regime in Washington D.C. is also in trouble as it has yet to find a source of financing to keep it going after February 17th. The same is true for the European financial system.

Despite the hyper-inflated stock markets and mindless cheerleading by the corporate propaganda press, indicators of real economic activity show a major deep freeze. The Baltic Dry Index, which measures the price of shipping and is thus a good indicator of trade, is at even lower levels than it was after the 2008 Lehman shock. China has also just announced that its

January foreign trade fell 10.8% compared to the same period a year ago.
This plunge is happening because neither the Europeans nor the Americans have money to buy stuff from the rest of the world. The regime in Washington D.C. continues to lie about its deflation, imploding economy and worse than depression level unemployment. The European banks will have a $100 trillion derivative hole in their accounts when the Greek government makes good on its promise to end debt slavery.

Another indicator of how surreal the situation has become is that, according to MI5, “the Danish banking association says that it has so much cash which was given to the banks in the European Central Bank QE debt creation exercise, that it no longer needs retail deposits and will start charging depositors. It also does not need to make loans.”

Faced with the ongoing implosion of their fraud based financial system the Zionazis are resorting to their trusty old nuclear blackmail card. They started with what seems like a nuclear artillery shell fired in the Ukraine (the Russians say it was a hit on an ammunition factory).

Several e-mails were sent to this writer using complex cabalistic numerology to explain that February 17th would be the day that World War 3 starts. My answer to the cabalists is to remind them this Friday is a Friday the 13th and is thus an auspicious day for rounding up religious maniacs trying to start a world war.

Furthermore, if you think you will be able to fool the pentagon or the Russians or the Chinese into fighting each other, think again. We all know the Russians are close allies with the Chinese. Now we have a headline on the official Chinese government Xinhua news site headline saying “US-China cooperation stronger than ever before.”

Not only are these people no longer being fooled, it also seems the Chinese are learning to use the same sort of trickery the Zionazis use to manipulate public opinion. They staged a plane crash in Taiwan last week that is looking very much like an event that used computer graphics and crisis actors. Take a look at the pictures in this link to see obvious CG glitches and actors coming out of the river the plane landed in with dry hair.

There is also stuff going on that we cannot talk about it yet. However, we can confirm representatives of the White Dragon Society have had friendly meetings during the past week with representatives of Mossad, the P2 Freemason Lodge and the Chinese government. The British also sent an analogue written message of support for White Dragon goals. We are working hard to come up with a win-win solution to make sure 2015, the year of the sheeple, is a great year for the people and other living creatures of this planet.

*The blog previously referred to them as Nazionists but found out the term Zionazi already exists and so, in accordance with linguistic rules, will switch to that phrase

Obama to Sign Veterans Suicide Prevention Bill: This Is A Sign of GooD!!! More update later e Diamond Obama Speaking and signing this Live Now. It Is a Start

Obama to Sign Veterans Suicide Prevention Bill

President Barack Obama is joining with lawmakers and government leaders to cast a spotlight on the issue of suicide among veterans.
Obama on Thursday will sign the Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention for American Veterans Act into law. First lady Michelle Obama, Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald and veterans are expected to attend the White House ceremony.
Very Inspiring if You have eyes and ears to see how the World is Changing:

The measure is named for a Marine who struggled with post-traumatic stress disorder after serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Hunt killed himself in 2011 in Texas.
The bill creates a pilot program to help veterans transition out of active duty, and it creates a website to provide veterans with information about available mental health services.
The bill also requires the VA's suicide prevention programs to be evaluated annually by a third party.

Senate passes veterans suicide prevention bill, sends to Obama

 - The Washington Times - Tuesday, February 3, 2015
Saying dozens of veterans commit suicide each day, senators on Tuesday passed a bill to improve mental health care at the VA, sending the measure on to the president for his promised signature.
The bill, named the Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention for American Veterans Act after a former Marine sniper who committed suicide after struggling to get care at the VA, has been a priority for veterans organizations and enjoyed universal support, passing 99-0.
“This bill is a first step — a significant first step — but only a first step for meeting the mental health needs that will enable [veterans] to overcome those inner demons that all too often overcome them,” said Sen. Richard Blumenthal, Connecticut Democrat and a sponsor of the bill.
The bill unanimously passed the House earlier this year, so Senate approval means it heads straight to Mr. Obama.
The measure will require annual third-party reviews of mental health services offered by the VA, provide loan repayment benefits to help recruit and retain mental health professionals and create a pilot program in which other veterans will help transitioning troops navigate the VA system.
The bill will also extend combat eligibility for one year to give veterans more time to access VA mental health care and require the VA to create a consolidated website so vets can access all information on mental health care in one place.
Paul Rieckhoff, founder of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, called on the president to sign the bill into law in a public ceremony to demonstrate his commitment to veterans.
“For too long the crisis of veteran suicide has been hidden in the shadows. This bill gives many veterans the new hope they so desperately need and demonstrates that our leaders are willing to give veterans the care they deserve,” Mr. Rieckhoff said.
White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Mr. Obama strongly supports the legislation and will sign it into law.

John Stroud, national commander of Veterans of Foreign Wars, emphasized that there is more to be done to improve mental health care for veterans, including a review of other-than-honorable discharges for those that may have been related to undiagnosed post-traumatic stress disorder.
Rep. Timothy J. Walz, a Minnesota Democrat who introduced the bill in the House, also said he would continue to work on more broad legislation to improve mental health care for veterans.
“We may never completely end this terrible epidemic that is plaguing our country, but if we can save one parent from having to bury their child, one son from losing his mother or one sister from losing her brother, it’s worth trying with all our might,” he said.
Supporters had hoped to clear the bill late last year, but then-Sen. Tom Coburn, Oklahoma Republican, blocked a vote, saying the $24 million proposal mostly duplicated existing programs and was a chance for Congress to pass feel-good legislation, not to solve the issue.
Mr. Coburn retired at the end of last year, and his former colleagues moved quickly in his absence to bring the bill back for a vote.
Hunt’s mother, Susan Selke, has been lobbying on Capitol Hill to get the bill passed and says her son’s former unit has now lost as many Marines to suicide after returning from the war as it did in combat in Iraq.
Richard and I are so thankful for the amount of support we have received since we began our journey advocating on behalf of veterans like Clay,” Mrs. Selke said. “Unfortunately, there are many Clays out there who are struggling to get access to the mental health care they so desperately need.”

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

This Is pretty Blunt and IN YOUR FACE, but it's Full of Wisdom and Insight. Read this with Your Heart and See.

Did you know :
The most casualties of any American war , we're accredited 2 the civil war
Horrible loss of human life
Fought OVER $$$$ money
in 1871 the organic United States of America  , s U.S. Constitution was hoodwinked  by a criminal element
how many Americans lost their lives out of Vietnam War : 58,000 +/- way 2 many
how  many Americans lost their lives in WWII : 350,000 +/-  sickening number of lost American s
how many JEWS lost their lives during WWII ( this will or should make the average one 1 kringe )
Who gives a FUCK about the god damn Jews????
art of war
B wery of those bringing bad news
tic toc
tic toc
how many TOTAL souls lost their lives during WWII : 50 million poor unfortunate SOULS. this number is staggeringly,  this never was supposed to happen again
It's 2015 and the PTB are still @ it!
too many ignorant mother fucking stupid monkeys in mi kingdom
killing is murder
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700 Medicinal Uses of Cannabis Sorted By Disease, APPLE CIDER VINIGAR AND WHAT HELPS WOW

2012  by encod 


Source: Weedbay
A collection of clinical studies, papers and reference providing the ultimate resource for medical disorders helped by medical marijuana.
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Marijuana and ADD Therapeutic uses of Medical Marijuana in the treatment of ADD
Cannabis as a medical treatment for attention deficit disorder -
Cannabinoids effective in animal model of hyperactivity disorder
Cannabis ’Scrips to Calm Kids?,2933...
Addiction risk- Physical
Women’s Guide to the UofC
Cannabis Basics
10 Things Every Parent, Teenager & Teacher Should Know About Marijuana (4th Q)
Marijuana Myths, Claim No. 9
AIDS – see HIV
Role of cannabinoid receptors in alcohol abuse
Cannabidiol, Antioxidants, and Diuretics in Reversing Binge Ethanol-Induced Neurotoxicity
Cannabis substitution
Cannabis as a Substitute for Alcohol
Cannabinol delays symptom onset
Marijuana in the management of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Cannabis use in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
Cannabis Relieves Lou Gehrigs Symptoms
Cannabis’ Potential Exciting Researchers in Treatment of ALS, Parkinson’s Disease
Marijuana may block Alzheimer’s
Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease Pathology by Cannabinoids
Marijuana’s Active Ingredient Shown to Inhibit Primary Marker of Alzheimer’s Disease alive/arti...
Dronabinol in the treatment of agitation in patients with Alzheimer’s disease with anorexia
Dronabinol in the treatment of refractory agitation in Alzheimer’s disease
Effects of dronabinol on anorexia and disturbed behavior in patients with Alzheimer’s disease.
Cannabinoids reduce the progression of Alzheimer’s disease in animals
Molecular Link between the Active Component of Marijuana and Alzheimer’s Disease Pathology
THC inhibits primary marker of Alzheimer’s disease
Amotivational Syndrome
Amotivational Syndrome
Marijuana Myths, Claim No. 11
Debunking ’Amotivational Syndrome’
Amotivational Syndrome
Debunking the Amotivational Syndrome
Cannabis Use Not Linked To So-Called "Amotivational Syndrome"
Anecdotal Evidence/First person stories Shared Comments and Observations
Cannabis Sativa (Marijuana) for Fibromyalgia
Excerpts of testimonials.
Appetite Stimulant
Dronabinol an effective appetite stimulant?
THC improves appetite and reverses weight loss in AIDS patients
Efficacy of dronabinol alone and in combination
Dronabinol and marijuana in HIV-positive marijuana smokers: caloric intake, mood, and sleep.
The synthetic cannabinoid nabilone improves pain and symptom management in cancer patients
Dronabinol for supportive therapy in patients with malignant melanoma and liver metastases
Safety and efficacy of dronabinol in the treatment of agitation in patients with Alzheimer’s disease
The perceived effects of smoked cannabis on patients with multiple sclerosis.
Effects of dronabinol on anorexia and disturbed behavior in patients with Alzheimer’s disease
Dronabinol as a treatment for anorexia associated with weight loss in patients with AIDS.
Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol for appetite stimulation in cancer-associated anorexia
Effect of dronabinol on nutritional status in HIV infection.
Dronabinol stimulates appetite and causes weight gain in HIV patients.
Dronabinol effects on weight in patients with HIV infection.
Recent clinical experience with dronabinol.
Dronabinol enhancement of appetite in cancer patients.
Effects of smoked marijuana on food intake and body weight
Behavioral analysis of marijuana effects on food intake in humans.
Cancer-related anorexia-cachexia syndrome
THC effective in appetite and weight loss in severe lung disease (COPD)
Machinery Of The ’Marijuana Munchies’
Cannabidiol is an oral anti-arthritic therapeutic in murine collagen-induced arthritis
The Cannabinergic System as a Target for Anti-inflammatory Therapies
Sativex in the treatment of pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis http://rheumatology.oxfordjournals....bstract/45/1/50
Suppression of fibroblast metalloproteinases by ajulemic acid,
The antinociceptive effect of Delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol in the arthritic rat
Synergy between Delta(9)-tetrahydrocannabinol and morphine in the arthritic rat
Cannabis based medicine eases pain and suppresses disease
Pot-Based Drug Promising for Arthritis
The Cannabinergic System as a Target for Anti-inflammatory Therapies
Acute and subacute bronchial effects of oral cannabinoids.
Comparison of bronchial effects of nabilone and terbutaline
Bronchial effects of aerosolized delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol
Bronchodilator effect of delta1-tetrahydrocannabinol administered by aerosol
Effects of smoked marijuana in experimentally induced asthma.
Marijuana and oral delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol on specific airway conductance
New Synthetic Delta-9-THC Inhaler Offers Safe, Rapid Delivery
Smoked marijuana and oral delta-9-THC on specific airway conductance in asthmatic subjects
Marijuana Chemical Fights Hardened Arteries
Does Cannabis Hold the Key to Treating Cardiometabolic Disease
Cannabis may keep arteries clear
The Cannabinergic System as a Target for Anti-inflammatory Therapies
Cannabis compound tackles blood vessel disease
Medical marijuana: study shows that THC slows atherosclerosis
Cardiovascular Effects of Cannabis
Atrophie Blanche
Atrophie Blanche Treated With Cannabis and/or THC
Autism and Medical Marijuana
Medical marijuana: a valuable treatment for autism?
Cancer – breast
Anandamide inhibits human breast cancer cell proliferation
Inhibition of Human Breast and Prostate Cancer Cell Proliferation1
Antitumor Activity of Plant Cannabinoids
9-Tetrahydrocannabinol Inhibits Cell Cycle Progression in Human Breast Cancer
Cannabidiol inhibits tumour growth in leukaemia and breast cancer
THC and prochlorperazine effective in reducing vomiting in women following breast surgery
Cancer- colorectal
Anandamide, induces cell death in colorectal carcinoma cells
Cannabinoids and cancer: potential for colorectal cancer therapy.
Cancer- glioma/ brain
Anti-tumor effects of cannabidiol
Pot’s cancer healing properties
Cannabinoids Inhibit the Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Pathway in Gliomas
Inhibition of Glioma Growth in Vivo
Delta(9)-tetrahydrocannabinol in patients with recurrent glioblastoma multiforme.
Cannabidiol triggers caspase activation and oxidative stress in human glioma cells.
Cannabinoid receptors in human astroglial tumors Cannabis extract makes brain tumors shrink, halts growth of blood vessels
THC tested against brain tumour in pilot clinical study
Cancer- leukemia
Cannabis-induced cytotoxicity in leukemic cell lines http://bloodjournal.hematologylibra...ract/105/3/1214
Cannabidiol-Induced Apoptosis in Human Leukemia Cells
Marijuana’s Active Ingredient Kills Leukemia Cells
Targeting CB2 cannabinoid receptors to treat malignant lymphoblastic disease http://bloodjournal.hematologylibra...t/100/2/627.pdf
Cannabinoids induce incomplete maturation of cultured human leukemia cells
Delta9-Tetrahydrocannabinol-Induced Apoptosis in Jurkat Leukemia T Cells
Cannabidiol inhibits tumour growth in leukaemia and breast cancer       CONTINUE ..MORE END OF ARTICLE HERE: