I got up this morning to TWO emails from friends about the impending situation in America.
One was negative, about UN equipment and amassing of troops in Illinois and Arizona for martial law in the US regarding microchipping.
The other was a video with a positive message; notice of martial law TO TAKE THE REPUBLIC BACK. (see below)
Time frame: within a couple of weeks.

USA Inc. has Lost its Charter & Martial Law is happening to Bring Forth the New Republic

Drake has been telling us every week to prepare; to stock up on necessities; that the militias need young people and young former military or anyone no longer in active duty.
He has made it clear that it IS the DUTY of all Americans of the Republic to protect their country and her people. On his last show he said 70 - 80% of the military is on the side of The People.
Drake has also said he believes he will be able to give us a heads up (possibly 72 hrs) before "it" goes down. Drake and Thomas always plan for "emergency" shows on days other than Wednesdays if events demand.
I consider this video message an initial "heads up" to STOCK UP, if you haven't already. I simply cannot find it in me to believe that the cabal's evil armies are going to round up Americans and microchip them. I just can't. After coming this far, it would not be permitted.
The Galactics are up there (and down here)---millions of them---watching, protecting us when they can---sending love and calming energies and telling us not to be afraid. Boots on the ground ETs are assisting the Resistance Movement.
Supposedly The Wave of love is bathing us in uplifting frequencies to support us at this time.
It sounds like it is, in fact, because so many people are saying they are feeling it in very similar yet opposite ways. It reminds me of the symptoms of depression.
  • lethargy
  • extreme exhaustion
  • positive emotions
  • negative emotions
  • irritability
  • aches and pains
  • insomnia
  • need for more sleep
  • lack of interest in normally enjoyable activities
I have witnessed many of these myself and in others, insomnia being a big problem for me personally, yet my husband slept until nearly 10:00 the other day and I don't think he's done that in fifteen years.
We know many foreign troops are on US soil ---as is common practice both here and in Canada in the summer for standard training exercises---and the entire world wants to remove the cabal. I believe they will ALL be helping us. We were told that was the plan all along. After we arrest the cabal in the USA, all other countries will be relatively easy.
What if the fear around UN vehicles is just that; fear porn? What if the UN is on OUR side?
Benjamin Fulford confirmed this week that Canada will be ousting their Harper government and cleaning house and also assisting the American people to do the same.
Jade Helm did NOT unfold as the fear mongering said it would, BUT, as we were encouraged to keep in mind, the troop and equipment movements could also be viewed as a POSITIVE thing. Prime Commander Tanaath and Cobra both told us that.
I think it unfolded perfectly. We have plenty of troops in the right places and also plenty of FEMA camps to house these psychopaths and lily-livered politicians who went along with the Illuminati plan in their treasonous activities.
We've heard there are multiple drills going on in Boston in September. Boston is an Illuminati haven.
We have the warnings about the air space issue in the southern Atlantic coast states in September. Could that be not exactly as stated, and work in favour of those rounding up the cabal?
There have been pairs of F16/18s flying over our house lately.
We have waited a long time for this. We've been urging the military to take down the Illuminati and their minions for years and I believe that is about to happen.
Take it for what you will. I am ready for martial law---at least as ready as I'll ever be---because until recently I certainly never dreamed I would witness anything like this. I hope all of you are ready as well.
If the military is going to make their move, now is the time, before the cold weather comes to the northern states. If people may be without power, they'll be pretty cold in October and onward and snow and ice will only complicate issues.
Remember this could go on for a couple of weeks, but I doubt it would be longer, and could be less. We will probably not lose power or communications, but... anything is possible if the cabal's minions try to go out with a bang.
Like the man in the video says... stay in your homes when instructed for your safety and tune in to your TV for the two-hour, daily emergency broadcast updates.
If you are unable to purchase food and water due to a lack of funds, stockpiles are available to help those in need. Could that be what the closed Wal-Marts are for? I know you will share what you can in your own neighbourhoods.
Have on hand:
  • meds
  • keep cash with you as banks will be closed and ATMs won't work
  • pet and baby supplies
  • water
  • dried foods or easily heated canned - most stores can't open without their banking systems and you want to avoid going out in public
  • keep your gas tank full as gas stations probably will have to close as well
  • tissues/t tissue
  • candles, flashlites, propane, matches, lighters
  • shortwave radio
We don't know exactly what martial law will look like as much of it depends on how people react, so at the risk of sounding like a broken record; prepare for the worst and expect the best.
It's important not to spread fear porn, because the more people who believe that the martial law is a bad thing, the more they will act out and the more dangerous it will be.
It's nothing to fear if you prepare and follow instructions. This is the best news I've heard in a long time. Let's do this!  ~ BP

An anonymous user posted this at the Watchmen of America website/DEFCON chatroom and it was news to me, and not yet confirmed other than we are aware that many more died as a result of 9/11 than the 3500 or so on that fateful day, as they continue to die of cancer and other health issues as a result.  ~ BP
Anon0144: My fellow American patriots; I have read some alarming information online, and I am not so quick to dismiss this information as false information, because we all know that this could very well be true.  If this information is TRUE, it needs to be investigated, so those responsible can be brought to justice for humanity's sake.  I know there is certain individuals with contacts high up or they themselves that read this post, should be able to research this matter more in depth on their own.   This new scandal, I will call it CASUALTY GATE. It is the false accounting of 9/11 and Iraq and Afghanistan War casualties.  I've read that over 7,000 plus American military casualties were not reported, and the bodies of our service men and women were dumped in the Persion Gulf.   False reporting of Afghanistan War casualties.  The coverup of 9/11 casualties.   If this is true, this should make any American's blood boil, and we all should demand high profile arrests immediately.   So...  PLEASE any person that has the contacts to help prove or disprove this information, please help research this evil coverup, and lets seek justice.

The "sovereign man" movement has made an impact to the extent that the government is warning their employees about these rogue people who think they're special and just won't follow the rules and actually push back. Get used to it! 
Interesting that the government refers to it as "fraud". LOL. Yah, the People are the fraudsters---not the government. Uh-huh.  ~ BP
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