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Saturday, June 7, 2014


THIS A 12 MIN MEDITATION / ACTIVATION / PRAYER / COMMUNITY - UNITY - CONSIOUSNESS :     click below.                                                                                                ://




Friday, June 6, 2014

It's simply a matter:

it's not really a matter of feeling worthy of love, friends, health, or wealth. Or of appreciating what you already have. Or even of learning to love yourself. These don't have to come first. You don't have to wear a halo to manifest the changes you want.

It's simply a matter of understanding that if you do your part: visualize, prepare the way, and act "as if," without looking over your shoulder for quick results, what you want must be added unto you... as will the feelings of worthiness, appreciation and loving your most lovable self.

You were pre-qualified,

The Universe

Почему инопланетян интересует Земля

Phil Valentine - "More Proof Barack Obama is Malcolm X son"

Phil Valentine seeks to provide more proof that Barack Obama is in fact Malcolm X son. He has a powerpoint slide presentation to back his claims For full dvd...

>>>>Breaking News>>>>: 37 VA whistle-blowers


Price of coming forward: 37 VA whistle-blowers claim retaliation

The joint effort by the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) and the Project on Government Oversight (POGO) aims to “bring accountability” to the department by allowing whistleblowers to expose corruption anonymously.
Dozens of Veterans Affairs workers who have come forward with stories of mismanagement and patient abuse say they have faced retaliation within the scandal-scarred agency, according to federal investigators.
In one case, a VA employee with a spotless record over two decades was suspended after reporting patients had been inappropriately restrained, according to one of 37 such complaints filed with the U.S. Office of Special Counsel (OSC). In another case, an employee claimed to have been demoted after disclosing alleged mishandling of patient care funds. The employee was temporarily reassigned and an investigation is still ongoing, OSC officials said.
The complaints, which involved VA facilities in 19 states, appear to show a culture that discourages whistle-bowing, said officials at the OSC, which is probing the claims.
“That fear is pervasive. But when there’s this much smoke, there’s often fire.”
- Joe Newman, Project on Government Oversight
“Receiving candid information about harmful practices from employees will be critical to the VA’s efforts to identify problems and find solutions,” Special Counsel Carolyn Lerner said in a statement Thursday. “However, employees will not come forward if they fear retaliation.”
The OSC is an independent investigative and prosecutorial agency that polices treatment of federal employees and job applicants, focusing specifically on enforcement of the Whistleblower Protection Act.
The investigation of the claims of retribution does not include a separate OSC review of 49 employee reports related to waiting lists and other issues at 152 hospitals and more than 1,700 other VA sites nationwide. Some facilities have been accused of doctoring their books to hide the fact that patients died while languishing on waiting lists to see doctors.
Joe Newman, spokesman of the Project on Government Oversight, an activist group that launched its own VA-related whistle-blower website last month, said it's not surprising that bureaucrats are coming down on employees who come forward to help the agency reform.
“That fear is pervasive,” Newman told, adding that most sources do not wish to be identified. “But when there’s this much smoke, there’s often fire.”
As of Thursday, at least 640 submissions have been received by VAOversight.orgsince May 15, Newman said, with the majority of those coming from veterans themselves and relatives. Roughly 20 percent of those, he said, were from current and former VA employees who had valid gripes.
“So they can’t all be classified as whistle-blower submissions, but we’re in the process of investigating some of those claims,” Newman said. “We’re not looking to make quick media hits. Our main goal is to analyze the systemic problems and find what solutions we can come up with.”
In a third case involving yet another facility, a VA employee at another facility received a seven-day suspension after telling the inspector general's office about improper scheduling and coding procedures.
None of the whistle-bowers or their VA facilities of employment were disclosed by the OSC.
Former VA Secretary Eric Shinseki resigned last month following widespread criticism over excessive waiting periods for care and falsified records at VA facilities nationwide that provide medical care to about 9 million veterans and family members. Shinseki, a former Army chief of staff and four-star general, also promised prior to his exit that whistle-blowers would not be penalized for speaking up.
“I can’t explain the lack of integrity among some of the leaders of our healthcare facilities,” Shinseki told a conference on homeless veterans last month. “This is something I rarely encountered during 38 years in uniform.
“I will not defend it because it is indefensible. But I can take responsibility for it, and I do,” he continued. “Given the facts I now know, I apologize as the senior leader of the Department of Veterans Affairs.’’
Veterans in Phoenix, for example, waited an average 115 days for appointments, or five times longer than the Phoenix VA had reported, the VA’s acting inspector general, Richard Griffin, told a Senate committee last month.
Griffin said his office is now probing more than 40 of the VA's 1,700 health care facilities nationwide.
The VA’s acting new boss, meanwhile, said Thursday that an additional 18 veterans whose names were kept off an official electronic VA appointment list have died. Acting VA Secretary Sloan Gibson said he would ask Griffin to see if there is any indication those deaths were related to long wait times. Gibson said he was unsure whether the 18 new deaths were related to wait times, but said they were in addition to the 17 reported last month. If so, they would reach out to those veterans' families.
"I will come personally and apologize to the survivors," Gibson said.
The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Comet Ison and The Event!!! Very Profound and Exspanding....I posted these back in Jan 2014, but they too good had to post again. At end of Second one Very Detailed description of the Event.

 Interview hosted by Maarten Horst
 (February 2, 2014)
MAARTEN HORST: Yes, my dear friends! My dear friends, my dear fellow starseeds and fellow human beings! Welcome to ET FIRST CONTACT Radio! Tonight we have a very, very, very important show, a very important show with my guest Alkesh who was last Thursday on BBS Radio and if you watched the interview or listened to it on YouTube [] then you are up-to-date.
It started all with the video that Esoteric Golden Spirit made a couple of weeks ago and has gone viral [Comet Ison. The Event. The Truth About It -]. So tonight we are going to share very crucial information and as far as I know and as far as I resonate with this information, it is the closest to the truth from all information available on the internet until now. So I want to welcome my dear friend Alkesh which is his star name for ET FIRST CONTACT Radio.

The Solution: Jeremy Bennett Very Profound, I must Say. "Who We Really Are"

Gordon Duff: Evidence of OUR Deception

Published on 4 Jun 2014
This is a must listen interview.  Here are just a few of the topics covered:
There are 350 W54 nuclear warheads that were illegally sold out the back door when they were supposed to be destroyed at US facilities.  Gordon explains how those weapons have been traced and were used to take down the towers during 9/11.
Proof of the stolen W54 warheads through pictures of a UN recovery operation of some of the nuclear pits in South Africa.
The nano thermite theory was a government psyop from the beginning to hide the nuclear event at the towers.
It can now be reported that the US Navy sank 2 submarines in the May 2013 time frame that were attempting to start the war with Syria.  Listen to the interview for all details on this.
Victor Booth as portrayed by Nicholas Cage in the movie “Lord of War” sold these stolen nuclear pits of the US W54 nuclear weapons.
The nuclear bombs used on 9/11 were Neutron Bombs with 3% fission initiator that vaporized much of the buildings. Dimitri Khalezov was basically right all along and that’s why his videos were taken down relentlessly when they first came out!
Russian and French Intelligence are now dumping a huge amount of Intelligence files to stop the US insanity of trying to start wars in Ukraine, China, Syria, etc.
US News is now being completely fabricated by the mainstream news sources. The US has no elections and is the most corrupt country on Earth at this time. Our judges are corrupt, our law enforcement is corrupt and our government doesn’t answer to the people in any way.

The Next Waves of Energies & How the Affect Humanity: take a's a Dandy. Blessings of Love Peace and Joy turning to Bliss!! elizabeth Diamond

Magnificent Source Essence Elizabeth,
Thank you for all your comments and questions on
how we can best assist you this month.

Based on your feedback tonight's topic will be:
The Next Waves of Energies & How the Affect Humanity

Here are your call details:
Title: The Next Waves of Energies & How They Affect HumanityTime: Wednesday, June 4th at 9:00pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific
To attend via webcast visit:

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“Nature of Reality Radio” Andrew Fisher

Nature of Reality Radio

Updated weekly, here are my shows on my show “Nature of Reality Radio” at (excluding the shows I do by myself):
23. Listen to my 2 interviews with Australian ET contactee and consciousness/metaphysics expert George Kavassilas at and where we discussed ET’s, consciousness, metaphysics, love, and pretty much anything that humanity would consider useful info.
22. I welcomed writer, musician, video producer, talk show host, and counselor Lenon Honor on my radio show. We discussed everyday situations and conflicts in life and how to cope with and overcome them from a mostly spiritual perspective:
21. Elizabeth Mulligan (aka Elizabeth Diamond) is a radio show host with great knowledge and wisdom about spirituality, metaphysics, and consciousness. Listen to my interview with her at
20. My interview with Andrew Basiago at exposes how the government is using time travel and a secret Mars space program to further it’s agenda.
19. Government is hiding UFO and alien secrets. Learn the facts at my interview with UFO/ET researcher Bill Birnes at
18. In my interview with Atlantis researcher Frank Joseph Hoff at we open up a whole new can of worms in regards to what Atlantis/Lemuria was and what Atlantis/Lemuria wasn’t.
17. Joe Marra is a hypnotherapist, Reiki master, intuitive healer, and spiritual counselor with great knowledge of metaphysics and consciousness. Listen to my interview with him at
16. Check out my interview with Sanskrit researcher and mainstream archaeology debunker Michael Cremo at to learn all about how our past is a fraud in so many ways.
15. Learn all about different types of crop circle theories, different types of ET races, and different types of therapies in my interview with researcher Barbara Lamb at
14. If you wanna expand your consciousness, then stay the hell away from vaccines! Learn why this is the case in my interview with vaccine expert and “The Greater Good” producer Leslie Manookian at
13. You ET researchers and fans will love my interview with ancient astronaut theorist Jason Martell at
Also check out my 1 hour special interview with Jason and his colleague Amish Shah about new discoveries in India at
12. If you want to expand your consciousness and keep your freedom, I suggest keeping professional sports out of your life. Find out why in my interview with Brian Tuohy, a sports rigging expert and author of “THE FIX IS IN: The Showbiz Manipulations of the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and NASCAR”:
11. If you want to learn how to utilize due process to your advantage when navigating through this tyranny-filled matrix on planet Earth, then check out my interview with Rule of Law Radio co-host Randy Kelton at where we discuss flaws in the legal system (and foreclosure system) and how to deal with it.
10. In my interview with Franco DeNicola, who is a unified soul who can remember most of his past lives, we discuss many things about metaphysics, spirituality, and consciousness. The most eye-opening part of the interview involves the stuff pertaining to the next couple years where humanity is due for a major consciousness shift where we will all attain more freedom and spiritual understanding by late 2017. Check it out at
9. Larry Buzzell is a fisherman with a spiritual side and is known for his work with Sovereign Media. He may not have a recognizable name to many, but his knowledge of consciousness and metaphysics is quite impressive. Check out my interview with him at
8. Check out my interview with former sheriff’s deputy and Rule of Law Radio show host Eddie Craig at where we discuss how the system of law in this matrix makes life a pain in the butt and is designed to screw us over.
7. Wanna get some inside scoop on communication with aliens and animals, mysticism, and the state of the human race in the past, present, and future? Then check out my interview with spirituality expert Marcia Schafer (wife of NASA whistleblower Bob Dean) at
6. My interview with Alfred Webre of ExopoliticsTV at has gone viral, and for good reason: THE INFO IS CRITICAL (especially the first hour which might be the best source for Fukushima facts out there.)
5. My interview with Jim Dellicolli is up at
and what a strange coincidence that the power went out for a microsecond literally 1 minute before the show was to air and then went out again right before I could call in. Illuminati sabotage, maybe? Anyway, it was a great interview as we went really deep into what astrology is about.
4. My interview with Dwight Eisenhower’s great granddaughter Laura and her lover Dr. Dream at should expand your consciousness a bit more.
3. Wanna learn more about reiki healing, earth energies, dowsing, and holistics, then check out my interview with Adrian Incledon-Webber at where we expose how this stuff is NOT pseudoscience.
2. You UFO/ET fans will love my interview with UFO/ET researcher and nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman at
1. Here is my interview with psychic, tarot reader, astrologer, and past life regressionist Shawn Margaret Cohen where we explain how psychic and spiritual powers are totally for real:


Just REcorded !! Awakening Happening !! DIAMONDS FOREVER 31 Show, Saturday JUNE 7,2014: Guest The Think Tinkers* click on link for details.

Our Focused Intention

Our Intention is to expand our awareness, and elevate our consciousness every day!  We share our thoughts and experiences with others, and open ourselves to new horizons.  What works for us may not work for you... Follow your intuition it will never guide you wrong. We know that the world can become a better place if each of us works on accelerating our Consciousness, and sponsoring our own creative thoughts and actions.  We honor the exploration of self and know that Spirituality & Science are one and the same and by promoting thought provoking information, we assist each other in expanding and growing... We are only sharing our own experience... Everyone must walk down their own path of self discovery do it with Joy!

Thoughts are Things...
Angeli Sosa

 DIAMONDS FOREVER 31 Show,  Saturday JUNE 7, 2014: Guest The Think Tinkers*  click on link for details.

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