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Saturday, January 4, 2014

DIAMOND FOREVER 31 SHOW TODAY, JANUARY 4 2014, COME JOIN us & SHINE!!! see details below. SPECIAL GUEST: Lee Lai Ping

DIAMOND FOREVER 31 SHOW TODAY, JANUARY 4 2014, COME JOIN us & SHINE!!! see details below.  SPECIAL GUEST: Lee Lai Ping

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Tonight, Kate of Gaia hosts an Open Forum in a "no holds barred" truth at all costs round table where all are welcome, all are equal where the table belongs to one and all..We discuss the allegorical spiritual nature of this... more

Friday, January 3, 2014

DNA VERY IMPORTANT***WE ARE THE DIAMONDS!!!!***GLORY!!! Blessings of Love, Peace, and Joy turning to Bliss!!! Diamonds Forever Show Tomorrow!! 1pm central. go to Blog for call Details. elizabeth Diamond

About 57,100 results
  1. 2012 Dna Changes - Secrets of Carbon 7

    Upcoming change within the human DNA is a guarantee. Whether it happens from neutrinos that are emitted by the sun, by some ...

The following 3 posts by Guthrie, are all very related to each other, so I'll post them in one block here. 

Guthrie discusses what David Wilcock, Dan Winter and so many other researchers have discovered, that DNA and its manifold emergences in the Universe are much more interconnected to our physical reality, gravity, and how our starry sky is held in balance. If you have never heard of Dan Winter and his research into Galactic History, and the Role of DNA, your in for a real treat because I find it some of the most fascinating correlative research; research that ties in multiple seemingly unrelated data points, into a cohesive dialog.  

When you begin to start your life as a truth seeker, and depending on how passionately you seek new data, you'll begin to see a framework for DNA, and our selves being laid out. Our would-be masters have long kept hidden from us our true history, and just how we interconnect to our mutual reality.  The following outlines well just how much data there is to support the notion that DNA is helping to stabilize our material creation via our spiritual and mindal BEing's and DOing's. 

See the post DNA and Gold (Key to Immortality?) If Human Energy Backs All Currency, Why Are They Hoarding Gold? for Dan Winters complete video on Galactic History and related evidence found. 

See the post Keys to Living - Positive and Negative Knowledge: Fearlessness, Self Mastery and Healing the body for Bruce Lipton's complete video on Biology of Belief and how this connects with the 2 types of manifestation.
- Justin

Source - Humanity InCorpOrate


I began reading "Experience and Nature" (John Dewey) this evening and came to a section that I felt needed to be expended upon, the conscious prioritization of experience.

I will begin with an introduction to the idea of Experiential and Natural entwinement. For many years we have, from a scientific and cultural standpoint, regarded our experience as trivial and separate in relation to the natural world, or as we have called it the "Objective" world. With the scientific data we have now to support that everything, down to our once thought to be "confined" and "interpersonal" emotions has a physical force or "Object" associated with it we are obligated as a global scientific culture to review our paradigms. For example, I will reference the "Emoto Water Experiments", in which Masaru Emoto had a variety of subjects interact with water as it crystallized with various intentions or emotions in mind. When the emotion applied was "loving" the water crystallized into very rigid, cohesive patterns. When "Hate" or rejection was applied, the structure was considerably more nebulous. This exemplifies the fact that the emotions that we have hold charge and thus that our "experience" does have repercussions in the "objective" world.

Now we must consider how emotions are built and refined. Emotions, initially, are built by basic stimulus, response. We experience an object and react without distillation, though on a fundamental level we are storing this experience in a "database" that we will draw from to form more refined emotional responses in the future. Through your initial experiences in the world you build a new aspect to your emotions, the filtration process. Once you have built your initial database of experience you begin to filter "new" experiences through the previous experiences that you have. This is the fundamental organization principle of the mind in action. Your brain takes an object that may be entirely new to your perspective and filters it through previous experience with like objects to form a comprehensive idea of what the object is in relation to the self.

In his book "Experience and Nature", John Dewey states that "It is not the experience that is being experienced, rather the object in focus." I would like to add another aspect to this statement. You are both experiencing your experience and experiencing the object in question. When you are intaking sensory data about an object you are filtering it through prior experiences in order to form a reference point for perception. Thus, you are factoring in and "experiencing" your previous experience while you are intaking the new data and forming a more complete understanding of the items significance to you. You are experiencing at all times, yourself. What are we more (perceptually) than a compilation of our experience? Think of this process like cognitive tessellation. You see an object initially and then in order to understand it in relation to the self you break it into multiple pieces that eventually through filtration accumulate the image again with your distinct "color" to it.

YOU and I

I was pacing around the pavement in front of my house a moment ago, in a thick plume of smoke and thought. I was running through a sequence of thoughts and came to a song that I remembered hearing during my prior occupation at the "Taco Bus", Ellie Goulding's "I need your Love". The lyric that was looping in my head was "I need your time". I thought about this for a moment and reviewed my recent experience with externalizing internal needs. Everything that you are externally is a reflection of an internal state, when she says "I need your time" what is really being said is I need MY time. She is seeking gratification in external validation, seeking to be fulfilled internally by an external phenomena.

As I see it the universe comes down (experientially) to a sequence of "You's" and 'I's" (hey yous guys...) Let's define quickly. You is representative of the external, "objective" world. I is representative of the internal, "subjective" world. In this system, for every you there is an I. For example, Lets say that you are interacting with a rock. The "I" experience would be how you choose to filter the data in order to lift the rock, linking all of the necessary points of experience to effectively experience the item within your sphere of understanding. The "You" experience (relative to this "I") would be the external effects of lifting this rock, the readjustment of sediment beneath to reform a structural equilibrium, the alternation in magnetic flux of the item in question, it's reconfiguration of self due to it's change in environment, e.t.c.

This "I" and "You" standard can be applied anywhere, even in inverse of the previous interaction. The rock in said situation also has a state of awareness, not HUMAN awareness but awareness none the less. As the rock exists it is constantly evolving, constantly changing from the base electro-magnetic level upwards to attenuate itself to the environment and thus the environment to itself.

I will now expand on this "co-evolution" principle of both the environment and the object evolving to attenuate to the needs of one another. Let's continue with the rock example, I think it works well due to unanimous consent that ROCKS ARE NOT CONSCIOUS, though through further review we can safely state that they are. The rock begins as sediment, individualized granules of matter and over time is compressed through natural forces to form rock. As this is occurring the external environment attenuates itself to the presence of the rock, life that was once rich during it's sedimentary stages moves away from the hardening rock formation. This creates an environment in which the sediment can harden much more freely to form a solid base for further sediment and life to develop upon. In this model you see the sediment bonding with itself to more sustainably suit the environmental conditions and the environment following suit to expedite the process of evolution on both sides of the spectrum. Both the object and it's environment change to suit the higher needs of one another.

We also see this very readily in the interactions of humans with their environment. The book "Botany of Desire" (Michael Pollan) does an excellent job exemplifying this phenomena of co-evolution. In his book he discusses the Apple, the Potato, the Tulip and Cannabis. In each exchange between humans and these plants both evolved (and continue to) considerably. The apple for example began as a rather bitter fruit, more resemblant of todays "Crab Apples", however, over years and years of interaction with humans it developed more appealing flavors to suit the need of it's consumer, us. When we began to see apples as an agricultural commodity we began to plant them EVERYWHERE. The crops with the least sapid flavor would be scrapped for fermentation or fertilization and the more desirable of the harvest would be jarred and eaten. Over time the trees acclimated to their new role and began producing a more tasteful product, this in turn provided us with an incredibly healthy dietary supplement and an abundant supply of it, this allows us comfortability in one region for an extended period and assists in the gestation of the mind or as we so enjoy calling it "domestication".

In conclusion, as you are evolving to fit your environment, your environment in turn is evolving to fit you. Everything is a sequence of You's and I's and for every You there is and must be and I.

If you would like to add any information I would be honored to hear it.


Initially a star system begins as a cloud of dust and debris gravitating towards a central point of gravity. Initially this debris would have been photons, or photonic in nature and through decrease in speed changed its orientation to fit the state of the space. As photonic material cools it will express itself as different "elements" that then through fusion and fission have come to be everything we see today. As has been posited in discourses by Dan Winter that light\photons accrete readily to DNA when provided with an environment for observation. That is not to say that this phenomena only occurs when isolated, quite the contrary, I am positing that perhaps DNA is what provides the conditions for gravity and this particulate accretions. Let us say that there is a "quantum" dna that exists within the universe, accreting photons and facilitating speed or frequency flux to in turn allow for "creation" or displays of self organization and evolution occur.

The DNA of the universe in my perspective can be expressed comprehensively as a "standing wave", or the undisturbed, idiosyncratic waveform representation of a space. The standing wave, then in essence contains all information about a space(confined unit of expression). Let us now say that the universe has a standing wave. The waveform that contains all of the information or all the activated potentials of a space, of its (the universal) space. As we see in DNA, different strands represent different expressions for behavior, working together in any number of combinations to activate response to an environment. Let us now look at galaxies, solar systems, planets even as expressions or individual "strands" in the DNA. The strands exist, physically, in quantized relationships from one another, but function as a whole to stimulate growth within the unified, universal self.

The cooled photonic material begins to gravitate towards the "nucleus" of the soon to be sun. The particulates begin to collide and heat creating higher speed motion of the components. Eventually this matter becomes too hot for themselves (baby) and the outer layers surrounding the central mass of this expand outwards due to the changing chemical composition of the particulates. The inner sphere contracts/implodes and forms a "black hole" to use readily accepted terminology. This "black hole" will now represent the center of gravity in this newly forming solar system. In higher what are referred to as "bliss states" of consciousness by Dan Winter, DNA is observed to inbraid and implode into itself, significantly resembling a black hole. If, Dan winters postulation about DNA being the primary component in matter building is indeed correct, this similarity will not be as arbitrary as it may seem.

Let us, perhaps, suspend our disbelief and assume that what caused the initial and continuing accretion of photons into what we view as matter was DNA of a quantum/universal level. We can apply this to our immediate experience on earth. Does not all "life" as we label it, base upon various and sundry configurations of DNA? Our bodies can be looked at simply as accretions of particulates surrounding and responsive to DNA. DNA seems to facilitate and expedite self organization.

Now that we have laid the basic groundwork I would like to expand on how I view the universe developing. Initially there was the "word". The WORD can be and is readily equatable to the vibratory foundation of our Uni-verse (one WORD). Let us apply the idea of the universal "standing wave". A standing wave in 3 dimensions of space looks exactly like dna.

Look at the 4th overtone for
reference to our double helix.

Now, look at the first harmonic, or the fundamental tone. Reasonably, every other derivation of this can be contained in this space. To provide an associatable example; If you were to record yourself standing in one space and moving your body in every possible way that you could from that point, then were to overlay each frame upon the next. You would see a dense ball of skin toned matter, you would look static. However, you are anything but. You are meeting every point of potential expression and to the observer SEEM to be static. This is how I view the "Standing wave" of the universe.

From this point we can move into how DNA expresses itself. Fundamentally, DNA is set in motion due to changes in the environment. When environmental signals change, the DNA moves to express itself to attenuate itself behaviorally to the new space. Let us look at this on a microcosmic level, the individualized cell. Firstly we must dispell the age old fallacy that Genes are the "brain" of the cell. The gene sequence or DNA in the nucleus of the cell contains "blueprints" for protein development and replenishment. When the nucleus of a cell is extracted the cell continues to function efficiently until the proteins eventually die and are in need of duplication in order to allow the cell to continue to function. As our current topic is DNA, I will bypass the complete anatomy of human cells but Bruce Lipton (Biology of Belief) does a wonderful series of seminars about the topic. Let us zoom our focus into the DNA. My understanding is that when an environmental signal is being experienced by the cell the dna produces the protein spectrum needed in order for the cell to conduct itself to accommodate to it's new environment in an equalized fashion. This would entail goal oriented self organization even on a most microcosmic of levels.

Let us now zoom out into our solar system. As stated before the previously photonic dust and matter accumulate into a star and continue to heat and accelerate until the threshold of expression is met and then expand outwardly and inwardly contract. This forms a new, strengthened center of mass in the space for the newly flung particulates to gravitate towards. These eventually accrete once more and expand again planets form, cycle repeat. There is a much more detailed explanation of this process done by Bruce Peret, in which he delves into KVK Nehru and Dewey Larsons "Reciprocal Theory of Matter". I am simply exemplifying another system displaying the goal oriented self organization on a larger scale.

I would now like to readdress how this "Quantum DNA" functions in theory. So, as stated before the dna produces protiens to respond according to environmental signals. In order for action to occur within the cell (or what can be equated to the universe in this diagram) there must be an ENVIRONMENT for it to interact with. I think instead of jumping to conclusion like "there are multiple universes!" or "We're Just a single cell in a greater cosmic being!" we should address how this would work consciously. Instead of another environment surrounding us, which would produce quite the quandry for everything that we hold dear, let us imagine the "Quantum DNA" being responsive to IDEAS.
The Universal DNA being reactive to ideas would make quite a bit of sense especially when tied in with the trinity aspect. The Father, the Idea, the thought. The mother, the matter, the filtration of the idea. The Son, the action, dynamic creation of the Bi-Aspect combination. If the "Quantum DNA" responds to Ideas like cells do "physical environments", it would obviously continue to display goal oriented self organization to fit the Idea at hand.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Area 51 Hides Advanced Symbiotic Technology

Area 51 Hides Advanced Symbiotic Technology [video]

UFOTV Presents… – David Adair at Area 51 – Advanced Symbiotic Technology

2014: Year of the Green Horse


2014: Year of the Green Horse   

January, 2014Putney Mountain, Vermont
As the Year of the Snake culminates a year of shedding, there's a lot of rawness and bruises in the air. The task ending in 2013 is the job of releasing everything that no longer serves the new you that's been struggling to emerge from the skin of the past. January is the final month of the Snake when whatever you've needed to release that you haven't yet, will be exacerbated until you do.

On the final day of January the Green Horse takes over from the Snake, and in oriental thought green is the element of wood, which means structure is an issue this year. Numerologically 2014 is a 7 year, a year of Testing, therefore the Green Horse is likely to test your life structures and draw your attention to any gap that exists between the vast fertile fields of your creative imagination and the life you're living.

The Horse is the most passionate animal, with two main drives:
  1. The drive for freedom
  2. The drive to claim the object of your passion.
By Nisachar
The 2014 Green Horse Year will light up your passion (including its obstacles, which the Horse takes as hurdles on a track), and put you through your paces to test the structural limits of your dreams and realities. Where dream meets reality here and now, as well as further down the track, that's what a Green Horse sets its sights on.
The Horse is a fiery creature, headstrong and yet sensitive, ultra-relational, yet ultra-free, and this year tests you to learn how both sides of you can feed rather than destroy each other. Where personal freedom enhances relationship you'll be given a horse's go-ahead to speed down the track. Where personal freedom conflicts with relationship you've got some buckling down and cleaning up to do.
Horses are also extremely psychic in a way that links them with the main players of their life. The ongoing psychic conversations you maintain with those you bond with are another source of stimulation and transformation this year, because we all engage in these silent dialogs, that have much more effect on the way things go than we normally realize. As you use the Horse's psychic sensitivity to clarify your inner dialogs, you can clear the underlying root of relationship tangles, and lead yourself and others to open territory. Where the underlying dialogs are unclear you've got some work to do. The more you clear the channel of communication between you and yourself, the more you learn the truth of your underlying statements to others.
When a Horse bonds with someone in a primal physical way, he or she becomes elated to have finally found someone to run with. If the link between both of you is spiritual as well as physical, and is supported by the mystical union of all things, this year your relationship will go the distance, leaping hurdles into a promised land where dreams come true. But where your love is unsupported by a greater good you'll have to slow that gallop to a trot, and get sober.
The same urge the Horse has to run with others makes it hard to settle down into deeper sustaining rhythms that give life structure and meaning, and so a Horse Year is likely to create unsettlement and panic regarding safety, security and stability, and how they relate to passion and freedom. The sheer ardor and driving lust often upends the mature Horse's need to settle down and stabilize all those bright young dreams. But that lust can be expanded to a lust for life, a yearning urge to free so many parts of our stuck existence, and plenty of desire will be on hand for that this year.
In 2014 we're being taken for quite a ride by the Green Horse's need to stretch far and wide into the fullest life territory you can rightfully claim as your own. This means issues of boundaries, borders and broad expanses will come up repeatedly, to challenge your ability to run free as well as settle down. How do borders and boundaries combine with freedom and dreams? That's what we must explore in the coming year. Like humans the Horse is a contradictory animal, and must learn to steer a course that is seldom straight and narrow, but more often runs on paradox. Until you gain inner spiritual strength from wrestling with this paradox, you're likely to remain driven by false riders who dig their spurs into your ribs and take you places you don't really need to go.
woman with earth
From Spiralmuse
The gates of your 2014 gallop will get thrown open to passion, desire, mischief , contradiction and rebellion, as you wrestle with freedom versus passion, bridling at the irony of yourself and others. The test at hand in this 7 Year is to draw you into challenges than can teach you if your rebelliousness has deeper motivation and service in it, rather than just acting out to gain attention.

2014 Sun Signs
This already-headstrong sign is even more so in the Year of the Horse. Just remember the person who's most standing in your way is you from a past life that you haven't yet resolved. Until you do you'll keep recreating some new version of a stuck old story.
A bull and a Horse, both barnyard animals, can be each other's allies. Some creative invention is being invited to come out of you, so that you can run free in that new field and grant yourself eternal innocence, which is your great hidden strength.
Both Gemini and the Horse crave freedom and yearn to bring on the bright future, and clear away false visions of our times. You're given the go-ahead to innovate this year, and open clear paths forward for yourself and others. Sometimes everyone is waiting for you to take the first step and open the gate.
Cancer tends to get stuck in habitual thought patterns, and the Year of the Horse is the time to creatively push yourself to determine whether the thought forms you've been carrying are actual realities of the way things are, or obsolete baggage you must let go of.
Leo's great danger is playing to the crowd and getting caught in a superficial version of identity, rather than taking the hard path by digging down into your deeper core identity. In the Year of the Horse it's time to dig down deep and find out what makes you you.
Both Virgo and the Year of the Horse are about structure, so this year you enter the Crafts Shop of life to restructure what you're doing. A new approach may be necessary to master this art of life, or else a refinement of your previous approach. Your particular irony is that both life and you are already elegantly suited for each other, even at the times it least seems so.
Libra and the Horse crave setting self and other free - it's the deepest passion of both, so this year Libra must face anything in the way of true freedom, and grow stronger and clearer in the process. As usual, this path demands striking a balance between trusting and honoring yourself and others.
There's residual leftover from last year's Year of the Snake, which Scorpio resonates with more than this year - it's hard to imagine a scorpion befriending a horse! this means remember to clean up your past karma before you follow the equine call to freedom, and don't bypass old relationship patterns that contain the seeds of rebirth in the spring.
Since a centaur is part horse, the part of you that relishes life as an adventure journey and ongoing vision quest means don't take ambition so seriously this year that your ego gets stuck there, but recognize the open-ended quality of life as a beautiful endless ride with stages of development along the way.
The headstrong nature of both goat and horse means watch for debates and disputes this year, and remember that you're so much more deep and magical than any ego-conundrums you get caught in. Goat magic is the place where nitty-gritty passion and desire radiate strongly enough to bring dreams down to earth.
The time of Aquarius is at hand, where it has to become basic daily truth that everybody on the planet is all one. This is not just a leftover acid dream from the 1960s, but something you must act on this year by seeking out your fellow tribes and councils to put head and heart together and create structures to express that oneness.
This year you'll bridle at family issues that have gotten confining - open your heart in compassion so you can be of true service not just to everyone else but to yourself as well. It's either time to cut yourself loose from the family or take them all with you into that deeper zone you've been poised waiting on the edge of.
    Who Are You Really?  What Are You Here for?  
        How Much Longer Are You Going to Wait?
                                      *           *            *
Mark Borax is a master Soul Level Astrologer and bestselling author who lives in Vermont and writes the monthly Cosmic Weather Report email newsletter. He offers readings over the telephone and in-person, and classes that catalyze individual evolution.

Benjamin Fulford December 31, 2013 For the Zionists, 2013 was like 1944 was to the Nazis

Tuesday, December 31, 2013
Benjamin Fulford December 31, 2013 For the Zionists, 2013 was like 1944 was to the Nazis

Looking back at the events of 2013, it is clear the fascist Zionist forces have been severely battered and purged. If we continue on the offensive, the human species can be finally freed from their murderous slavery in 2014.
The year 2012 ended and the year 2013 started with a purge of Nazi/Zionist elements in the US military. The Bush/Nazi/Zionist faction in the military had been planning to sink 3 US aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf, blame it on Iran and start World War III, according to multiple sources. Instead fascists like David Petraeus, Rear Admiral Charles Gauoette and General Carter Ham were removed as part of a purge of over 200 senior US military officers. The CIA , NSA and other alphabet agencies experienced similar purges of Zionist agents. Fascists like Michael Hayden, Paul Wolfowitz, Michael Chertoff and all the other main architects of the 911, 2001 fascist coup d’etat in the US have now been removed from power.
Also, we can confirm from government sources in Washington that underground bunkers the elite had prepared to hide in during their planned World War III have either been seized or destroyed.
Then in Rome in February and March, Nazi Pope Maledict was told to either resign or be killed, paving the way for the genuine Christian Pope Francis to start cleaning up the Catholic Church. Francis has now removed Vatican secret power broker Cardinal Tarcision Bertone, paving the way for
the Vatican bank and the Catholic Church to refocus their energies from creating a fascist world government to helping the poor and the weak.
After these purges, the fascists tried a counter-attack with a big push to start World War III in Syria. The push included an Israeli nuclear attack on Syria, an attempt to frame the Syrian government with a Sarin gas attack and a hysterical Zionist war mongering media campaign. The Pentagon and Russia put a stop to that, with them threatening at one point to declare war on France to prevent an attack on Syria.
Then in Egypt, the Nazi Muslim Brotherhood government, empowerd through fraud, was removed by the military, backed by Egyptian public opinion. A fascist plot to create an oil crisis by closing the Suez Canal was thus prevented.
The Zionist plot to start World War III in the Middle East was dealt another massive blow when the United States Government decided to make friends with Iran. For over 30 years the Zionist media has been hysterically screaming “we must attack Iran because they will have nuclear weapons within a few weeks” Now, this mind numbing charade has been ended.
Instead Iranian and US forces are now working together to fight Zionist/Salafist terrorists in Iraq and elsewhere, according to Mossad linked site DEBKA.
In Asia as well, the fascists and their allies have experienced many defeats. The network of Chinese allies built by George Bush Sr. and his brother Prescott, created with illegal transfers of US military technology and bribes of Iraqi oil, is being quietly dismantled by Xi Jinping and his colleagues.
In North Korea too, the network that helped the fascists with their 311 nuclear and tsunami terror attack against Japan has been purged following the execution of North Korean number 2 power broker Jang Song Thaek and the removal of his allies.
The cabal is also reeling in their European stronghold.
In the UK, the British Parliament forced cabal poodle David Cameron to stop his planned attack on Syria. This is part of an overall move in the UK to fight back against handing over British sovereignty to the unelected fascist EU regime. That counter-attack with continue in 2014.
In France, the regime of Francois Hollande continues to be a fascist cabal stronghold doing things like stealing gold from Mali to help the banksters and trying to prop up the Saudi absolutist slave regime. However, there are signs of civil war in France aimed at removing the Zionists there (in French):
In Germany, the Merkel regime, while still pushing for greater Germany and EU unity, has also consistently avoided war mongering in the Middle East or elsewhere. Germany is also moving closer to Russia and further from France.
The recent EU attempt to take over the Ukraine failed this year and instead Putin is now on the offensive in Eastern Europe, offering oil and gas in exchange for partnership. With the failure of the attempt to take over Syria by the fascist Saudis and their Zionist allies, and with the installation of a pro-Russian regime in Egypt, Russia in 2013 became undeniably the chief power broker in the Middle East. That means Russia is now in a position to take over the battered but still almighty petrodollar.
However, there is still a lot to be done before the fascist Zionists are permanently removed from power.
Most notably, their agents Mario Draghi, Janet Yellen and Haruhiko Kuroda still sit illegally perched atop the Euro, US Dollar and Yen debt slavery system. Their slave politicians thus remain in power in Washington, Tokyo, London, France and Israel.
Also, in Japan the Zionist Council of Foreign Relations was able to stage a rigged election and install low IQ, Zionist warmongering slave Shinzo Abe into power as dictator in Japan. Abe continues to hand over Japanese wealth to his Zionists masters and follows their instructions to provoke Japan’s Asian neighbours. For example, by refusing to restart Japan’s nuclear reactors he hands over $100 billion a day to the Zionist Nazis and thus allows them to stave off bankruptcy. Abe is also personally buying all sort of property around Tokyo with bribe money from his Zionist puppet masters. He needs to be removed.
Furthermore, the Zionists still sit atop most of the West’s major commercial media companies and are thus able to continue spewing out mind numbing propaganda. They are also still capable of carrying out both fake (Boston bombing) and real (last week’s bus bombings in Russia) terror attacks.
So, in 2014 we need to remove them from these last bastions of power and influence. One likely move to devastate them would be an attack on Saudi Arabia. Last August Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan told Vladimir Putin that “I can give you a guarantee to protect the Winter Olympics next year. The Chechen groups that threaten the security of the games are controlled by us.”.
Now that terrorist attacks have taken place in Russia with the bus bombings in Volvograd (formerly Stalingrad), Putin has the right under international law to attack Saudi Arabia. The Pentagon may join in that attack because it is now clear the Saudi regime worked hand in glove with the Bush Nazis to stage the 911 mass murder and terror attack in New York.
So, we can expect a take-down of that vile regime in 2014. This will remove the main remaining real (as opposed to fraudulent) source of money for the fascists.
The other thing that will be necessary to permanently finish off the fascists will be a move to normalize, tax and regulate the narcotic drug industry for the sake of human health and safety. Doing so will end a $2.5 trillion annual flow of money to criminal enterprises.
President Obama will also have to show he is the real deal by ending the death spiral of the US economy. He can do this easily by treating the current US dollar as a foreign currency and issuing US government money instead of Federal Reserve Board debt instruments.
This issue has been camouflaged by years with occultism, obscurantism, complex mathematics etc. but is actually very simple. As things stand now the family mafia that owns the Federal Reserve Board creates say $100 out of nothing and lends it to the government and the people. So, they give you a $100 and you pay back $110. Even at zero interest as we have in some places now, they give you $100 and you have to pay back $100.
With a government issued currency, they give you $100 and you keep it. End of story. Of course if the government goes haywire and issues too much money, you will get inflation. That is why if you want to spend money on beer or babes or other such things, you will have to work to earn it. However, government money can pay for things like public works, food stamps, education, health care and the military without the need for either taxes or debt.
The international US dollar payments system can continue independently of the United States if the other nations of the world, especially the BRICS nations, support it.
Finally, the wish for so many people of the world is to see the mass murderers who have acted with impunity all these years arrested, put in handcuffs and perp walked in front of the world’s TV cameras to let everybody understand the nightmare is finally over.
Also, in 2014 the introduction of new energy sources, live extension, life enhancement and other new wonders will continue to gain momentum. Future historians, looking back, will remember 2013 as the dawn of a new age for humanity and all the creatures of the planet.