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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Just Recorded:Connecting Live with Our Star Family, Energies Now Changing us to: Who We Really Are. Diamonds Forever 31 Show Sat April 11 2015; Emerging Into The Rainbow!! Learning Who We Really Are!! 2pm EST clik for how to attend.

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 Connecting Live with Our Star Family, Energies Now Changing us; Who We Really Are. The You tube will be up in 2 to 3 days.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Awakening Key #91

A larger version is available at

An mp3 recording for a 10 minute guided meditation, to be used with each new Awakening Key, is available from this Dropbox LINK or through this other LINK.

For more details and explanations about the purpose of these Awakening Keys and the use of this 10 minute audio file, please review what is archived in theAwakening Key #1

If need be, the unsubscribe info is there at the end.

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If you have received this material as a forward and would like to receive every day such a thought for meditative contemplation, you may subscribe through sending a blank email at

5D Energies Replay and Qi Gong Level 5!!! : Franco DeNicola & Sifu James Foo

If you missed last week's insight filled call
with Franco DeNicola you can now catch the
full replay at:

Part 1 is filled with insights to assist you
through your journey.
Part 2 is a powerful meditation to assit
you to come back to a more playful state.

Registration for Qi Gong Level 5 is now open!!
Full details are at:

Please mark the dates for the Summer
Retreat on your calendar. 
Registration will be opened soon!
Masterpiece Life Summer Retreat
with Franco DeNicola and Sifu James Foo
Date:  Friday, June 12, 2015 7pm to
Sunday, June 14, 2015, 4pm

Location: Kingbridge Centre, King City, ON'

Image result for picture of 5D energies

Citizen Hearing (Et Disclosure) Update: April 8 2015

The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure
A special message from CHD2, Reuben Langdon & Jeremy Corbell


As you may have heard, the CITIZEN HEARING played a significant role in the HUGE WIN for wounded Veteran John Burroughs.  

Burroughs heart was damaged by an "Officially Acknowledged" UFO encounter, while serving in the U.S. Military.  Due to the efforts spearheaded by Congressman Cook, Senator John McCain's office fought to secure the release of Burroughs military medical records, which in turn led to Burroughs finally receiving FULL medical disability for his injuries from his exposure to prolonged U.A.P. (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon) radiation.

Burroughs and his lawyer claim their victory represents the "U.S. government's de facto acknowledgement of the existence of UFOs."

This success represents justice that is long overdue for a wounded Veteran, and big news for the UFO community if indeed you agree this victory is a "de facto acknowledgement of the existence of UFOs".  We at CHD2 are honored to be a part of this historic moment!


Film Director, Jeremy Corbell, was featured on the OpenMinds Radio show with Alejandro Rojas.  You can listen to the broadcast HERE.

Additionally, as premiered in Corbell's 2015 UFO Congress presentation, you can now view BOTH of his recent short films!

Reuben Langdon
CHD2 Productions, LLC.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

***Breaking News** CRUZ: I am glad to welcome my friend Rand Paul into the 2016 GOP primary: Be sure to Listen what Rand Paul has to say video at bottom clik here

CRUZ: I am glad to welcome my friend Rand Paul into the 2016 GOP primary

HOUSTON, Texas — Today U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, released the following statement regarding the announcement that U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., will also seek the Republican nomination for President of the United States:
“I am glad to welcome my friend Rand Paul into the 2016 GOP primary. Rand is a good friend, and we have worked side by side on many issues. I respect his talent, his passion, and the work he has done for Kentuckians and Americans in the U.S. Senate. His entry into the race will no doubt raise the bar of competition, help make us all stronger, and ultimately ensure that the GOP nominee is equipped to beat Hillary Clinton and to take back the White House for Republicans in 2016.”
Watch my rally in Louisville live here >>>
Please SHARE!

Monday, April 6, 2015

A Galactic Meditation!! enjoy by elizabeth Diamond I Diamond YOU!! Diamonds Forever 31 Blessings of Love Peace and Joy Turning to Bliss!! to All you. Love elizabeth Diamond




A Global Financial Reset Is Coming: ‘A Deal Is Being Made Between All The Central Banks’

A Global Financial Reset Is Coming: ‘A Deal Is Being Made Between All The Central Banks’

There is an unprecedented reset coming to world financial markets and if you’ve been paying attention it’s impossible to ignore the signs. In fact mega-investment funds, governments and central banks have been secretly buying up and storing physical gold in anticipation of an event that will leave the U.S. dollar effectively worthless and governments around the world angling for a new global currency mechanism, according to mining executive Keith Neumeyer.
But before the reset can happen Neumeyer, who recently founded First Mining Financeand has partnered with billionaire alternative asset investors like Eric Sprott and Rick Rule, says that foreign creditors must first deleverage their U.S. dollar debt, a move that is happening right now and is evidenced by the recent strength of the U.S. dollar.
Once these U.S. debt holders unwind their positions, however, the dollar will be allowed to crash and we should prepare for a total financial, economic and monetary realignment.

(Watch the full interview at Future Money Trends)
With the central banks now buying gold… which is quite unique… we haven’t seen that  in our lifetimes… they’ve always been sellers of gold and now they’re buyers of gold… I think there will be a reset of the financial industry… 
I think China is being allowed to accumulate gold purposefully by the American government… I believe that the Chinese need to own at least the same amount as the U.S. owns before this reset occurs. I think that there’s some kind of deal that’s being made between all the central banks behind the scenes and that’s why you’re seeing governments accumulating the metal.
I do believe there will be some kind of new currency created with the backing… and it might not be a direct backing of the metal… but it’ll be some kind of blend of currency.. it could be through SDR’s… Special Drawing Rights… or some type of mechanism… I think that’s where we’re going.
And when that reset occurs I think gold will be left to rise… and I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see three…four… five thousand dollar gold over the next five years.
Because the price of gold has been suppressed to allow governments and central banks to accumulate it cheaply, Neumeyer sees opportunity in the mining industry and that’s why his latest mineral bank project is mimicking their actions and buying up physical mining assets around the world.
And though Western mainstream media pundits argue that the recent strength of the U.S. stock market and the U.S. dollar are proof positive that an economic recovery has taken hold, Neumeyer says exactly the opposite is happening.
The reason for the recent rise in the value of the world’s reserve currency, he suggests, is a result of the massive unwinding of U.S. debt as private investors and governments around the globe know a rush for the exits is coming soon:
The view on the strength of the dollar recently is the fact that it’s short-term. You’ve got so much U.S. debt out there and governments are now getting rid of their U.S. debt and converting all the debt to local debt… that’s causing a huge demand for dollars in order to make that conversion, so this whole dollar rally is basically a deleveraging against the U.S. dollar… you’re not seeing that story showing up anywhere in North America.
Once the world is deleveraged than the U.S. dollar… then basically the U.S. dollar will crash and that will be the beginning of this new reset.
Everything, of course, is very hush-hush but, as Neumeyer explains, most of the influential players involved know exactly what is going on and they are making their moves right now to ensure they survive the coming financial reset:
The gold accumulation that’s going on… this is gold that’s outside of the system… you don’t hear about it… these are big sovereign wealth funds, these are government funds, these are banks that are buying the physical metal… they are very intimately involved in the sector and they know what’s going on.

Definitely world governments and central banks around the world are unwinding their U.S. debt. They’re trying to bring their debt home and that’s causing the upside pressure on the dollar.
If Neumeyer is right, and all the signs suggest his assessment is fairly accurate, then the recent strength of the U.S. dollar will be short-lived. Once deleveraging by governments and central banks has been completed they will unleash an economic, financial and monetary storm that will change the very fabric of the global order.
The consequences are difficult to predict, but given that these entities have been buying up gold like their lives depended on it, the notion of an ounce of the precious metal being valued at $5,000 per ounce isn’t out of the question.
You can watch Keith Neumeyer’s full interview here. To learn more about theFirst Mining Finance Corp mineral bank project with billionaire contrarian investors Eric Sprott and Rick Rule, click here.

Author: Mac Slavo
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Date: April 5th, 2015