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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

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Two lunar events — a supermoon and a hunter's moon — will occur simultaneously this weekend, making for a particularly bright and beautiful night sky.

LoveHasWon Energy Update 10~17~16: Shifts and Changes October 17, 2016

Love Has Won h

By Dima T., 10/17/2016
Greetings Love Beings!
Dima T. First Contact Ground Crew Team
Coming out of the full moon for the next three days; Pace Yourself Humanity! Thanks for all the Brilliant Light Work done on the collective! Mother Of Creation was finally able to integrate within moments this morning at the eighteenth dimension which is a first. Love Has Won!
We also had a crewmember call us while out in the field on mission waking up in the unified field at a level 10 of Joy being visited by his star family.
The First Contact Ground Crew Team Crystal Children that were sent back into the world are being celebrated for perfect obedience.
Callers are finding the new Diamond Crystalline Grids So Powerful to tap into we are getting reports of them needing lots of rest after the sessions.
There is an upgrade on the Unified Field Bridge (Heart to Root Chakra) Ongoing All The Way till 11/11 ~ Completion. Rainbow Energies are being poured; this is Strengthening New Earth. 
Fractals were extremely sensitized by the full moon energies. Transmutations of “same ole Love energies” were successFULLl!
Mother Of Creation’s Full Moon Ceremony at the Mt. Shasta Head Waters based on The New Earth New Story Energies was performed on all our behalf.
Thank You To All Lovers, Givers and Beings Of The Highest Light Serving Love for the Benefit Of All Beings.
Love You All With My All
Message From Mother of All Creation

The Soldiers Are Reborn, The Cycle of Growth is Complete LoveHasWon Energy Update 10~17~16: Shifts and Changes

Full Moon in Aries ~ The Soldiers Are Reborn, The Cycle of Growth is Complete

By Sophie Gregoire, 10/16/2016
The Rising Needed An Army Of Reborn Soldiers.
As the Moon grows full and takes us out of sleep, it’s said that everything has shifted. 
If some old pains and images have appeared in you once again --- that’s because they were longing for a final release. They wanted to see the light of the day again and for the last time before you fully dismiss them in front of the Moon’s eyes.
What has been endured this year was all meant to be, as you shall see as life unfolds. We couldn’t be ready for what’s next if we had stayed in this state of dirt and surrounded by such grey entities or lower energies --- fear, lack of trust, lack of self-confidence, old beliefs. We needed to become stronger in order to see the good in our loved ones and the beauty of this adventurous life : the unfolding unknown.
The rising needed an army of reborn Soldiers – reborn from ashes – and here we are. 
As the Moon climbs the mountains of dreams and says « you have come full circle » we are called to play with the 3 following rhythms from now on: 
--- Some things, people and situations have come back up in our hearts in the past days to say a final goodbye. Those were old friends or attachments that the Lilith’s Black Moon had started to cut off from our beings but that were still lingering around energetically and prevented to really step forward.
Often these people and situations had been at the centre of the stage in the past 5, 7, 9 years. They now bow out of our lives gratefully. Let them go and say goodbye without resurrecting the pain and the guilt that has been healed, already. You and them were meant to be at that time but aren’t anymore.
Send them a last smile from your heart.
--- Some other relationships are being reborn anew: those people are meant to stay in our lives but the old ways of relating are dead and the bond must be worked on in the future in a different manner. Old weapons that were used and re-used to deal with the same issues won’t be ours anymore because we’ve accepted, forgiven, understood and seen life under a new light. 
These relationships shall be reborn soon with new technologies and higher vibrations because lower have been released. We’re mostly speaking here of Sacred Unions and Partnerships. Patience, please. More is to be revealed soon. These key players that have entered our lives more recently will be blossoming as 2016 ends and 2017 unfolds. 
Overall the relationships that we should water now are those that we have with the people that could be our allies for the erection of a happier and more purposeful world.
--- Dare to dream again, to act, do and create in accordance with your beliefs. Don’t start anything that « you should do » to « be like that or like them ». Be yourself and express your individuality. The role that you will perform in the world from now on is only yours and no one else’s. However don't run and hurry, don’t try to curb the flow or to control the events. You’re in the hands of something bigger which knows: just listen and follow the steps that your intuition shows you daily.
Yes, we have endured so much. That’s because no Queens and Kings can lead battles if they haven’t tested the hard way their own strengths and abilities. No Queens and no Kings could fight together if their bond hasn’t been tried out, over and over. No Queens and no Kings are able to lead Wars of Light if their own minds and ideas are in the haze, if their own ways are tiled with weeds, if they doubt their role & if they haven’t seen yet that they are of the Leaders’ blood.

We have endured so much. It’s time to be. 
Commentary from The First Contact Ground Crew 5dSpiritual Healing Team:
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We are a Donation based service for the Planetary Ascension. Thank you for showing your support and keeping our website and Love Energies moving forward! Thanks for supporting your family of light in their time of need to fulfill mission. We are Eternally Grateful!

Benjamin Fulford report for October 17 2016 Hillary Clinton goes into hiding as cabal takedown continues despite empty threats of nuclear war

World events are clearly heading to some sort of big turning point in the coming weeks as can be seen by many events in the news and in the secret world. What is going on is that two massive rival factions vying for control of world power are entering the final round of their titanic struggle to control the financial system and thus process of deciding what humanity does in the future.
The outcome looks certain to be the defeat of the Khazarian mafia cabal that has secretly controlled world power since at least 1913 and, in the West, probably for thousands of years.
In the news and in public we can see, for example, that US Democratic Party Presidential Candidate and senior Khazarian gangster Hillary Clinton has cancelled all public campaign appearances other than her scheduled debate (which may also be cancelled) with Republican Candidate Donald Trump.
Such a thing has never happened before in the history of US presidential elections and backs up claims by CIA sources the US elections will be cancelled.
However, it is clear the power struggle is still raging inside the United States with sources from one faction saying the election will be cancelled because one candidate (Hillary) will drop out. CIA sources connected to this faction still say the election will be cancelled, President Obama will resign and then Vice President Joe Biden will take over only to be quickly replaced by Hillary’s VP candidate Tim Kaine.
However, another senior CIA source says “they cannot cancel the election, if Hillary drops out, the Democrats will just have to find another candidate to run against Donald Trump. Trump will win and he is going to start mass arrests and nobody is going to stop that.”
These two factions each have different views of what the new financial system will look like. On this subject, this writer was finally able to get in touch with Neil Keenan. It turns out some third party hijacked Keenan or this writer’s Skype account and pretended to be Keenan. The only person who could do this would be Skype owner Bill Gates. Message to Bill Gates: surrender or die. Keenan says he was poisoned again but has recovered. He says his sources in the Vatican P2 lodge, as do my sources there, say as a base for the new financial system the P2 favours…