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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Benjamin Fulford Report September 26 2016: Benjamin Speaking Engadgement

Banner Birth of a Republic Happy

Birth of a Republic: Investing in our Future

October 15-16, 2016
Downtown Montréal
Exact venue to be confirmed on Oct. 1st

Tickets in pre-sale until Sept. 30 at CAN $100/day
$125/day after Sept. 30.

Go to the Payment page here >>>

Special guests:
Benjamin Fulford – For the first time in North America!
Irene Maus-Gravenorst – Squamish Sovereign Government of Vancouver
And many other patriots from Canada and the United-States to be confirmed on Oct. 1st.

Download the Program here >>>

What is Meritocracy Quebec?

Meritocracy Quebec is the platform for the launch of the Republic of Quebec and the abolition of political parties.
Meritocracy elects competent humans to manage the government. If they do not do the job which they were chosen for, they are replaced but not at the next election in 4 years.
Direct representation is the obliged alternative and antidote to the puppets waltz in a false debate of political clowns who are serving the same interests in secret. Democracy is just a fascist corpocracy installed to control the population and keep it in a state of perpetual slavery while giving us the illusion of choosing between a few puppets.
When the inconscience and insouciance of the population become a threat for the respect of unalienable rights and the survival of the entire society, the time has come for the small number to take action.
And unfortunately for Quebec an its population, we are the neighbors of the most corrupt, degenerate, evil and infiltrated country in existence. The satanic politicians of the U.S Congress are about to be arrested and the Federal Reserve Bank will be frozen in a few months. So it is about time to wake up in Quebec and launch the Republic by joining the BRICS Alliance (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) and 180 Nations which are starting the People’s Bank to liberate us from the banksters grip.
The people of Quebec have been contaminated by creatures who are controlling the medias, the education system (indoctrination), the government and the business field infiltrated by secret societies, the hijackers of the banksters and big toxic and murderous industries. But we have reached a critical point where the mountain of lies and manipulations has become too evident to be ignored, and too unacceptable to be tolerated any longer. And the reality of the rest of the World is going to catch up with us since the BRICS Alliance will restore the Republic in the USA in a few months and proceed to the Global Currency Reset or GCR which will eliminate the value disparities of the products and services of each country.
A Nation and its people can’t be sovereign if they are at the mercy of private banks which are enslaving us with taxes and interests. However, no political party in Quebec are presenting the true solutions to get rid of the debt problem and creation of money that bring more cuts to public services year after year while the population is paying more than $30 Billion per year of interests alone on a debt that is impossible to reimburse -- but that should  not even exist!
It is the online Referendum on Health in November 2016 which will officially establish the Republic of Quebec to allow the population to take its destiny in charge
To know about the reasons to launch the Republic of Quebec and join the BRICS Alliance and 180 Nations – Click here for a list of articles and hard-hitting videos on what is hidden from you by Radio-Canada and all North American mass media networks regarding the changes that will be announced before the end of 2016.
Major investments will be made on the 6 main projects below in order to position Quebec in the BRICS Alliance and apply their model in the new Republic.
National priorities:
1- People’s Bank

2- Citizen's minimum income

Wellness Care System that offers the best alternatives, holistic and natural therapies for sick children or disabled and for the entire population:

> Creation of 1 000 clinics in every Quebec's city – $1 Billion and 25 000 jobs
> See more on
Converting hospitals to the new holistic health care model – $5 Billion

4- Local Organic Agriculture in greenhouses located in every city and town to ensure Quebec‘s food self-sufficiency
Installation of 1 000 aquaponic greenhouses – $1 Billion

5- Installation of Free Energy generators inspired by Nikola Tesla’s discoveries
5,000 units of 1 MegaWatt – $5 Billion

6- TrensQuebec Monorail  for Greater Quebec City + highways 20 and 40 between Quebec and Montreal – $5 Billion
Invitation to the Birth of a Republic Conference in September 2016 in Montreal – Click here (more to come).
A call is sent to all politicians, Government employees, lawyers, notaries, judges, military personnel, policemen, firefighters, doctors, chiropractors, nurses and ambulance personnel who have a sincere intention of serving the population: Join Meritocracy Quebec to participate in the Republic lift-off and be on the right side of the line for this historic event!
Become a member
Join a Committee
How does the voting system works?
Submit a project
Submit your CV for a job
Join the mailing list
Contact us to get involved:


Candace's Cataract Surgery Nov 4

Candace (Carroll) Turner is my name, but my friends call me "Candy"! My brother, Steffan, & I inherited bad eyesight and after decades of wearing contacts, now that we are grandparents he had Cataract Surgery in his early fifthties but now it is my turn. The reknowned Dr. Francis Jansen of the Missouri Eye Institute in Springfield, Mo., tells me that both of my eyes are severely clouded and qualify for some insurance help with my two separate surgeries. His $4,000+ fee will be taken care of by my insurance but the bills at South Cox Hospital will be mostly my responsibility. These will come to over $12,000! Plus the cost of over ten trips to Springfield which is over an hour from my home at Sarcoxie, Mo.

I am a retired school teacher, as was my husband when he passed in 2010. He was also President of the Lions' Club and we helped many children with eye problems. But I stayed home and raised our 4 children (Holly, J, Amber & Foster) so didn't build up a large social security account for many years. As a widow, I enjoy my 4 grandchildren, my vegetable garden, and renting out my guestroom to occasional airbnb world travelers.

I haven't been able to see well for many, many months. Because of my severe Astigmatism I don't qualify for the more expensive Superior Multifocal IOL for Presbyopia Correction which is over $2,000 extra per eye and is not covered by insurance at all. (I have learned more than I ever wanted to know in recent weeks about Eyes and their diseases. I might have taken more Vitamin A & Eye Bright Herb years ago if I had known. Check it out.)

My daughter, Holly, is a social worker and has arranged to take off work for six of the days that I need help in driving to Springfield. I am the oldest surviving member of my family and the younger ones are not in a position to help me with these expenses. My husband, Les, died unexpectedly and didn't have life insurance or a buriel plan. My expenses have maxed out my credit cards and savings. Therefore, any and all help from my friends and any philantropists out there would be greatly appreciated. Donations of any size would be most welcome, online and in person. But also, please pray for me the day of the surgeries and pass the link to this appeal around on facebook and to all your contacts. I would be happy to answer any questions: Oahspe2002 through yahoo for email.

I'm leaving this open until I meet my goal because there will be on-going costs for my eyes and my glasses even after the surgery period which is November 2-January 20.  Please help me out soon, though, as the Right Eye Surgery will be Nov 2nd. The Left Eye will be done in December.

For friends and family who know me, you know that I helped hundreds in public and private school, thousands through the non-profit that I founded (and took no salary), and many more through classes I have offered at church and community events.  I regret that I am in a position that now I need to ask for help.  That's the way the economy and world seems to work these days.  Here's a friendly tip:  Enjoy the book by Validamir Megre "Anastasia", 2003.  And when you go to NYC, don't miss touring The United Nations!

I Set My Intentions that All our Blessed Who read this Missive!  For, We Are All One, and when One is Helped, All are Helped!!!
Help spread the word!