We're hanging on every word, aren't we? You betcha! Some say this, some say that... but we know it's coming. We FEEL it. We DEMANDED it. It will be.
Polls and petitions don't mean diddly---meaning they don't mean it's actually what will be the determining or DELAYING factor. It's rhetoric to keep the dark at bay and off-guard. Of course the element of surprise is key.
That's my personal reading on it. Yours may be completely different. I could sure use some sleep, I'll tell you! I keep waking up to make sure Morgan is still breathing. He either snores like a freight train or is silent.  I'll take sleep when it's offered! Bring it on.
I would prefer The Event happen during the Christmas holidays so my mother is here, not in Canada, and I can keep her safe. Do you hear that, up there? You've got until January 2nd. That's your drop-dead date.  Love you!   ;0)
If you haven't signed the petition set up by the Resistance Movement, it's here. There are 4300 signatures and climbing fast. I was pleased to see the text of this petition is worthy of the eyes of the unawakened. It's not sensational or alarming and puts the problem into practical terms most people can accept. We could actually forward it to people we know without sounding too deranged.
Thank you K, for sending this article.  ~ BP
New Tolec Update - EVENT Will Occur (at or around) Christmas ???
Posted By: Mr.Ed [Send E-Mail]
Date: Sunday, 15-Dec-2013 01:31:23
Saturday, December 14, 2013
This is the most recent TOLEC post. A radio interview with Julien Wells; John Allen and Tom Hughes at blog talk radio [post at the bottom] which almost put me to sleep until the 150 minute mark and then it became really interesting regarding the up and coming EVENT! According to Tom Hughes via his Pleiadian source, this EVENT will occur at or around the Christmas holiday. TOLEC however previously predicted it to take place within the first three weeks of January. Tom Hughes explains that we will all fall asleep [amount of time unknown] and when we awake, we will all find ourselves in a whole new beautiful environment!
What wasn't mentioned by them but I ascertained from the most recent interview of COBRA by Alfred L. Webre at Exopolitics TV, is that the EVENT will involve a huge compression wave emitted from the Central Sun, Alcyone, which is different from our sun and is located in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. [Alcyone is the sun in the constellation of the Pleiades.] Earth will respond with a similar compression wave. The meeting of both waves will transcend Earth and every living thing on it into a higher dimension.
TOLEC had a previous post on 12/3/13 regarding Ison and in the last paragraph of this seven page post, the origin of Earth was revealed. A fascinating read at:
The newest TOLEC post reads as follows:
12.13.13 A new independent 'confirmation' of higher dimensional people with the Andromeda Council... and from the planet Dakote.
To listen to these relevant parts - pick up this interview - "The Long Conversation", Dec.4/5, 2013 - by Julien Wells, with John Allen & Thomas Hughes, at the 153 minute mark: