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Friday, December 20, 2013

Paridiem Communities. Blessings of Love, Peace, and Joy turning to Bliss!!! Diamonds is hosting a community, establishing meeting, after the Holidays...stay tuned. Communities of Unconditional Love, Peace and Joy. Elizabeth Diamond

Alana Tobin

Reflections from a Practical Mystic Alana Tobin

There will be murderers, rapists, pedaphiles, abusers of every variety and multiple victims until there is more accountability within community.

People refuse to get involved or fail to respond adequately thru a conditioning to be separate, The mentality of "its not my biz..or my job, let them sort it out" isolates victims and perpetrators so that abuses occur and continue.

These mindsets have people afraid of being targets or scapegoats themselves cuz peeps take sides and believe one side of a story often-times without ever hearing the other, (no inquiries made) because communities are so fragmented that people are NOT THERE for one another and their bros and sistas suffer.

Peeps then react out of their own unresolved wounds. In reality much of the time folks arent there much for themselves and settle for a survival vs thrival oriented community.

I envision communities eventually arriving to the point of addressing issues without BLAME, without projection/rejection patterns.

Unfortunately it often takes extreme violence to occur and even repeatedly until folks are forced to wake-up to reality - to deal effectively with how we all impact one another.

I know as I see it in rural community and I myself have had to walk away from abusive and neglectful dynamics where folks have heady idealisms, (common in New Age/Christian groups) yet on the ground level, individuals refuse to deal with inner/outer darkness aspects in favour of love and light and lets just focus on the positive shall we?

Meanwhile the darkness has folks by the balls and ovaries, and folks carry on thrashing and bashing one another.

These dynamics of not being present for one another to address pain and abusive behaviours involves being neglectful.

Such ignor-ance and neglect is a breeding ground for abuses...often hidden or ignored...and will become toxic dangerous places.

What folks do not realise, is that thru their own neglect and avoidance patterns they impact the whole. Neglect can be seen to be simply the other side of the coin - abuse.

When you are the lone stranger asserting your boundaries so you are not victimised, and you call folk on behaviours within environments such as these...where such avoidance is occuring, you easily can become a quick TARGET!!!!

If trouble occurs a caring community can help individuals to each have input, to facilitate healing dialogue. Such circles of support are critical for us to address and resolve the many issues facing us at this time..

There is a major lack of skills in the communication dept and relationships are suffering.

Its up to each one of us to develop relationship skills because our relationships with Mother Earth and one another are suffering and our communities will be reflecting to us specific unmet needs.

Brothers need to start calling other brothers on their abusive or bully behaviours without the need to verbally or physically kick butt or ostracise folk.

Resolutions will come as each of us makes the commitment to listen to heart, be love in action in service to the whole.

I call to you to take this all into inner council that your heart may guide you to be and do what is yours to BE and DO in community.

Blessed BE my family. 
Alana in Hobbit land.


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