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Thursday, December 19, 2013


Contracts by kate of gaia
In truth, here, it is ALL about contracts. Unfortunately most people stop at the 
physical aspect of what a contract is thinking it is just a piece of paper or and 
agreement made in writing without ever considering the intent. Intent is what 
contract is all about inasmuch as every thought is pure creation unfettered where 
we all make countless left brain "deals" and contracts every instant of the day. 
This is why we need to gain control over our analytical minds where the system 
has finely trained them to think in a certain way.
If someone can channel your intent and absolute creation power by means of 
keeping you thinking in a certain way, how powerful could they be? This is the 
very nature of the register trap. When you enter an agreement to register 
anything, you are making a choice to let another rule your divine feminine 
creative ability at source. Anytime you intend to do anything, it is already a 
spiritual contract. The trick is to gain control over that intent and the distractions 
of this world fit that bill nicely. Are you caught up in the emotional dramas of day 
to day life? If so, then your mind is owned by the illusions. 
You cannot serve two masters; period. So who and what are the masters? This is 
pure black and white. There is no gray area on this one, no half way in and 
remaining a virgin, no almost pregnant, no partial deals with the devil. In this 
game, you're either in or you're out, either in bed with the whore of Babylon or 
you kick her out of your bed with no going back. To illustrate this clearly, let me 
share it this way. If you carry any form of ID are you part of the whore's system or 
not? If you have a bank account, a passport, a library card etc. with your NAME on 
it, are you playing with the whore or not?
What most people miss out on is the fact that anything you agree with at all, you 
are in a spiritually binding contract, end of story. Let me say....continue reading link below

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