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Friday, February 12, 2016

Want To Know What A Real ‘UFO’ Looks Like? These 7 Astonishing Pictures Will Give You An Idea

For somebody who has never seen a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object), it can be hard to imagine what they look like. Reports of incidents from the military are quite detailed, and if one thing is absolutely clear, it’s that the UFO phenomenon is global and has included many military encounters. Personally, I’ve had multiple UFO experiences, some of which have been quite remarkable and breathtaking. I’ve even had a few alongside a couple of members here at Collective Evolution. These are objects that are performing maneuvers that should be impossible, and look like nothing that we have on this planet. I mention this because we are not alone in our experiences, there are many others who have seen the same thing.
“As the F-4 approached a range of 25 nautical miles it lost all instrumentation and communications… When the F-4 turned away from the object and apparently was no longer a threat to it, the aircraft regained all instrumentation and communications.” (source)
The above quote comes from a declassified United States defence agency report detailing a UFO encounter that occurred over Iran in 1976. It’s one of many examples outlined in thousands of pages of UFO documents that have been released by dozens of governments from all over the world. This type of occurrence is a common one, where UFOs are tracked on radar, as well as visually confirmed by military pilots, who are then sent out to take a closer look.

Another example of a common encounter occurred on December 16th, 1978, by the Chilean Air Force:
“Two pilots on a training mission, each flying an F5 fighter aircraft, tracked the object on their airborne radar. It gave a return equal to ten or more aircraft carriers – except this object was in the air, not floating on the water. Each pilot assumed his radar equipment was faulty, until he learned that the other pilot was also getting the same return. Not only this, but ground radar from a nearby airport also picked up the object and confirmed its huge size. The pilots also saw the object with their own eyes. One pilot later said that at a distance of twenty miles, it looked ‘like a plantain banana swathed in smoke.’ The pilots were frightened, having no missiles or weapons. As they approached the massive object, which had been motionless all this while, it took off at an unimaginable speed. All at once, it vanished from the three radar screens.” (Huneeus, J, Antonio, “A Chilean Overview,” MUFON UFO Journal, 6/86; Huneeus, J. Antonio, “A Historical Survey of UFO Cases in Chilie,” MUFON 1987 International Symposium Proceedings (MUFON, 1987.)
The list of encounters from these documents where pilots describe such objects literally goes on and on, and the pictures below are a good example of what various military pilots have described throughout the decades. This is something that has happened scores of times and continues to this day.
The pictures below come from investigator/researcher Alex Mistretta, who can be contacted at: Apparently, they are from a United States Navy submarine, taken in March of 1971. The Sumarine was the Navy’s USS Trepang (SSN 674). The submarine came upon the object by “accident,” as they were in the region on a routine joint military and scientific expedition. Officer John Klika was the one who initially spotted the object with the periscope.
I am not saying that these pictures are real, in fact, they might not be. The point here is to give readers a taste of what military pilots commonly describe, and what is commonly picked up on military radar. That’s why I wanted to show these pictures in the first place, to spark your imagination with what could be ‘fake’ pictures, of a very real phenomenon, and for those who have not had the experience of seeing something like this.
“Behind the scenes, high ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about UFOs. But through official secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense.” Former head of CIA, Roscoe Hillenkoetter, 1960 (source)
“This thing has gotten so highly-classified… it is just impossible to get anything on it. I have no idea who controls the flow of need-to-know because, frankly, I was told in such an emphatic way that it was none of my business that I’ve never tried to make it to be my business since. I have been interested in this subject for a long time and I do know that whatever the Air Force has on the subject is going to remain highly classified.” – Senator Barry GoldwaterChairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee (source)

“In one of the cases during the cold war, 1961, there were about 50 UFOs in formation flying South from Russia across Europe. The supreme allied commander was very concerned and was about ready to press the panic button when they turned around and went back over the North Pole. They decided to do an investigation and they investigated for three years and they decided that with absolute certainty that four different species, at least, have been visiting this planet for thousands of years. There’s been a lot more activity in the past two decades, especially since we invented the atomic bomb. They are very concerned about that and if we will use it again, because the whole cosmos is in unity and it affects not just us but other people in the cosmos. They’re very much afraid that we might start using atomic weapons again and this would be very bad for us, and them also.” –Paul Hellyer, Former Canadian Defence Minister (source)

Ed Baker for President!! The Peoples President.

Two important issues that separate myself from other candidates that will appear on your ballot: a. I'm the only candidate will Demand a Real Investigation into the events of September 11, 2001 and will have the truth become the official story going forward. b. I'm the only candidate that will Fully Disclose the truth about UFO's in America. I will declassify all information concerning this subject.
As for point a. I will also push for the fullest of punishment for anyone that knowingly Planned, Executed or Covered up the events of 9/11 no matter who they are or what position they held on or since that day. From there we will demand that the Freedom we lost a result be restored. This includes eliminating the Department of Homeland Security, ending the NSA, the TSA, the Patriot Act, etc.
If either of these issues are important to you when considering your next President - please support my campaign to the fullest. Share this post, tell others about your support of me and why.
Thank you!
Edward L. Baker
2016 Presidential Candidate
Not a Member of any Political Party

Some Volunteer positions that I am needing to fill:
Facebook Campaign Staff - (Data Entry, Messaging) 100 Positions.
Petition Leads - (Working with petitioners in the state, Tracking progress) 51 positions.
Petition Gathering - (Face to Face Petitioning of Voters in your State) - Needed in each State - #1 need in this campaign.
Media Intro Team - (Email and Call Newspapers, Radio/TV News/Talk Shows and ask them to include us in their election coverage)
Washington State Convention Team - (Find a Location & Organize a Convention that must be attended by at least 1000 Washington Voters - this is the only way we can get on the ballot in Washington.
Portland, Oregon Campaign Staff - (Paperwork for Each State; Clerical;
Sign Holders - (Raise awareness in high traffic areas by displaying a campaign sign) - The more the better. Laws vary by State.
Fundraising - (Open to any ideas here... have Bumper Stickers to sell...)
FEC Compliance - (Stay on top of Reports needed to be filed, etc.)
Newsletter Team - (Create & Send out a Newsletter twice a month)
Important Issue Expert - (What issue is your expertise & passion? Help me out on this issue by creating posts or articles that coincide with my campaigns message towards this issue).
In each State I need people to attend Networking Events - especially Political Rallies - and introduce our campaign to people. Hand out business cards and rally support.
Set up an office in your state. Perhaps out of your home or office. One candidate that was in the NH Primary had 11 Offices and 10,000 Volunteers in that state alone.

Yeah!! Shifting...Affordable Grocery Store Goes Organic And Bans Toxic Chemicals From Their Products

Aldi, the discount grocery store, recently announced that they will soon be supplying mostly organic products and will be banning many pesticides and toxic chemicals.…
Aldi, the discount grocery store, recently announced that they will soon be supplying mostly organic products and will be banning many pesticides and toxic chemicals.
The chemicals recently banned from their products includes Thiamethoxam, Chlorpyrifos, Clothianidin, Cypermethrin, Deltamethrin, Fipronil, Imidacloprid, Sulfoxaflor and other pesticides. Aldi also announced that they will soon be stocking fresh meat and fish and will be closely analyzing the distributors that they purchase from.
Jason Hart CEO of Aldi said in a recent statement that, “At ALDI, we are dedicated to the well-being of our customers by providing high quality groceries at the lowest possible prices and offering foods shoppers can feel good about serving their families. Our decision to remove these ingredients from all of our exclusive brand foods delivers on our ongoing commitment to meet the evolving preferences of our customers. Since more than 90 percent of the products we sell are under our exclusive brands, eliminating these ingredients will have a real impact on the over 30 million people who shop in our stores.”
Phil Lempert, editor of wrote that this is a sign of a changing industry.
“Today’s shoppers are more involved with food than ever before. They want to know everything about their food and the companies that supply them – especially as it relates to ingredients and the impact on their families. ALDI is leading the supermarket industry in rightly responding to the science that shows the implications of these ingredients, and meeting the needs of the increasingly savvy consumers who don’t want artificial or potentially harmful ingredients in the products they buy,” Lempert said.
Aldi is best known for its low prices, in a recent price survey, it was shown that Aldi’s prices are 30% lower than Wal-Mart. Aldi is able to keep such low prices by ordering food through specific sellers, instead of buying a wide variety of brands. They also cut costs by limiting store displays and advertising.
They have announced that their new policy regarding pesticides and GMO foods will be effective as soon as possible.
Aldi currently only has select stores open in the US, but roughly 500 more stores will be built in the US over the next two years as part of a $3 billion expansion.

Monday, February 8, 2016

What a Happy Couple.. soo in's Obvious Watch President Obama's Super Bowl 2016 interview video

Here is link to watch:

CBS This Morning co-anchor Gayle King interviewed President Obama and the First Lady on Sunday before Super Bowl 50.

The annual pregame interview with President Barack Obama had a little bit of a different flair this year, as part of the four hours of CBS pregame coverage of Super Bowl 50 between the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers.
This year, the President is joined by his wife, First Lady Michelle Obama. The duo was interviewed by Gayle King, co-anchor of CBS This Morning and editor-at-large of O, the Oprah Winfrey magazine.
On Sunday, the Obamas reminisced with King over memories during their time in the White House. At one point, Obama exclaimed "That's so sweet!" when King pulled out a photograph from 2008. The interview largely focused on the Obamas' relationship and how they've grown over the past seven years, as well as giving advice for whichever family occupies the White House after Barack's term is up, almost like it was an episode of The Newlywed Game.
Of course, King had to ask the president for his Super Bowl prediction. Obama has a history of not picking a winner for Sunday's game, but Gayle King switched it up by giving him a pen and paper for him to circle who he thinks will win the game. The paper was then tucked in an envelope to be kept secret until Monday on CBS This Morning. It remains to be seen what he picked, or if he circled anything at all.

Think and Ponder on THIS will Lead You!! Diamond to Peace. Love you ALL Blessings of Love Peace and Joy turning to Bliss!! to You Love Elizabeth Diamond

Connectedness - feeling at One with Everything and Everyone! & Financial status read with Discernment

Hi Amazing Source Essence Elizabeth!

Happy Chinese New Year to all who celebrate!

Time for you to feel Connectedness!

Connectedness - feeling at One with Everything and Everyone!

Join Sifu James and myself next Tuesday for an
online Energy Transmission that will have you plugged
in and feeling beautifully connected to All That Is.

Here are your details:

Title: Connectedness
Time: Tuesday, February 16th at 9:00pm Eastern

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To attend via telephone:
Phone Number: (425) 440-5100
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3. April 2, 2016
Open Mind 2016 Seminar with Sifu James
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4. May 13 - 15, 2016
Limitless Ottawa Retreat with Sifu James
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5. QiGong Level 5
May 28 & 29, 2016
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7. June 24-26, 2016
New Template Retreat with Franco DeNicola & Sifu James
AYUS - Durham Region Awareness Centre

and more ...     :)

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Thank you very much for your contributions as it greatly
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"Hatonn" of Dec 2015 seemed to be endorsing this report that was all about money

but "Hatonn" of Summer 2015 talked about Love Energy and that most of us had no longer need of reincarnation and didn't mention money. (Still, I feel a ring of truth in Keenan's report and it can help people stop wasting time by following Karen and the Red Dragon Family 'Ambassador'.  So I feel it could be pasted into your blog.

I will anxious to hear what Hatonn of March 15, 2016, will tell Nancy Tate and the World! Candy.

 Neil Keenan: M1/N1 2015 (Read with discernment)
Today Group K received the following information from an anonymous 
individual going by the name “Asian Insi
Revelations from an “Asian Insider”: 
Neil Keenan Is Number 1
“Late in the evening on November 25th, a meeting took place in an Asian country (not Indonesia) 
with: the Elders, who represent the largest depository of the Global Collateral Accounts (GCA
assets (worth Quadrillions); the Spiritual Advisor to the Elders; Jo, who served as the translator; 
and Neil Keenan. Security was very tight.
After briefing Neil about the assets that are waiting for him, and that the “safe” time for their 
release is at 
hand, he was further surprised to learn that a year ago the Elders had also drawn up 
“letters” for him to sign.
Upon his signature, Neil Keenan would be known as Number 1 (N1) 
or, as the position is more 
commonly known, M1.
It was by unanimous consent am
ong all of the Elders that they elected Neil as N1. Had there 
been even one dissenting Elder, he would not have been elected.
Presently the documents are being finalized and sent to Neil for his signature. He will be given full 
Power of Attorney over their
depository of GCA assets and officially become the Elders’ sole 
representative and spokesperson for all dealings and the release of the funds to implement the 
Humanitarian Projects.
The funds will be distributed first to Indonesia and then to each of the 
132+ Nations for projects 
such as the release of free energy and suppressed technologies, the cleaning of our water and 
the restoration of our oceans and lands, rebuilding infrastructure, education programs, etc. etc.
As the meeting came to a close, the El
ders made one additional point clear 
that Neil is free to 
venture forth with his own undertakings but with one provision: that he never loses sight of 
Indonesia. There was no contention on this provision because Neil wants the Spiritual Advisor by 
his side and the support of the Elders. And since it is well
known that Neil’s intent has always 
been to see that Indonesia becomes the “Jewel of Southeast Asia,” this strong alliance with the 
Elders guarantees the most positive outcome possible.
So there it is 
should Neil Keenan sign the documents, he will be N1 (= M1) for the worldwide 
distribution of the GCA assets.
For nearly 100 years the Indonesian Elders have held these notes on behalf of the depositors. 
They have not been able to make use of any of the 
notes because the Western banking system 
has shut them down every step of the way.
It cannot go without saying that the Elders have not been given any remuneration for what they 
have safeguarded for so long. Some have been assassinated, and some have been 
for their roles in spite of the fact that each and every move the Elders have made has been 
entirely legal.
Yet in Europe the Western banking system has illegally managed to get hold of notes and use 
them as “casino bonds,” freely gambling them 
on anything they chose 
they never worry about 
losing what they don’t own.
Group K, Ltd.
But now it cannot be denied that the game is changed. Drastically. Not only does Neil have the 
old codes from the Book of Codes, he also has all of the New Codes. Once the accounts
opened and audited, the codes will reveal precisely who played with the depositors’ notes.
Ditch Ploys of the FED
Last month a group representing the Federal Reserve arrived in 
Indonesia and approached several Elders. This group claimed they would cash in or monetize the 
assets that the Elders were holding but only on one condition: the Elders could do no business 
whatsoever with Neil Keenan.
Of course the Elders are well aware of the crimes that the Federal Reserve foisted upon humanity 
since i
ts very inception in 1913. They’re well aware of what President Sukarno and President 
Kennedy tried to do 52 years ago.
In fact, the Elders are well aware of a lot more than what wealth will do for this planet. They know 
their legacy is ultimately a spirit
ual one, the only eternal value.
That even such a proposal would 
be presented to the Elders reflects that the FED is in such deep denial as to be inconceivable.

(Just as many suspected, the so-call Red Dragon Family Ambassador is no such thing! )

7.38 The Book of Codes: Our All
Seeing Eye Weapon
Final note: Neil has surely caught the cabal bankers’  attention by having the Black Book (the 
book of codes).  Remember this book opens up the Black Screens
which allows one to see 
who illegally used the assets, when, and for what purpose. This bothered the Western Bankers 
to the degree that they changed the codes.
New codes were issued and in fact Neil received the New Codes in his hand 5 minutes later.  
has both Old and New so feel comfortable knowing the theft will not continue unnoticed and 
will be dealt with shortly in a swift manner by the legal and security team Neil is putting 
Neil now has the updated Codes for the Black Book, the Book of 
Maklumat, The Book of 
Conveyance, Operation Heavy Freedom, Green Hilton Agreement, Blue Book, Red Book and 
much more.
When he re
files his lawsuit this will all be incorporated as just a small piece of it

8.00 Ongoing 
Keenan Makes His Final Push
Keenan makes his final push for substantial access to the bunkers and the opening of 
the Global 
Collateral Accounts.
His efforts have been stalled by the Cabal’s criminal tactics: They have “disappeared” Keenan’s 
bank accounts, murdered a good friend who was providing help, attempted to kill another 
associate with a car “accident” and even
demanded a country not deal with Neil.
During his journey to do what must be done, Keenan has met all comers. He has gone head
against the shills, liars and slanderers.
All have retreated and, in some cases, await facing serious legal charges. He has e
assassins and emerged unscathed, all with his sense of humor intact.
By example, Keenan has clearly demonstrated what one man can do to take down global 
domination by those who are engineering the complete demise of mankind and the planet.
Now Keenan
is garnering more and more talent and has brought in two experts who are second 
to none, top
notch security and a most powerful international attorney, all ready for action and 
placing Group K on another level.
Step by step Neil says the puzzle is coming 

8.01 Challenges and Delay Tactics Neil Has Had To Overcome:
(During the period from 2008 to 2015)
Neil has spent 
millions of dollars 
of his own money in this j
ourney to free the Global Collateral 
Accounts for humanitarian purposes.
After Neil filed his law suit against the Cabal in November 2011, they held his US passport and 
was put on the no
fly (black) list by Obama. Neil has not been home to the USA since.
The Cabal proceeded to freeze
millions of dollars
of Neil’s own money in South America
, the 
Caribbean and the USA.
During end of 2014 
January 2015, thieves in Indonesia stole $20k from Neil during a deal with 
the Elders.
Starting off in 2015, Neil was robbed on his debit card account in Indonesia and also his 
personal bank account in Bulgaria. Each of these accounts had more than six figures in them.
There have now been a total of 6 attempts on the life of Neil Keenan

s this
massive alliance about to mak
e its move on the banking and political cabal? Is Neil 
Keenan and his team about to finish what JFK, President Sukarno and many others were trying to 
Will the 9/11 connection to the Global Collateral Accounts finally come to light?
To these que
stions, Neil Keenan has a statement for the world:
“JFK, Soekarno, 9-11 and everything surrounding it, all boils down to one and the same groups or 
organizations that are known as the Cabal or NWO. Look no further than Rothschild’s, 
Rockefeller’s, and on a
lesser scale Bush’s, Netanyahu’s, etc.
We must always remember that according to these people, we, the “goyim,” are the enemy and 
furthermore we must understand not only are they Khazars (read Khazars and their empire) but 
Satanists and clearly want us all dead.
They want the world, this planet and everything they touch. 
They taint everything they make, put 
together, manufacture, and one way or another are taking precious seconds and minutes away 
from our lives. 
They go so far as to poison baby food (Johnson and Johnson’s most recently caught, simply 
stated we are sorry and will take the toxins out of the baby food), but when caught they simply 
walk away leaving a path of utter destruction for the world’s families.
It is time we defend our families, our 
planet, our friends and those who will soon be lifelong 
It is time to bring our planet together as one, to fight these evil criminals disguising 
themselves as politicians. 
It is time to fight them as they fight us —stop talking about it!

The road to the collateral accounts was initially filled with litter. 
From OITC (Ray Dam), OPPT 
(Heather Tucci), Swiss Indo (Sino), Karen Hudes (who never did understand the collateral 
accounts and had never heard of the Dragon Family when she requested my help
), Red Dragon 
Family, World Economic Forum (Davos and Giancarlo Bruno), the UN, and many others that I 
have never mentioned.
They all decided at one time or another that they owned or managed the 
accounts when in fact not one ever had any of the DEPOSITOR
S’ permission to represent said 
We took them all down and we laid them to rest, but similar to a film script they often return to life 
and take a second shot at things after taking a deep breath but ... they are all just fiction.
We are on the road
to opening the accounts. 
The litter has been tossed into the garbage where it 
belongs and upon completing this road, we will control the accounts. 
The big question, even one from the Dragon Family is - Will I be able to MOVE the Notes?  And the Answer is YES!

Group K, Ltd.
To conclude this chapter I must not forget to thank those who are going to take this to another 
level once the accounts are opened. Our team is getti
ng stronger and we are becoming more 
lean, mean and more effective.
Upon the opening of the Global Collateral Accounts we will have a very powerful legal team which 
I would like Anna von Reitz to lead. As for the Financial team, I will look to my financial
Chris Brosnahan.
And then with the security team that will have the power of arrest, we will have 
a group of experts from various fields of expertise ready to serve and save.
Our security teams will venture forward, making the necessary arrests 
of those who have illegally 
utilized the Global Collateral Account assets in committing various acts of banking fraud. In 
addition, we will gather many leading experts in all fields including new and advanced 
On the US side, we will have Drak
e Bailey dealing with many problems currently 
facing America 
in their eradication of the Cabal. Arrest warrants and so on will be issued and executed.
A new name for many, Simon, will be ready to open up the doors to Latin America. He is a very 
patient ma
n and I thank him for being such, seeing as my sitting here with a concussion could not 
have helped anyone at all.
Finally, the rest of the team will return 
and some will be back from the past and we will utilize all 
our experience moving forward. 
My se
cret weapon:
Belize, is ready to go and raise havoc. So be it 
we are near ready to launch 
our ships. 
And so God bless everyone despite the devils, and have a fantastic holiday. I am very surprised 
we have made it this far with such a limited budget.
ut it is what it is, so let’s take this to the 
next stage and entitle it “The Beginning”...
Thank you Nelu, Richard, Mark, Jo, Lorraine, Michael C, Roger, Count, Jeanne, Rob, Michael D, 
Frank, Bill M, David W, Inchul, Stanley, Peter T, Benjamin, Peter E, Shi
rley, Matthew G, Lance, et 
And thank you Radin for providing your spiritual guidance and abilities to the forefront of this fiasco as another form of Protection.
--Neil Keenan