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Friday, February 12, 2016

Ed Baker for President!! The Peoples President.

Two important issues that separate myself from other candidates that will appear on your ballot: a. I'm the only candidate will Demand a Real Investigation into the events of September 11, 2001 and will have the truth become the official story going forward. b. I'm the only candidate that will Fully Disclose the truth about UFO's in America. I will declassify all information concerning this subject.
As for point a. I will also push for the fullest of punishment for anyone that knowingly Planned, Executed or Covered up the events of 9/11 no matter who they are or what position they held on or since that day. From there we will demand that the Freedom we lost a result be restored. This includes eliminating the Department of Homeland Security, ending the NSA, the TSA, the Patriot Act, etc.
If either of these issues are important to you when considering your next President - please support my campaign to the fullest. Share this post, tell others about your support of me and why.
Thank you!
Edward L. Baker
2016 Presidential Candidate
Not a Member of any Political Party

Some Volunteer positions that I am needing to fill:
Facebook Campaign Staff - (Data Entry, Messaging) 100 Positions.
Petition Leads - (Working with petitioners in the state, Tracking progress) 51 positions.
Petition Gathering - (Face to Face Petitioning of Voters in your State) - Needed in each State - #1 need in this campaign.
Media Intro Team - (Email and Call Newspapers, Radio/TV News/Talk Shows and ask them to include us in their election coverage)
Washington State Convention Team - (Find a Location & Organize a Convention that must be attended by at least 1000 Washington Voters - this is the only way we can get on the ballot in Washington.
Portland, Oregon Campaign Staff - (Paperwork for Each State; Clerical;
Sign Holders - (Raise awareness in high traffic areas by displaying a campaign sign) - The more the better. Laws vary by State.
Fundraising - (Open to any ideas here... have Bumper Stickers to sell...)
FEC Compliance - (Stay on top of Reports needed to be filed, etc.)
Newsletter Team - (Create & Send out a Newsletter twice a month)
Important Issue Expert - (What issue is your expertise & passion? Help me out on this issue by creating posts or articles that coincide with my campaigns message towards this issue).
In each State I need people to attend Networking Events - especially Political Rallies - and introduce our campaign to people. Hand out business cards and rally support.
Set up an office in your state. Perhaps out of your home or office. One candidate that was in the NH Primary had 11 Offices and 10,000 Volunteers in that state alone.

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