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Saturday, November 30, 2013

YOU ARE!! The DIAMOND of LOVE!! elizabeth diamond comments:


WE ARE LIMITLESS!! = We are forever changing in every avenue of our essence....(limitlessness NEVER ends) our perspective, our beliefs, our concepts, on and on and on....bring all this to your heart and think about it!!, it will change you.

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. With Love to All, always Elizabeth Diamond.


WE ARE LIMITLESS!! = We are forever changing in every avenue of our essence....our perspective, our beliefs, our concepts, on and on and on....bring all this to your heart and think about it!!, it will change you.

preshBy Ashley Lily. So adorably adorable.

Daddy kisses.By cheetomax7. Such sweetness.

Girls and their BubbieOh dear. Oh my. Oh help.

67 years and countingBy creativelychicphotography. Just gorgeous!

PB060318_old westBy faith_in_me. Beautiful.

IMG_8959By Kristi Simmons. What a lovely capture. So, so sweet.

Grandmother Madeira (98) with great-grandson Nicholas Madeira (8)By tracer bean. This makes me cry. I love grandmothers.

Summer lovinBy carap. Love this.

JacksonLindsey-75By nicolehboynton. Stunning portrait.

Love!By sarahephoto. Precious.

pritiBy Fidgetblogs. This tells such a beautiful story.

40 yearsBy KelliCampbell. Aw, Pappy and Grams! So sweet.
I absolutely love your Love photos. My goodness. My heart.

Music to my ears...By The Joyful Lulu. Beautiful.

Welcome to the world!By traceybensam. Oh my goodness. The tear.

BFFSBy JennyG1234321. This made me cry.
I think I’m hormonal.

the little & iBy yarnattacks. Oh my goodness, I love this photo. He’s gotten so big!

Siblings may fight...but they love each other when no one is looking.By Breezy_T. What a sweet sibling photo. Just lovely.

GrandpaBy candicefortephotography. Okay, the black-and-whites are killing me today. Love this one.

twin brothers M & A and their sister SBy crazy8photography. Too precious for words.

the As one of the commenters on this photo said: “Oh, my heart.”
I love this photo so much.

Riding into the sunsetBy sarahnealphotography1. Wow. This is simply stunning.

SO254228By Snapdragon Photography. Oh my goodness. Another sunset stunner! So very sweet.

lisa1By ErinPDX1022. Such a lovely mom moment.

Field tripBy MissPamelaJean. What a beautiful mother and daughter. I love the caption. (Click on the photos to read captions.)

skf (76)By mizger2010. Oh, wow. Breathtaking.

MomBy aebphoto. What a shot. She clearly loves the photographer!
More submissions will be featured Wednesday, guys!

YOUR Love Photos: Group 3!

Posted by Ree

Loving your Love photos! So beautiful.

Puppy LoveBy Beckileighs. Oh, the love we feel for our dogs. Beautiful.

"Once upon a time there was a boy who loved a girl, and her laughter was a question he wanted to spend his whole life answering."By anniebluesky. Absolutely stunning.

DSC_3488 copy copyBy megvk. Splendidly beautiful. Such a sweet moment.

hidden treasureBy alwaysgenevieve. Perfect in every way. Wow.

Parents-To-BeBy JeezyDeezy. Sigh. I love this.

gray and papawBy Ashmuddy. Very special. Love.

they just crack me up!By shootmelaura. Further proof that laughter and love go hand in hand.

loveBy Amanda Blacksmith Photography. So emotional. This is gorgeous.

Sweet mama & babyBy sarahephoto. What a little love. And the light is beautiful.

SiblingsBy crystal_miller. This gave me goosebumps for some reason. Siblings!

love LOVE love loveBy angibelle. Oh, angibelle. I love your photos so much.

Helo & SarahBy GuyFuNGo. I feel the love from here. What a beautiful capture.

Carrie & Eric 2
Group 4 will be posted Friday!

Friday, November 29, 2013


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The mental, physical, and spiritual process of opening up and becoming... more..


Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. With Love to All, always Elizabeth Diamond.


ok, brothers, what IS this about???, lets get it ALL out Transparently!!! so we can ALL, discharge the POISON, and Seperation!! and LETS get on with he HEALING!! OK lets hash it OUT!!! LOve you Both!! After ALL!! WE ARE ALL ONE!!. Lets do it!! the right way NOW!!. read below; copied from andrew and trent facebook page, on 

Trent James Im so glad we just deleted your crap radio shows off walking in energy that tells everyone how full of shit you are. Try operating from the truth mate instead of spinning the crap you spin. All the energy masters see through you im the only one to say it to your face unlike you who talks behind my back. By the way remember florida of course you do. Trying to raise hell and convince everyone else there at some happy little spiritual circle doesn't tend to play out so well when there are seers in the group. What you put out you shall get back i heard it was nasty but then again so was the crap that is attached to you. Do yourself a favour stop spinning shit and trying to get people to pay for autographs who in there stupid mind would want your autograph and pay $300 for are you joking me then and asking for donations off people who have no money to do your books your a sell out. I'm getting sick of cleaning up after your readings so many healings done from your bullshit projections. Why don't you do us all a favour and just leave the radio to people that really want to help humanity instead of bleed it try. Have a wonderful day sweet heart love and light to you lol
3 hours ago · "}" title="Like this comment" data-reactid=".r[1hk7e].[1][3][1]{comment10202545984749491_7469262}.[0].{right}.[0].{left}.[0].[3].{likeToggle}{action}" style="color: rgb(59, 89, 152); cursor: pointer; text-decoration: none;"Like
Trent James  
(trent posted this on andrew bartzis new revocation post nov 25, 2013) facebook, but since has been erased, why? 

5 hours ago · Edited
So happy Andrew Bartiz crap was deleted off the walking in energy radio channel, like i said if it doesn't hold truth it will fall. Nothing towards Chris he is brilliant and i hold him in high regards but yeah SO HAPPY the spider turd has been flushed down the toilet but this is what happens when you don't operate from truth. (trent posted this on his own trent page november 29 2013) facebook  but since has been erased, why?

i Call in The blue flame of Divine Love, I call in Universal Consiousness, i call in all ancestors that can help in this situation, and all other situations like this, i call in all our galactic brothers and sisters that can help, i call in All of our higher selves, i call all parts and pieces, essences unknown and known, i call in all parts and pieces understood and not understood, postitive or negative, i call in all pieces, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual, i call in any essence's that can help for ONLY THE HIGHEST GOOD FOR ALL CONCERNED!!, I thank you all for being here!! thank you. thank you. i am greatfull. we are greatfull.
WE ARE ALL ONE!! WHEN ONE IS HARMED, ALL ARE HARMED!! WHEN ONE IS HEALED, ALL ARE HEALED!! Therefore in the name of who i am, we are, and I AM one with ALL that there is, I ask, We ask, that ONLY THE HIGHEST GOOD, HAPPEN!! to this coming out with trent james and andrew bartzis...there always a bigger story...and we ask ONLY THE HIGHEST GOOD happen!!, for all concerned, to all other situations like this, in ALL the Multiverse!! FOR ONLY The HIGHEST GOOD TO HAPPEN!! SO BE IT!! AND SO IT IS!! say Amen (yes) if you read this and say it outloud!! if you a gree, LIKE THIS IF YOU AGREE. and say out loud, if you will.
NOW i ask of ALL those i, we have called in, GO!! Now and do Source or God's bidding, only PERFECT Will. LOve you All !! elizabeth Diamond

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

If this week feels unusually challenging and old things seem to be resurfacing, see it as an incredible opportunity.


If this week feels unusually challenging and old things seem to be resurfacing, see it as an incredible opportunity. When there is a litter on the beach, each item that gets picked up and thrown away, makes the beach clear again and pristine. If we could each just clear our own stuff and let it purge and be released, we would each be a pristine vessel to make this World a better place.

It takes each of us, until it spreads and becomes a transformation epidemic! These are the times to start to focus on what really matters and to not allow ourselves to get drained and pulled into drama over trivial, small stuff that is more a distraction than anything. It doesn't mean we ignore it, we just have to see ourselves as Spiritual Custodians, coming in to polish and brighten and bring sparkles to our experience and relations to others, even if our hands get dirty in the process, we must keep at it.

Chiron just went direct last week (on Nov 19), and so is moving very
slowly right now, focusing its energy on very specific areas of our charts and our lives.

This can represent a healing crisis, its about symptoms worsening before they get better. This isn't just our physical conditions, we can also experience a healing crisis on emotional, mental or spiritual levels.

As we work with any Chiron transit, we are working with themes represented by this asteroid, which archetypally represents; creature, human, and spirit. We are asked to use our self-awareness (Human) to elevate our instinctive, fear-based reactions (Beast) and transform them to their higher vibration (Spirit), so that we may experience healing and renewal.

So every day PEOPLE, STANDING UP!!, Walmart gets FLASH MOBBED.....&.....CEO of Walmart Resigns.....WOW!!!

  1. My thoughts and feelings on what it's like being a ...

Walmart Workers Flash Mob | Raleigh, NC

  1. September 5th, 2013, Raleigh, NC - As Walmart workers petition managers to reinstate employees who have been unfairly treated ...

Watch These Union Workers Give Walmart Bosses a Powerful Lesson They'll Never Forget

  • |
  • |
watch, these, union, workers, give, walmart, bosses, a, powerful, lesson, they'll, never, forget, Watch These Union Workers Give Walmart Bosses a Powerful Lesson They'll Never ForgetImage CreditYouTube
Retail giant Walmart thought it could get away with denying the rights of employees to organize, but you're about to meet the brave people who simply won't go down without a fight.
When a North Carolina Walmart decided to dismiss or discipline its employees simply for going on strike in June this year, members of a campaign named Our WalMart wouldn't let them get away with it. They traveled to a Wal-Mart store to deliver a petition with more than 170,000 signatures to the store's managers. But that was only the beginning. What happened next is an incredible show of solidarity that the store's bosses couldn't believe.
Who else took pleasure in seeing the look on the store manager's faces when they realize they cannot contain this peaceful and creative flash-mob of resistance? 
If you stand for worker's rights and love this performance as much as me, let me know on Twitter and Facebook.

Wal-Mart replaces its CEO with company insider

Alistair Barr and Kevin McCoy, USA TODAY6:19 p.m. EST November 25, 2013

Duke steps down in wake of Mexico bribery scandal. His successor, McMillon, 47, is company insider who started as summer associate in 1984.

Wal-Mart Stores replaced CEO and President Mike Duke and named Doug McMillon, another company insider, as its new leader after a rough period for the world's largest retailer in which it became embroiled in a bribery scandal.
The 63-year-old Duke will stay on as chairman of the executive committee of the board and advise McMillon for a year.
The appointment of McMillon, 47, is effective Feb. 1, 2014. He was previously CEO of Walmart International and will join the company's board of directors immediately.
The announcement came just days before the kickoff of the holiday shopping season, when retailers generate a large portion of their annual revenue.
Wal-Mart shares rose 62 cents to close at $80.43 on Monday. The stock has trailed the broader market this year, but it is still at or close to records.
McMillon is known as a pleasant and capable leader on Wall Street and has been a favorite of the founding Walton family, which still owns a lot of Wal-Mart shares.
"He's a Wal-Mart guy from Arkansas, so I would be shocked to see dramatic changes in how the company is run," said Faye Landes, an analyst at Cowen & Co. "He's not a person who is going to shake things up."
Wal-Mart has already replaced several executives of its international division as the company struggles to increase traffic and same-store sales growth in the face of weak economies and nimble local competitors overseas.
"He's definitely capable of running a huge company, but I'm not sure that anyone is capable of driving massive growth off this huge base that they have," Landes said.
McMillon will also have to deal with a scandal that has yet to fully play out. Wal-Mart paid bribes in Mexico to speed building permits and gain other favors, The New York Times reported last year. After starting an internal investigation into the allegations, senior Wal-Mart officials halted the probe in 2006 despite having found lots of evidence, the newspaper said.
After initially denying that company directors knew of the bribes paid to Mexican officials, e-mails released earlier this year by U.S. lawmakers appeared to show that Duke learned about the payments as early as 2005. In May, a U.S. judge ordered Wal-Mart attorneys to turn over more documents to shareholders trying to find out what, and when, directors knew about the Mexico payments.
The U.S. Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission are investigating potential evidence of bribery, Wal-Mart disclosed in a November 2012 regulatory filing. The company widened its internal examination of the issue to include "a number of foreign markets where we operate, including but not limited to Brazil, China and India," the filing also stated.
The bribery allegations erupted three years after McMillon's January 2009 appointment as head of Walmart International, the company's second largest operating segment. He succeeded Duke in that post as well.
However, McMillon was running Wal-Mart's U.S.-based Sam's Club segment during the years The New York Times identified as the period with evidence of potential bribery payments in Mexico.
During a Wal-Mart meeting with investors last month, McMillon said the company now has a chief compliance officer and anti-corruption leader in each market around the world.
"One of the things we're doing right now as we speak is making sure that we've got all the right resources to make this a world-class compliance effort within Wal-Mart," he said. "We've hired new people, and we've realigned people into this global structure. And we now have through those efforts over 1,000 people that work full time on compliance."
Originally from Jonesboro, Ark., McMillon started his career in 1984 as a summer associate at a Wal-Mart distribution center. He got a B.S. in business administration from the University of Arkansas and an MBA from the University of Tulsa. While pursuing the MBA, he rejoined the company in a Tulsa Walmart store.
A lot of McMillon's 22 years at the company were spent in merchandising in the Walmart U.S. division, giving him experience with food, apparel and general goods. From 2006 to February 2009, he ran Sam's Club and then took over Walmart International.
When asked in a 2008 interview what the biggest factor was in his success, McMillon said it was what he learned during his first few months working at the world's largest retailer.
"Unless you're there, you don't really understand it, and when you're big, people may assume that you've got bad intentions," he said. "I learned more in the first six months at Wal-Mart than I learned in 5½ years of post-secondary education."
That deep Wal-Mart experience and loyalty likely gave him leg up vs. other candidates like Bill Simon, who runs Walmart U.S.
"Bill Simon was more of an outsider," said Sucharita Mulpuru, a retail analyst at Forrester Research. "It was going to be one of them."
McMillon's appointment may trigger more executive changes at the company. Wal-Mart did not say who would replace him as head of the International business.
"Cathy Smith, the division's CFO and COO, is an obvious candidate," Cowen's Landes said. "If she doesn't get the job, she might leave the company, which we would view as a meaningful loss."
Simon, the head of Walmart U.S., may also depart after missing out on the top job, the analyst added.
"At age 54, he is unlikely to wait around to succeed McMillon, who is only 47," Landes said. "Given Simon's many successes at Wal-Mart, he is likely to be on every headhunter's short list."