1.   This is the window of opportunity Cobra spoke of here.
It's not too late to add your intention to the meditation that seems to have gained momentum in the couple of days. If you feel so guided, whenever it works for you today... following are the instructions for the meditation.

2.   Astounding!! The Real Truth of Comet Ison & The Event Details. DO NOT MISS!! the video alone is astounding, i can imagine disclosure of All thats hidden, be made like this. The Video so well done, i am sure we had exterrestrial help with all these viLsuals, like the visuals filmed from a Mother Ship. and the second one is commentary of all info that was in the top video.Blessings of Love, Peace and Joy turning to Bliss!!! elizabeth Diamond.

Cometa Ison. Evenimentul. Adevarul despre ele

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