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Monday, August 3, 2015

Just Recorded!! Diamonds 31 13 Show Tonight Moday August 3 2015: Galactiwizing with Our Star brothers & Sisters, Cynthia Astrology of day, Candyshop Joy Jar, Lillie with The Law of Fun!!!

Just recorded!!  August 3 2015 Diamonds Call  or call 209 255 1000 Pin 883267#  Pin 259# Enlightenment, Golden Age, Co-Creating with Matthew Guest

Monday August 3 2015 Diamonds Show: : this the show of Link Above. 

Enlightenment, Golden Age, Co-Creating with Matthew 

Here is Matthew's Written Story:  

The Entity/The Number/The Source 

An Actual Happening 
By: Matthew Z. Elliott

In March of 2007 I had gotten to the point to where I didn't understand my purpose anymore. Life felt pointless. If you would have asked me before then if I believed in God or Aliens I probably would have said yes. That would have been wishful thinking though. I had had some paranormal experiences up to that point, but nothing that made me believe any different. And that's when things changed for me. I took a leap of faith, I called out to God, to the universe. I said, "God, if you are there, if you are ever going to give me a sign, if you are ever going to reveal yourself.. Now is the time. If you do this now I will know, that whatever happens from here on out I will never worry again.

The rest of that day went by pretty normal. The next evening is when it started. I was riding back to my townhouse with my friend Seth. He lived downstairs and I lived upstairs. Our friends Ron and Robin were coming over to hang out. Once we all got back we went into the living room and sat down on the floor, kind of in a circle. Soon after we got there Robins mom kept calling her, wanting her to come home. The next thing you know someone got an alert on their phone. It was an amber alert. I had a Laptop at the time. So everybody told me to go check out the story on the amber alert. I went upstairs and looked up the story.It was a woman in Louisiana had taken a baby from a hospital.

The next thing I remember, something seemed to take over my computer screen. It was watch you would call a vision. A chain of events took place right in front of my eyes. It all flashed in front of me so fast. I saw a map of the united states. The I saw something come front inside the country a hit San Francisco, destroying it on contact. The next thing I saw was the dawn of the Apocalypse. It all startled me. I stepped back from the computer screen. Ron had come upstairs. He was standing to my right. He said, "Ok, now we are going to get you. Are you ready?" I paused, then I knew that this is what I had asked for the day before. It was all happeneing. Ron repeated himself "Are you ready?" I said, "YES."...

Thing next thing I remember was what felt like lightning come down through the crown of my head and out my heels. It was so intense I fell to my knee's. I started breathing heavily. Ron says, "Are you Ok??". Again, "Are you Ok???".. After about 20 seconds or so I got control of my breathing. My eyes were open. I could see, clearly for the first time in my life. Ron said, "Ok, come downstairs, we are going to have a talk."

I followed Ron downstairs and we all gathered together again. We started to talk. First it was Robin. I remember her thumbing through a magazine. She looked at me and pointed to a word (Kindle). She says, "See, nobody really dies.." I thought that was strange. My mother had a miscarriage several years back. The baby girl was supposed to be named Kindle. But how could she know this???

I continued, slow at first and then it intensified over the next 3 days. They knew things. They told me back pieces of my life. Things that only me and God should know. Things became so transparent over those days. For the first time in my life I felt open, vulnerable.

 The things they would say were so precise. For example, have you ever been with a friend or family member and you say something that only you and that person know. Something you bring up later on and it becomes an inside thing between the 2 of you???

Those are the things they were telling me. The "1 liners", the secrets of my life.

Later that night things settles down some and we watched a movie. But I couldn't focus on the movie. I could feel the room around me, the peoples movements. I was different. Something had changed..

Early next morning, it was still dark. I remember waking up and then hearing a strange sound coming from outside. The only way I can describe it is it sounding like bagpipes almost, but digital sounding. A sound I have never hear since or before then. Strange. Seth seemed to have been woken up by the sound. He didn't seem to have heard it like me. He just got up and got ready for work.

During the day that day I stayed home and talked to Melody, Seth Mom. She was living with us at the time. She was telling me things about her life. Personal things. She was also telling me more 1 liners. And that when I saw it. She was starting to change. She looked up for a second and her eyes looked different. They were covered by what looked like a blue reflective layer. She was changing. They were changing, WE were changing. Something had entered my friends. Spirits???

Later that afternoon Seth returned to the townhouse. He said, "Comes upstairs for a second, I want to show you something on your computer?" At first he was just looking up regular stuff. Then I noticed the computer started to turn off and then turn back on, over and over. But it didnt go through the normal start-up that computers do. The he pointed down to the battery meter and it was going up and down, repeatedly. He said, "This is how things work here..." At that point I knew what he meant. We were there at the townhouse and we weren't at the same time. It was like we were between 2 places. Another dimension??

Later that evening we started to talk again. Things started to get more intense. Now every time they would tell me these things about my life their eyes would shift to a completely different set of eyes. It as different spirits were coming into them to tell me these things. And at the same time time my friends were able to witness what was happening to them. It got so intense that I remember Seth walking into the Kitchen and I was standing there watching him. He was trying to fight it, he was trying to get through so he could talk. By the entity that had taken over my friends was to strong. Seth had his hands on his face, almost clawing, trying to fight. But he couldn't. I remember his eyes looked almost a red brown during that shift.

The following evening I had become so overwhelmed by what what happening that I started to drift from the conversations. I was trying to process everything, trying to listen, it became to much. How can one person process so much?

Me Seth and Ron were sitting on the floor. They were talking, I was listening. Ever now and then they would have to say me name to get my attention. 

And that is when the strangest thing happened. 

Seth pointed to Ron and said, "Look." The second time he tried to get my attention I realized what he was pointing at. I looked at Ron and he was completely taken over. I looked into the eyes before me and the color was like a spectrum of colors splattered on a white background. I felt like I could see eternity in it's eyes. And then it said, "WHEREVER YOU GO, THERE I'LL BE. IM THE NUMBER 23!"

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Thursdays (Every Other Thurs) dedicated to Cynthia, Maryann, Mer: Astrology "Learning Who You Really Are" and helping YOU build the foundation of that. Opposite Thursdays Elizabeth Diamond & Candy Shop candy: "Learning who YOu Really Are with Galactic and beyond!!
 Thanks Blessings of Love Peace & Joy turning to Bliss!! to All YOU Diamonds elizabeth Diamond
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""UPDATE"" David Wilcock, Cory Goode & The Law of One Prayer on the Diamonds Forever Shows with Chris & Cynthia and others Taking Down The Matrix, Litterally and Manifestation Immediate Results, as evidence in All the Diamonds Forever 31 13 Shows.

see Candy Shop  show below (in conjunction with Diamonds Forever 3113 Show),comments and the show that David Wlicock  and Corey Goode do, Not knowing yet of What we doing!!   All Is One and The Law of One is Crumbling the Matrix!! take a listen. and David & Cory i hope you listen too!! its All good stuff. Love YOU elizabeth Diamond

Watch This and See if Not Connecting with All that David Wilcock & Cory doing:

Thankfully our website is back up. The server company has "no idea" what caused this to happen. They literally have FOUR different theories about how we ended offline all weekend, which "just so happened" to correlate with the epic launch of Cosmic Disclosure.
1. Hard Drive Crash
2. RAID Failure
3. "Network Issue"
4. "Problem With CPanel"
They are now monitoring the server to attempt to protect us from having this happen any further.
If the company itself has no idea what caused this, it bears all the hallmarks of a high-level hack. Whoever did this was trying to cause us serious financial damage, since the weekend is when articles go viral. We would normally have 100K hits by now on a new article and it's still only at 29K.
Very, very few of those hits turn into subscriptions on average, but there certainly would have been some... so thanks a lot, guys!
Interestingly, my mother called me up today and said that after watching the four episodes of Cosmic Disclosure, she is convinced that Corey is telling the truth. She worked many conferences with me but never really believed it until she started watching all the insider videos out there and reading Dolores Cannon's books.
I do plan on writing a new piece addressing the astonishing amount of "negative greeting" we have had to go through in order to do this show. LA is about to be in mid-90-degree heat all week so I am not looking forward to that either. Oh well... I am quite tired but the important part is that we had a successful launch!  David Wilcock

See Cory and Davids partial show below, the rest you can find on

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