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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

This Is pretty Blunt and IN YOUR FACE, but it's Full of Wisdom and Insight. Read this with Your Heart and See.

Did you know :
The most casualties of any American war , we're accredited 2 the civil war
Horrible loss of human life
Fought OVER $$$$ money
in 1871 the organic United States of America  , s U.S. Constitution was hoodwinked  by a criminal element
how many Americans lost their lives out of Vietnam War : 58,000 +/- way 2 many
how  many Americans lost their lives in WWII : 350,000 +/-  sickening number of lost American s
how many JEWS lost their lives during WWII ( this will or should make the average one 1 kringe )
Who gives a FUCK about the god damn Jews????
art of war
B wery of those bringing bad news
tic toc
tic toc
how many TOTAL souls lost their lives during WWII : 50 million poor unfortunate SOULS. this number is staggeringly,  this never was supposed to happen again
It's 2015 and the PTB are still @ it!
too many ignorant mother fucking stupid monkeys in mi kingdom
killing is murder
the  banking industry is loaded with Nazi thinking SOUL-less  wonders
2 include the English Crown (not authentic bloodline )
Leadership of Vatican bank,  i.e. Catholic leadership  ( many sick child fuckers )
then  WE have the old WHITE RACIST money handlers in the United States of America
the Gates. the Oprah's  , Hollywood Elite  , etc.
many many Ole souls in this country belong in jail
the NSA & our CIA, including Interpol  have ALL the computer ticks to convict THEM ALL
yet still
No change
will THEY RV and reset the financial system
Jubilee? ?????
Are the power's pretending to bee in charge going to do the Rite thing ?
still TBD
daniel john de Luca
ps.  i hope so soon , because most humans on this rock are on low ground and can't swim.  i care about the WHOLE most , i represent the 44 million souls from WWII and all others without voice first
to the good ones still in the game stand up as one , stand up against the SLAVE MASTER s so the WHOLE may prosper and advance