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Saturday, February 14, 2015

JUST RECORDED!! Astounding show must Listen. Today. Valentines Diamonds Forever 31 Show 1pm Central 2 pm Est Real Special for YOu Valentines: GO BEYOND AWAKENING!, for your Whole self. OUR MISSION at Diamonds Forever 3113 is TO AWAKEN THE HEARTS OF ALL OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS; A Counseling therapy, tool giving Catalyst, for the Whole Being, YOU Diamond!! Diamonds Forever 31 ("Roar"; the Lion taking Dominion & 13 (christ Consiousness; the Supernatural Natural YOU) understands that seeking catalyzing (Change), is not the easiest thing to do. We are here to help. In a non-judgmental environment with trust and acceptance as the foundation, Diamonds Forever 3113 will join and help you move through uncertainty and difficult times. We will guide, and offer Whole being tools for you! through those situations, and will reveal your strengths, potential solutions, and ways to overcome life’s bumps in the Now & future, healing your past. Located in Coon Rapids MN, Diamonds Forever 3113 will leverage their experience and skills to actively guide you in meeting your goals. If you’re looking for compassionate guidance with a human touch, give Diamonds Forever 3113 a call today. 612-715-8314 Or for more information on our services visit It's All Free. / Donations Appreciated. Much Love to YOU. eDiamond

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Actor...Metaphysician...Movie Maker...Reiki Master...U-fol-o-gist...Unexplained Phenomena Investigator/Researcher
Founder, Universal Truth Investigative Associates
Joe Palermo was born in St. Louis, Missouri, August 1958 to Joe (1912 - 1970) and Mary (1922 - 2007) Palermo, who owned and operated a tavern now referred to as "America's Original Sports Bar" ).  Joe was introduced to science fiction and horror films by his father, and became fascinated with the unknown.
Over the summer of 1972, 14 year old Joe's curiosity was peaked when he and several neighborhood friends sighted a circular object over their homes just South of Lambert International Airport.  Parents ignored Joe and his friends UFO sighting, but he knew he had witnessed something unlike anything he'd seen before, even on television.  He was further excited to discover a UFO study group (the launching pad for what is now known as the Mutual UFO Network, Inc.) in the area was bringing nuclear physicist Stanton T. Friedman in to lecture on "Project Blue Book."  Joe attended the lecture, got Friedman's autograph but was disappointed to find that all the study group could *offer the 14 year old was a subscription to their newsletter and a list of books to read (*In later years, Joe would go on to become the president of the group with a seat on the Board of Directors).