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Saturday, June 14, 2014

be patient....its worth the time...the best stuff is the last........The Devil’s Brew Morphs Into A Can Of Worms

be patient....its worth the time...the best stuff is the last

The Devil’s Brew Morphs Into A Can Of Worms

Have you noticed the accelerated pace at which reality seems to have spun out of control? Whether it’s banking, the environment, or lab-made designer disease the purveyors of chaos have turned up the heat and are rapidly stirring the pot.

Your Money Doesn’t Belong To You

The EU financial overlords have determined that a systemic bank run across Europe would overwhelm the European Central Bank. So voilà! They’ve taken pre-emptive steps to stop this terrifying outcome by creating rules that make it clear who owns your bank account. Unsurprisingly the owner is not the account holder. It’s the bank. As such banks can do whatever they like with your money.

Mark Kempton compiled a short list of the most common rules in place across banking establishments in Europe (and presumably elsewhere).
  • A depositor can only withdraw ~10% of their balance in large-scale cash per year.
  • These limits do not apply to small one-time incidents such as ~5,000 euros.
  • All large cash withdraws must have a “valid” reason given. Hint: “I don’t trust my bank”, is not a valid reason.
  • Daily cash machine limits are exempt.
The vast majority of bank account holders are unaware of these rules because they don’t have large enough balances to create problems even if they withdrew every cent. That said, even this possibility of massive withdrawal activity by small account holders has been covered by the banks.

“If they see an excessive/unusual amount of small daily withdraws taking place they can easily tighten these limits – all the procedures are in place.”

So what does all this mean? Kempton states “Quite simple really. There won’t be a bank run in Europe – because it’s no longer allowed.

What’s Allowed? Chemtrails

Notwithstanding the clear evidence of chemtrails littering the skies a frightening majority remain so unaware they can’t even frame the question “what are they spraying, and why?” 

"These are very serious questions, and apparently the answers would not meet with public approval.

. . . “Besides being highly toxic, these metallic particles, much of them nano sized in order to stay afloat as well as able to permeate everything possible, are very sensitive to electromagnetic influences. Upon this concoction in the atmosphere a directed energy device could literally steer the jet stream and local weather patterns.

. . . “By far the most dominant cover story is that they are trying to reflect sunlight from the earth to mitigate global warming. Whatever your feelings on global warming science and rhetoric, that idea is both nonsensical and extremely dangerous, both to our ecosphere and human health. It’s even since been proven that a canopy of heavy metal nanoparticulates entraps earth’s heat instead of reduces it which shoots that excuse full of holes.”

So What Exactly Are In Those  Chemtrails?

“Multiple independent water and air samples have determined a wide array of particulates raining down on our rivers, streams, plants and animals, and obviously the human race, that are extremely toxic and life altering. The predominant components have been determined to be aluminum and barium oxides, while other components are more than troubling to say the least.”

Vast swaths of humanity seem incapable of absorbing the truth of what’s happening “[w]hether it’s 9/11, obvious economic manipulations, governmental betrayals or the concerted assault on our food, water and health, the implications are apparently too hard for most to handle.”

"Humanity is being manhandled and manipulated on a massive scale, and as Hitler and other despots have pointed out, the bigger the lie, the less they’ll challenge it.

This is a subject for serious thought and consideration, not off-handed dismissal in the stigmatized name of “conspiracy theory”. Any challenge to today’s ruling oligarchy and the overarching onslaught on our planet we’re witnessing is readily swept under the rug of that convenient label.

Either we wake up and take action, or our very lives and the life of our planet are in imminent peril – and may very well be extinguished."

Despite It All Humanity Holds A Key - Epigenetics

“As the study of epigenetics expands, researchers are finding out a lot about our DNA and genetics that we previously didn’t know in the past. For one, we are realizing that we are not always a victim of our genes and that our experiences and thoughts/behavior can make an impact on our DNA.

"HeartMath researchers have conducted experiments that illustrate that physical aspects of DNA strands can be influenced by human intention. The article, Modulation of DNA Conformation by Heart-Focused Intention – McCraty, Atkinson, Tomasino, 2003 – describes experiments that achieved such results. [2]

"In the experiment, an individual held three DNA samples and was directed to begin generating heart coherence. Heart coherence is referred to as a beneficial state of mental, emotional and physical balance and harmony. As they created heart coherence with the aid of a HeartMath technique that utilizes heart breathing and intentional positive emotions, the individual was able to successfully intentionally unwind two of the DNA samples to different extents and leave the third unchanged.” 

. . . “In the case of HeartMath’s research, HeartMath founder Doc Childre believes it is the heart’s intelligence that creates a connection energetically with DNA in order to intentionally adjust its structure. In theory, this same principal could explain how the same phenomenon is happening to water, cells or other aspects of our reality”

It turns out “where’s there’s a will there’s a way” is more than just cliché. The engagement between the breath of life and heart-centered focused intent is key to humanity’s liberation.

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