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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Here is an Example of Taking Action!! keep it up usa!! Remember, everyone!! One Little Action a Week counts!! Actioning into The New World of Peace Harmony Love Joy & "The Pursuit of Happieness". Do it!!! Diamonds. Much Love e Diamond

Clean it ALL up! This is 2015! Do it right!!!
 — with Guy McPherson and 18 others.
Earlier this week, the City of Chicago announced that they were denying a request from KCBX in which the company asked to delay enclosing the pet coke piles. KCBX lines the banks of the Calumet River with this sooty material on the Southeast Side.
While enclosing the hazardous material is an improvement on the current method of open air storage, Mayor Emanuel had vowed to get KCBX out entirely and he has fallen short of that promise. What he fails to understand is that the entire operation contributes to the negative impact on our quality of life,. Even after the piles are enclosed, the blight will continue with: the 100 plus rail cars that rumble within 20 feet of residents' homes disturbing their sleep and peace of mind. The dust blowing off of those rail cars blanketing our homes, parks, little league fields, and even our picnic food. Most importantly, it's the concern for how that dust filters into our lungs and what health implications it might have.
The Southeast Environmental Task Force stands with the community on demanding a complete ban of pet coke in Chicago. More than 2700 Chicagoans have signed petitions which have been delivered to the City calling for a ban on pet coke. This issue will also be in focus on election day, as voters in the 10th Ward have a chance to pass a similar resolution calling for a ban.

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