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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Update on Progress of The Real Disclosure Citizens Hearing in usa Congress and Senate: Disclosure of "There is Truly Exterestrial Prescence and Our Goverments Around the World, including united states of America have been working with them, especially with developing Techknowledgy!! that We The People should Have Access too!!! and this IS a Big part of What getting this Disclosure out to The World is all about!! Join us in any kind of ACTION!! YOU Diamond can Partake in this, History Making Adventure for Planet Earth. e Diamond Much Love to YOU all.

The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure is

CHD2 is excited to be part of the 2015 UFO Congress in Arizona this week.  And we have some BIG announcements!

1) The OFFICIAL Citizen Hearing DVDs are finally printed, and ready to be shipped to our contributors! Make sure we have your current mailing address if you ordered the footage by emailing us at  We are starting to ship next week!

2) CHD2 will represent at a table at the 2015 UFO Congress (with a limited number of DVD BOX sets available for sale).  We look forward to seeing you there!

3) We at CHD2 are also looking forward to supporting our friend and Director,  JEREMY KENYON LOCKYER CORBELL, who will be presenting a lecture on Saturday February 21st, just before George Knapp & Bob Lazar at the UFO Congress.

4) Corbell has a very special presentation set for the weekend, and will be releasing and premiering TWO films at the UFO Film Festival!  First will bePATIENT SEVENTEEN and the second is NANO MAN: UTILITY FOG.  Also available - only on PayPerView - is Corbell's very special short film titled...LAZAR: Cosmic Whistleblower.

You can PRE-ORDER Corbell's short film LAZAR right HERE AND NOW.

On February 20th @ MIDNIGHT, Corbell is launching a short film on the most EPIC UFO cases of all time... the story of BOB LAZAR.

With a look at the key characters involved, as well as fresh testimony from Lazar himself... you can PRE-ORDER Corbell's short film to watch the moment it's released on Friday.

Don't miss out on this unique short film!

Reuben Langdon
CHD2 Productions, LLC.


Published on Jan 14, 2015
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