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Friday, August 9, 2013

Do you want to start learning, healing, and know who you really are??? Check this out. Love you All!!! Elizabeth Diamond

This is the first Historical Phone Call with a Qeuestion and answer session with Julien Wells, Andrew Bartzis, special guests  the Pleiadian's, one of the races of  beings we will meet,  that is contactable by all of us. We will all meet in Dream time first and then in this awake world.   Listen In!!!


welcome to sovereign media's new web site! Here is were YOU will Learn WHO YOU REALLY ARE. you will cry, you will laugh, you will Heal.  ENJOY. I do!! and keep SHINING like THE DIAMNOD YOU ARE.

Welcome to Sovereign Media's new web site!
The team here is in the process of designing a great web site, which will serve
as the hub for all Sovereign Media's events and related information and sites.
There's a lot going on and coming up, and we didn't want to delay the shows,
the information, and the benefit YOU receive. So, pardon our quickly created
get-the-job-done web page, and check back often, as this will likely be updated daily.
Initially, we will be working with Andrew Bartzis as Galactic Historian.
His job is to be a conscious neutral perspective of the complete akashic record.
We will be working with various other streams/collectives and giving them,
and the larger collective, 'access' to the complete neutral akashic through their questions.
This second in this series of shows features the 'Pleiadian Collective' connected through
Julien Wells asking questions of the neutral Akashic record through Andrew Bartzis.
Julien does not consider himself a 'channel', as he is interpreting through his perspective,
not acting as a voice for another.
This teleseminar took place on
Thursday, August 8, 7:00pm Pacific time, and was about 2 hours long.
Cost is $8.00 (replay of the broadcast available)
Be sure to click "return to Creating 5D / Sovereign Media" at the end
the transaction, so you get the confirmation page with instructions.
The next broadcast will be on Sunday, August 11th at 5:00pm (Pacific time)
and will feature Andrew Bartzis, Nickie Thetsi, Chris Hales, and Gregg Prescott,
addressing Sacred Masculine, Sacred Feminine, Sexuality and Sensuality.
It is vitally important to reconnect the divine masculine and feminine energies in an empowering,
informed way. There are obstacles that this event will illuminate. Being conscious of the
intentional obstacles we've had put in the path of authentic masculine/feminine co-creation
is the first step to clearing them from your field. We will welcome personal questions specific
in nature, typed in or live. We will offer the clarity to clear and process what is obstructing
you personally. An excellent preview of the show topic can be heard on a couple of prior
broadcasts. These shows are 'required' homework prior to the event in order to be
energetically aligned with the intent of this show.
The intention of our time and energy here is also to raise
funds for the Return to Atlantis event. Any funds raised over and above the needs of
the event will be donated to the foundations that inspire the hosts. This teleseminar (where
you can submit questions/comments) will run for about 3 hours, but it may be more or less.
Cost is $9.00
Be sure to click "return to Creating 5D / Sovereign Media" at the end
the transaction, so you get the confirmation page with instructions.
What's Sovereign Media, you may be wondering... is a collaboration between various 'source streams' to bring
awareness of sovereignty, self empowerment, true nature of our history, and
foster clear communication channels between source collectives and soul families...
an exploration of the true nature of our subtle reality.
Home to a free to view, paid to post, Blog and Forum [launching soon].
You pay to post (monthly recurring, low fee) so the posting is somewhat self
regulating, co-creative, and selective, as not many 'trolls' pay to disrupt.
Home for the archives of each 'stream.'
Home for the full download of the galactic history recordings and written transcript
(30 half hour episodes recorded to date, not released yet).
Sale of the complete transcript by show, or in groups.
Kindle book of the three Walking in Energy shows done with
Andrew Bartzis, and home for the pdf version.
... and more in the planning!
If you'd like to contact us, drop an E-mail to