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Monday, September 23, 2013


Over the next few weeks I will be posting a new series of interviews that explain what happened to the earth in the last 4 days (sep 16-20th 2013). This is my way as a human incarnating into this reality to help aid those looking for their own sacred path to walk. As with any project, time, effort and energy are the most important thing to invest.

Who are the new leaders? help wanted signs are up all over earths dreaming mind.
Andrew Bartzis

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A distant wolf howls echoes in my sacred space. The wolf howls a long ballad of triumph and joy. Wolf is near the shadows of sacred mountain. My medicine allies plot a path for dreamers to dream. There at the base of sacred mountain the wolf awaits your spirits presence.

Time moves forward, the dreamers dreaming me, while I dream them from my dreaming body. The endless cycle of dreaming reminding me of the sacred point of view. Here I connect to great mystery. Here with in the void of nothing. I dance the dream like all of you. A pause in the dance comes, medicine eyes see wolf trot up to the sacred ceremonial fire. He sits, his breath mist billowing like the fiery smoke in the cold air.

Learning the spirit howl is the primary duty of wolf. Within this howl all medicine allies will know your state of being. This ability manifest needs in your life walk in many different ways.

The choice of freewill is you greatest tool in this dance of life. Just as the wolf howls to his pack mates so do 2legged need to connect with their kindred spirits. In those family and kindred relationships past life karma is recycled and renewed so we may experience the joys and pains with our family and extended clans. With in this truth of human connectedness is the secret of the wolfs howl. The howl is heard on many levels of awareness. To know the wolf as your personnel medicine totem you must be willing to listen to the expression of the howl. Learn how it connects to your spirits needs and desires. The act of learning will help you translate wolfs personnel message to you with in every howl.
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  • My dreaming body dreaming this moment as it occurs. The dreamweave
    energies reach out with offerings from the placenta of the void
    of great mystery. Deep shamanic chanting fades in from the eternal
    side of blue road life. My dreamtime ceremonial space is bonding with
    the energies of the dreamers of the dream, dreaming me as I dream

    The smoke gives way as blue spirit flame discovers the fresh kindling of this years life harvest.

    The world of life is as myopic as your understanding and expansive as a creative mind loved in a continuous circle of friends and family.

    Today at this moment in time, the healers of the southern skies call to your inner child looking at the nighttime sky. We ask you to use this frame of spirit-time as reference to rekindle the youthful spirit who is able to look at the sky with ecstasy and the joy of a creative exploring mind. Let your mind wander above the coming winter clouds. Soar above the city's and freeways. See the complete interconnectedness of the whole world acting in symphony with all creature kind.

    This interconnectedness is the root of spiritual evolution, expansion and development. All things born of earth are her children. All her children are blood relatives and kindred spirits exchanging life force as a community of spirits expressing free will on this planet we call Earth.. Some are aware and some are unaware. It is not your place to judge or misjudge.

    We look into the fires of creation past the point of no return in a world of infinite energies in continious evolution and expansion. A single frame of human reference comes forward. Image of a Human and his interconnected DNA intertwines with all life force expressing freewill. All incarnated beings can commune with their genetic code on a deeply spiritual and human level if they should choose to explore in freewill the metaphysics of mind body and spirit. We ask you to include this into your weekly development patterns. As the winter solstice draws near people will begin their process or recalling the last year, freeing up stagnant energies from months past. All experience this recalling of energy in a different way. Its written into our DNA - so we can connect with the past events to learn, evolve, create and co-create with all creature kind.

    As the days get shorter and shorter the veil will be lifted from the eyes of many people. This veil will reveal the early twilight of winter nights. This veil will be the cycle of night and day. It has no more meaning than the rise and fall of day and night. A cycle that has been played out since man has looked at the stars.

    During the winter solstice is the time and place to learn where the magic still lives in your soul. Belittling this times takes away form our ability to understand our creative force with in. Learn to recall energies during the dawn hours. Make extra effort to let go of old habit patterns as the light of a new morning cycle comes over you. Learn how to let go of unanswered prayers as the sun goes down. There are times when we pray and yet do not send it to our highest level of spiritual expression. These prayers get stuck in the heart, cause strife and metal misconduct if they are left to fester for to long. Each prayer needs time with the placenta of great mystery. – Allow this time into your life. It is not a striping of Id, Ego or personality. It is the recalling of life events or memories in long term storage – Let the stars above your head or the clouds floating in the sky be the silent auditors of your past years fate, destiny and expression of day to day life. This is not for those who use ceremonial time as their only means of spiritual expression. You must be ready with a system of prayers that help define your year and upcoming year. Healing is a process not an event like the shortest day of the year.

    Now is the time to reclaim the prayer pipe from your medicine allies. Relearning to pray in a whole new way that interconnects all past systems of personnel prayer with your current method of spiritual locomotion. For a short time the coming winter spirits will provide 2 opportunities to commune with the winter thunder beings. It will be your service to mother earth to be aware or thunder on the distant horizon. Thunder and lighting in winter is a rare gift of medicine during these times of personnel change. Each rumble of thunder and flash of hidden light will be your opportunity to express to all living things your true nature unhindered by the camouflage of civilization. Each crack of winter storm thunder will aid you in understanding the self created illusions – friend dragonfly will be your guide during these moments. She will come to you in spirit form because her body is now hibernating in egg time before she hatches a new generation of dragonfly. Learn form friend dragonfly during these times. Let her show you the flowers on the spirit trails or the waterfall where great clouds of gnats form a food chain cycle each time they gather in-mass.

    Learn how to tell your ever evolving story to the four winds. It will be your greatest service you can provide to mother earth. Tell her your alive. Tell her your life story in spirit song.

    As you learn to walk in balance friend whale will come to your medicine spread. Her song will touch parts of your body with vibration. This vibration will start a process of remembering your past. Take time to heal, learn and prosper with friend whale as your new medicine teacher. Swim with her as part of the great pod of spirit whales exploring the universe with song.
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    For the communal expression of dreamtime, dream weave and understanding the many frequencies of life we all go through.

    Friend dragonfly comes to my medicine spread. Her wings humming in tune with the dream time surroundings, dragonfly hovers over my head, looking for dreamtime gnats. He darts, feeding on a dream time gnat. He settles onto my left shoulder. Her huge eye globes reflecting countless millenniums of illusion. Dragonfly is the guardian of illusion.

    She speaks of times past, when the veil of separation was thin or almost non existent, in certain areas of earth mothers spine. Dragonfly wove the veil of separation for 2legged mind, so dream time would be kept sacred for the future generations. For within dream time every facet of life can be explored and experimented with. Those who chose to travel and interact with dream time must confront their own guardian of illusion. The shadow side of your mind that says its all not real.

    The shadow often is in league with the ego for the reason of reality control. When you awake in a dream time state, we often must assess where we are, soon we learn what is dream and what is static 2legged mind. The dragonfly will be the creature totem that asks you – have you earned the right to enter dreamtime? She'll ask you what realms of imagination has your inner child explored. She'll ask the questions that make you question the 2 realities. Upon accepting that both are equal and layered onto each other, then you'll understand what earning the right pertains.

    The little swan flies through the dreamtime sky looking for great mystery, for her future awaits. Swan has seen high above the great sacred mountain, she knows what awaits those who seek a higher meaning. Swan has settled into your spirit pond to remind you that the future awaits you. There swan sees a gateway guarded by the dragonfly

    Swam meets dragonfly and dragonfly said, “you have found the door way to other planes of imagination, I have been the guardian of the illusion for many moons. If you want to enter the place of future, you must earn the right.
    Swan asks” why is it necessary to earn the right?”
    You must be willing to accept that which the future holds. With out trying to change great spirits plan. Swans message is simple surrender to the grace of life, the spark of life and the taste of life. Do not worry abut the future, know it waits your choice to accept it for what it is.

    Dolphin is the dream time teacher of the breath of life, required to maintain the silence to keep grounded in dreamtime realities. The medicine of friend dolphin comes swimming his way into your daily medicine spread. Dolphin speaks to us of the breath of life. Two-leggeds can not go with out breath for a few minutes or thy will die. We can live with out food or water for some time. Within the breath of life, we can access the rhythms and energy of all creature kind. Dolphin is the sacred keeper of the manna of life.

    Dolphin is the medicine totem that teaches how to release emotional and spiritual dis-ease. Dolphin is the teaching totem of those seeking to mediate in silence. Dolphin takes a deep breath then dives below the seas in search of his spirit prey. He spots a herring, darting towards the spirit herring, he gobbles up the spirit prey. Returning to the surface he exhales his stored manna, recycling it with fresh air of the sky nation. He takes another breath and dives deeper this time. This represents the need to control ones breathing in a natural way to achieve silence. Only in silence will you discover the connections to the medicine world.

    With in the cycle of the oceans and the movement of the great star nation we learn that all life goes through cycles. These moments of movement help us create and control our mission and our purpose.

    Me dreaming you and you dreaming me.. Dream on brothers and sisters, dream on

    Great mystery reminds us we are freewill co-creators in this dance of life. Sometimes the dance comes to a rhythmical pause. Can you recognize the pauses and sudden starts to this dance of life. When the fire of ceremony has ended and you've returned to your home, can you still connect to the dancer, dancing this dream we all live in?

    Great mystery lives with in every thing and every one. The forms may change but the energy of creation remains the same. Great mystery created great spirit to be the creative flow of the uniworlds, which include all levels of the universe and all understanding about the creative force of life. Great mystery will never be solved

    Two options for funding the teal vibrational art campaign. One at , and the other at indiegogo. Same project, multiple places to fund the project

    Thanks, Blake Dyer Teal Scott Andrew Bartzis Inelia Benz

    And everyone who is funding what they want created, and creating what they want.
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    May 2, 2011 at 2:02pm

    This question has been asked by every man,women and child in every generation since time began. In my humble opinion true love is chemistry bonded with human spark of life, interacting on a daily basis with your community, family, friends and each other. This world we live in calls us to duty every day.

    It asks us to be alive everyday that we live on earth. This very task of being alive everyday is what drives us to find love. To search it out, discovering its mysteries and disasters. When we ask ourselves what is love? – and how do we express it? We learn that all things are expressing love at all times. It is up to you the individual to translate their meanings, musings and fortunes told.

    Those who observe daily life, learn love has many paths to walk on. Love has times of joy and sorrow. Love has everything we need, But it does not have what we desire. Desire is love gone wild. Its unbridled passion, it's pure nature warming our souls. We seek this passion spark to fulfill light in our lives. This very tangible thing called love is what links every other person in this world together as equal partners in the experience of life. Some take more than others. Some take almost non at all. Love is a continuous exchange of needs and desires from each lover and the community in which the reside.

    We as individuals can learn the subtleties of love, but it comes down to knowing what you need VS what you desire. Tempering our mental habit of following only desire, shows wisdom and age. When we love another person, we must know what they need, for love to exist. For love too grow, lovers seek the passion spark. This very palpable thing all humans know by genetic knowledge. It is raw unbridled love making, passed down from civilization to civilization through out time.

    Reality bends as we understand each other in those special moments. Linking us in time and place, like snapshot of life's memories.
    by Andrew Bartzis 3/11/01