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Friday, September 20, 2013

THE RETURN TO ATLANTIS EVENT!! OCT 4-6 2013 JOIN THE LIVE WEBCAST. Listen Below to the Audio describing this awesome event. Instructions to Join, also are below. Thankyou. Peace, Love, and Joy turning into Blissss! Elizabeth Diamond

Here is the link to the full show above:

In5D Return To Atlantis Conference

On October 4-6, 2013 In5D will be hosting the ‘Return To Atlantis’ Conference at the Holiday Inn on the 99% Quartz Crystal Sands of Lido Key Beach in Sarasota, Florida as we will be bringing together multiple soul groups, star families, starseeds and like-minded people while energizing the grid and opening portals from this magical location.

There are only 90 tickets available for this event, which will include the following speakers:

Lisa Renee
Teal Scott
Laura Eisenhower
Dr. Dream
Tom Lescher
Andrew Bartzis

Also included is a Friday Night New Moon Beach Galactivation; a Saturday Night Cosmic Reunion Beach Party and a Sunday Night Drum Circle on Siesta Key Beach.
Gregg Prescott, from and Psychic/Astrologer Helane Lipson will be co-hosting Return To Atlantis.
Tickets for this event are $222 per person and can be purchased below:
Seating is limited and there are only 90 tickets available at press time.
Hotel accommodations are not included, although we have made arrangements with the Lido Key Beach Holiday Inn to lock in room rates starting at $149 per night.
We will also be televising our guest speakers for $44 through LiveStream.
Lisa Renee stated, ” I have received clear guidance from the teams that I am to participate. That is rare and a nice change of pace. To be honest with you  - it’s the first time in a long time that they made me aware that some mutual teams are involved in this event as a collaboration.”
All of our speakers are specifically being drawn to this event as we reunite soul groups while unlocking the energy grid.
Even if you are unable to physically attend this event, it will be available through LiveStream at a minimal cost. Between the 99% quartz crystal sand, our guest speakers and those will be attending this event, the energy will be off the boards!  Even those watching on LiveStream will feel it!   DIAMONDSFOREVER31.BLOGSPOT.COM