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Monday, September 16, 2013


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Yes, it is time to wake up the world.  As with any great change, your participation is required!  We, together, are going to begin with a seemingly simple process.  Many billboards.  Signs on Buses.  Ads in local papers.  What makes this a unique expression, however, is the artwork we will be using, and the intention, desire, and focus behind it.
We will be using highly advanced vibrational artwork whose purpose is inspiring "Human Self Awareness".  None who observe it will be unaffected, yet, all who observe it will have done so by choice.  Their new found choice will be the seed of transformation and awakening that they have put in their path.  It will germinate and grow into a desire for access to their own true identity.  They will become more self aware of what it is to be a soul in a human body on a planet of free will choices.  They will claim their free will choice to stay asleep in density, or, wake up into joy-light-love and the conscious co-creation abilities that have until now been unconscious and programmed.
We all here who have made the clear choice to wake up, have come to the understanding that one purpose of early rising is to set the table for those who follow.  We have made breakfast.  We have hours and hours of the truth as we know it recorded and written for those who come now.  We are now walking in the land of the sleepers rattling the bells and shaking the walls so that the great awakening progresses in full volume.  The collective is asking "Please put in my path the tools I have asked for to wake myself up".  We will.
September 19th, 6pm Pacific Time
Teal Scott.  Spiritual Catalyst. Vibrational Artist.  Medical Intuitive.
Inelia Benz.  Here to Raise the Vibration of the Planet.
Andrew Bartzis. Galactic Historian.  Multidimensional and neutral access to the Akashic records of 20,000+ planets.
We have collaborated to make this process easy for you.  For You who are in co-creation with Us hereafter known as WE, share access.  We will, for the next thirty days or so, share access in a form that we generally do not, and share the tools and the technology WE have created in exchange for your energy of 3D transformation and intentions to join us in 5D and higher expressions of self.  We are one, in unity, and joy-light-love.
Join us in the co-creation room on the 19th at 6pm PT [your contribution below is your admission], and the follow up room at the conclusion of the project.  Contribute and receive in whatever way you feel is most appropriate for you.  Join our community pages, attend our events, focus on your own process of awakening and utilize the tools WE create.
All buttons include access to the event rooms.  We will be utilizing the funds collected to generate full size billboards showing the vibrational artwork of Teal Scott stimulating "Human Self Awareness".  These billboards will be prominently displayed where they may have to largest impact on the greatest number of people.  Imagine the effect of observing this vibration while stuck in traffic each morning driving into Los Angeles, New York, Washington DC, or another major city.