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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

(((())))BREAKING NEWS!!!(((((()))))) ANDREW'S AWESOME BREAKING NEWS TODAY, WOW!! WOW!! (((())))BREAKING NEWS!(((()))), first a meditation from Nina Howard, these posts were all shared today October 1 2013, on Andrews facebook. Blessings of Love, Peace, and Joy turning into Bliss!! Elizabeth Diamond

HERE IS SOME POSTS OF OCT 2 2013; Good News..if you can see between the lines:
What is trust?....
The hair ball is coughed up.....
3hrs 3 mins 3 secs from this point in time a no time bubble will open.... get ready. The show is about to have its series finally. ..

Ab aka gh lido key at the crystal sand fortress . My love to all aiding in awakening the grid...

Here are the last posts from andrew of the day, this story you will see, goes from the end to the beginning. FIRE!! signs and wonders, make you Wonder. Friend Andrew Bartzis on facebook or or

Andrew Bartzis
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Andrew Bartzis
    • Fire alarm going on at hotel... evacuation in progress
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      • Jed Davis Roof fire is alive...alarms are annoying. Just thought I'd state the obvious. Fires often cause alarm though alarms rarely cause fires. More of the obvious. And my saying those things are obvious is also obvious. So, while the obvious I have stated has been in regards to various topics I believe it would now be fair to say that I have completely overstated the obvious. I don't know 'bout you but that took my mind completely off the fire alarm. Oops! 
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      • Robin Larson Goof morning!
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      • Robin Larson Freudian slip! Good morning!
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      • Annette Otoole Sacred synchroncity's abound in your messages today...especially this one! Perfect timing within the pod's Source Stream  
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      • Elizabeth Mulligan

uPDATED AGAIN, andrew saying alot today, thanks andrew for all your wisdom: 
The time of the shift has come and gone. It is now with in our own grasp to make it stick. Coming together means setting aside difference more than the usual ways. Teachers, thinkers and healers will have to learn there are many systems to this world. There is no single belief system that can operate here on earth. It is counter to everything that is unity. That is the big lie in domination and control. We believe our belief system until we change the very nature of our belief systems. If one can not adapt to the new world then the old world will welcome you with open arms of domination and control. Freewill co-creative procreative beings admire the use of all systems to enhance the experiential nature of our reality.

We are at a time in human consciousness development where factions are more potent and destructive than disunity … factions are our own disunity creations that have been subtlety manipulated over many generations. Factions have been passed down from generation to generation. This passing down of disunity wisdom is the nature of domination and control.

AB aka GH
Updated later this evening, with another andrew post: 
No matter who you are source stream or homeless man, using one system of belief in the new world is disunity, domination and control of your self. If you can not come to the ala cart table of belief systems of the new world, then the new world is not for you. Using one system to process, fear, expectation LIMITS you to that single belief system. Unity means we process each other with all systems in the tool box. No one person is right or wrong.. To believe right or wrong is JUDGMENT... and judgment will the be the biggest thing EVERY one must overcome.. Judgment on the most subtle levels is the foundation of domination and control. It can not exist with out it... Each system created with in the disunity reality has a subtle judgment clause. Learning how it sneaks in will be the toughest thing each and every person will learn.... unity consciousness has no judgments just existence of creation and free thought.

Come together with a great pot luck dinner of belief systems and share with every one you know your tool box.. You never know some one who never tried sushi may just like it, if the company is right..

AB aka GH Lido key. on the Crystal sands beach
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Nina Howard shared a status.
We invite you to participate in A Spiritual Court of Equity with us this morning, Tuesday, at 11:30 AM EST. We call forth and presence the spirit guides and guardians of all participants. We call forth the presence and witness of those known as THE BIRD TRIBE. We call forth and presence the Angelic Legions of the transmuting Violet Flames, that the Violet Flames surround, purify and protect this Spiritual Court of Equity, each of us individually, and collectively, including and all participating other-dimensionals who make this their free-will choice, and that these transmuting Violet Flames expand and expand, purifying all of this Sacred Land in and around us including all of what might be termed Cherokee territory.
We call forth the presence of now of the Cherokee Nation in, on and around all dimensions of this land, in, on and around all dimension of Earth Mother/Gaia.
In particular we presence those of the Cherokee Nation who, as children, experienced deliberate interference and manipulation of their solular contracts, deflection from their true soul purpose, including harvesting of their precious life-force energy....all without their true informed conscious free-will consent...whose who, without their true free-will consent or the true free-will consent of their families, have been stolen from their families, forced, baptized, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually abused, sold, including sold into slavery and sexual slavery...
Joining us today in spirit is Archie Fire Lame Deer, Rising MorningStar Woman, presence the Lakota Nation.
We call forth and presence the Cree Nation, the Muskogee Creek Nation, the Algonquin Nation, the Iroquois Confederacy, all other other Native indigenous nations who choose to be present, to witness and in any manner of free will participate. We invite your participation as well.
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Andrew Bartzis
And so it begins...

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Andrew Bartzis
This is a call out to all lightwokers and light warrior's. . The silver clouds have formed around the earth grid... your earth mother is calling you to your own personal expansive moment of self truth. The clouds r there to see for those with the vision to see beyond the veil of separation. . The choice now solely rests in your hands. Let go of the tangled web of self deception and grab hold of the silver light clouds. .. mother earth's menstrual cycle has begun.. grid workers and warrior's hit the sacred geometry citys, support systems and news groups. Good luck to all those in action already. The system is over taxed and under funded. This is your time to shine.. Show domination and control who is the I am presence. .... I love u all.

Andrew aka GH.. ...punta gorda.. silver clouds to the west.

You are the resistance of free earth. Stand up for your rights set aside Factions and groups created in disunity. Come together in unity and cross pollinate all the tool boxes. We are all a resistance POD of ONE