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Monday, October 14, 2013

Written by: Graham Hayward     Graham Hayward      Find him on Facebook. Love YOU!! Graham
October 2013

For your information: Live theater taking place across the USA, drama scripted on a daily basis to illicit fear, confusion, and anything but truth.

*The debt ceiling is a complete farce/fabrication and just by itself makes no logical sense when you understand that this country has been operating in foreclosure since 1933 and a corporation since 1871. 

*If you understand we are currently/formerly, operating to that end, and the currency (dollars) are fiat (worthless), (only tradable because our faith/belief that it is in fact so) then you’ll understand that it’s impossible to think that raising the debt ceiling (allowing a deeper hole/debt) will solve any past/present/future problems for good/long term.

*You understand it’s impossible to use a ‘promise to pay’, promissory/fiat/dollars/debt note to cancel/pay down another debt. Two negatives won’t bring about a positive.

*Those people behind the scenes, writing these scripts for speeches/news/print/media, know this, they’re the ones that designed and operate this system of deception. They are the planners of our ‘perception’ of reality.

*The politicians/congress/senate et al, are all highly paid actors/players in an elaborate scheme of deception. They know it and perpetuate it, sell it.
There is ample evidence of this in any mainstream movie production, where art imitates life, and more importantly, life is then allowed/designed to imitate that art/theater/movie to both confuse and outright lie to you.

*This is why you see ‘real’ newscasters inside movies, delivering the ‘news’ and speaking to the characters within the ‘production’. Is it to lend an element of ‘realism’? Or is it to serve both ends? Entire story lines precede ‘real events’, or parallel the former.

*There is an effort to bring about civil unrest in this country using their tools of deception (news) to both thwart the truth, and promote the lies. For the most part news people are just TelePrompTer readers/actors/celebrities with inflated egos and no real knowledge of what’s really going on. They aren’t paid to know, or ask anything other than scripted questions.

*Think of what’s going on right now as a massive psychological operation using powerful tools/technologies at the disposal of the highest levels beyond your comprehension. It all begins and ends with your belief system. Give it your attention and it’ll grow inside you. Turn it off, and it dies at the switch.

*You understand it will end the minute we say it does and not a moment sooner. Our attention/beliefs are both the fuel and the defeat of their entire matrix of control. We are the ocean that surrounds their tiniest island.

*You are living at what is arguably the most exciting time in modern human history. We are currently at the tipping point of the most massive transfer of wealth in all of history. The release of free energy alone will make every being on earth live as they’ve always imagined.

*You know what it is wrong and you always have. Stop paying into the system with your attention/beliefs, it’s all entertainment/control, for criminals. It’s over, know that, feel it. We’ve come to the beginning of their end, and the start of our future with no limits in sight. 

**I don’t need to elaborate and I never provide links because I’d rather no one believe what I’m writing about. My sincere hope is that they disagree with me and decide to prove for/to themselves, truth, and use their own powers of discernment.

I only believe in the power you have, because it means everything to my future. I'm selfish that way.