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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Guest Speaker for Saturday Nov 2 2013 Nickie Thetsy, she is a healing teacher / guide, and much more. Enjoy the Call. Invite a friend.


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                                               Guiding You in Your Spiritual Journey


      tnano / transforming your body, mind & soul

              tNano Healing Tool : friend on facebook

tNANO Divinity Code Global Activation : friend on facebook


What is tNANO? It’s a high-tech tool that performs as a multi-function energy generator used in meditation for healing, connecting, protecting, and manifesting.
“My mission is to empower you to connect with your higher self and cosmic consciousness so as to find your life purpose and co-create miracles. You’ll learn the Universal Laws so that you understand and experience the power of manifesting to create a greater life.” Nickie Thetsy, MEd.
To learn more about how Quantum Healing (P-H-A-T) works using tNANO – click here.
Learn more about how Nickie Thetsy, the creator of tNANO, can help in your spiritual path – click here.

Guiding You in Your Spiritual Journey

Using our tNANO tools and consulting sessions can help your spiritual journey by allowing you to make breakthroughs that are holding you back. Some walls are from personal decisions however some maybe karmic and ancestral which need more intuitive work. Together we'll discover what's really holding you back.

tNANO Divinity Code 
The Divinity seal is vital to more than dealing with emf(electromagnetic fields) but to deal with negative energies in a portal on location. tNANO technology is more than orgonite as it is divinely designed to heal Mother Earth when buried in the ground. It restores ley lines.
When placed on ley lines, tNANO will activate Divinity code and flow like a river along the line and bring happiness and health to people, plants and overall community. Should anyone acquire tNANO technology their souls will resonate with self Divinity activation. Waking up people at Divinity level is Prime Creator’s intention. tNANO promotes grounding for anyone in proximity, even if the technology is buried on a site.
Most people are not grounded and tend to behave in ways that creates more unwanted karma. That and also being mislead by 3D reality “truth” tNANO is Divinely designed to be the ultimate All-In-One ( Cleans, Heals, Protects, Amplifies, Activates Divinity code, Increases to higher vibration and Transmutes summing up to ascension for Mother Earth and all beings.

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