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Monday, November 25, 2013

DAVID WILCOCK The Darkest Hour is Before the Dawn POSTED TODAY NOVEMBER 25 2013

The Darkest Hour is Before the Dawn

Media control, widespread apathy and brainwashing is no longer enough to prevent a mass public awakening.
We are now seeing the ultimate example of a vast empire in decline. Its death rattles are becoming increasingly obvious to an emboldened, awake and aware mass public.
The world is "hitting bottom", much like the process of how a drug addict realizes he needs to let go of the addiction in order to live a better life -- or any life at all.
The phrase "the darkest hour is before the dawn" may sound like a cliche', but it perfectly illustrates how the healing process actually works.
We may be seeing that "worldwide bottom" right now... with the promise of much happier times ahead.




This internal struggle is now reaching a critical mass.
A significant majority of the details must be held in the strictest secrecy, so as to ensure the plans will actually succeed.
Viable workarounds have been found for the surveillance problem -- among others -- since these insiders designed and implemented these same systems.
Much of the battle involves financially choking off the Cabal until it becomes totally bankrupt, while exposing more and more of its workings at the same time.
The events we are seeing now are not random. They are being delivered to us just as quickly as we can handle. And much more is on the way.
It is very likely that we are heading into some sort of historical mega-event -- and things will not continue the way they are much longer.

Major developments have occurred since this comprehensive plan to defeat the Cabal was first leaked in 2011. Many more surprises are still to come. 
Alliance-led events apparently included the following public developments -- which will likely be seen as far more significant in the fullness of time: 
  • The LIBOR scandal,
  • the Pope's resignation,
  • the Fox phone hacking scandal,
  • the BBC pedophilia scandal,
  • multiple Justice Department lawsuits against top banks, and
  • the NSA surveillance disclosures.

As all of this has happened, the pace of chaotic and upsetting global events has dramatically increased -- particularly since the NSA disclosures began.
These include the Boston Bombing, multiple mass shootings, Fukushima toxicity, the Syria conflict, the government shutdown and major earth changes, including the massive Philippines typhoon.

These do appear to be contrived attempts to steer the narrative back into fear -- and away from the truth of what we are now seeing.
The technology to manipulate severe weather does seem to exist -- and is being used more often than we think.
In time, much of the confusion and mystery of the events now unfolding will have cleared up -- and we will have a remarkable new view of life on earth.
Again, let me state this very clearly: It is very, very unlikely that the "constant crisis" we are now seeing will last much longer.
The illusion of "hell" is that it is eternal. That's where the sense of "learned helplessness" comes in.

History is full of examples of moments like the ones we are now seeing. These moments occur right before very powerful Turning Points.
There is a science to this that I describe in the new book. The turning point we are heading into already occurred in other cycles.
If my calculations are right, we will have seen major transformative events by some time in 2014.
The full transformation that will occur, as it all unfolds from there, is much greater than most people's wildest imagination could allow them to believe.
Limitless free energy. Anti-gravity. Matter materializers. Teleportation technology. And an open interaction with our extended human family.
We most likely will not get there overnight. It may still take years for all of these long-term goals to become tangible, daily realities.
However, the cycle research suggests that a clear and decisive exposure and defeat of the Cabal will be visible by some time next year.
You can read The Synchronicity Key and weigh out the evidence for yourself, as it's all in there.

Some commenters are saying there is "no new information" in this article. They're still angry. Very angry.
Their whole goal is to obtain NewInformation(TM).
This is not just about new information. If you're still complaining -- if you're still hopeless -- you haven't sobered up yet.
The constant hunger for "New Information" can keep you addicted.
It can keep you from examining, processing and healing your own pain.
That is the root of all addiction. "I will do whatever it takes to avoid looking at the pain I'm feeling."
This is a recovery message more than anything else. It's an invitation to get past "final exam syndrome" and see your life AFTER the test is over.
In the storm of disclosure, it can seem that things have gotten worse -- but this epic global unveiling is precisely what we need to reach our ultimate goals.
Disclosure is already happening. You get to choose whether you feel depressed, weary and miserable about it, or whether you are excited beyond belief that this is actually occurring.
There is a trap door beneath the allegedly "bottomless pit" that leads to Awakening -- and Transformation.
The darkest hour is before the dawn.

Most of our sources are people who, at one time or another, had high-level, above-top-secret security clearances -- giving them access to classified information.
Anyone who was caught knowingly passing along lies, disinformation or Cabal propaganda has been eliminated from our list of contacts.
We also have had many insiders want to step forward and add more details, but we simply haven't had the time to explore most of these opportunities.
I am featured in the vintage Camelot archive co-interviewing Jordan MaxwellPete PetersonHenry Deacon and NASA astronaut Dr. Brian O'Leary.
Additionally I have had private conversations with Camelot insiders Elizabeth NelsonDan BurischSgt. Clifford Stoneand Bob Dean.
I also interviewed Daniel, who allegedly worked on a time-travel program, (also see here,) Svali, a prolific whistleblower from within the Illuminati, and Bruce, who I met through Richard C. Hoagland in 2005.
Others approached me independently and haven't even been assigned pseudonyms at this point, but have proven to be very helpful. (The last three insider names I listed are pseudonyms.)
In the next update, I will share much more about what these insiders have told me -- and how it constructs a much larger worldview.

Now that I have had a chance to breathe, and get back to a somewhat "normal life" in the midst of this epic moment of planetary change, I expect to be writing more often.
The two months off were very necessary -- for my own peace and positivity. It took a while -- longer than I had hoped -- but I feel very good about where we are.
Knowing that I have a new half-hour episode of Wisdom Teachings coming out each week, and that you can see the entire year's worth of pre-existing episodes free of charge for 10 days, made me feel better about it.
You can visit my YouTube page to watch a variety of trailers and clips from previous episodes -- and see what we're doing!
The "much larger worldview" I am speaking about is a spiritual perspective -- showing how these world events are all part of a collective Ascension.
We are literally undergoing a dramatic evolution of what it means to be human -- and the evidence in favor of this model is extremely compelling.
I did spell it out in The Source Field Investigations and its sequel, The Synchronicity Key, but the TV show drills into the details much more deeply.
Some people find themselves watching individual half-hour episodes repeatedly just to absorb the full, cosmic scope of what they are hearing.