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Thursday, November 14, 2013

NICKIE THETSY: Ancestral Karmic Healing Updates

                            NICKIE THETSY


                       Ancestral Karmic Healing Updates

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  • Nickie Thetsy
    Hello Everyone,
    A beautiful energetic day for Ancestors to transcend to higher dimensions. Since my transformation of the ascension from Qwan Yin to the Metatron, the diamond that I normally blessed all the souls with are now in golden diamond instead of brilliant radiating white light. I don’t see much of the normal Buddha floating in lotus position floating and assisting with the ascension. I see the ascended higher Celestial beings from the lineage of Buddha coming down from the Central Sun assisting.
    The time in 3D reality seems forever even then it’s much even faster than before doing the ceremony.
    More healed and transcended sentient beings means there will be more beautiful peaceful loving place to live on Mother Gaia.
    Many of the lands were part of the ceremony for the ascension cleaning out the past ancestors that occupied the land before modernization took over. These spirits were occupying and protecting or may causing harms to others are now blessed, healed, released. They all have the options to return to protect the land if they so wish to. They are now all free.
    I see ancient old dragon that I helped released of its ancestral karmic attachment. Lots of activities today since several people had their land blessed too. Very heavy energies transforming at such a super speed that I can’t even keep up with since there are so many significant people to focus on. Over all its as beautiful and I am in awe of it. I am blessed and honored that people are awaken and choosing with their free will to work on themselves and helped their ancestors for the ultimate ascension.
    This transformation will be going on all day. <3<3<3
    Today is a beautiful day because your invited ancestors and your path of clearing karma have been blessed with the golden brilliant radiating diamond directly from the Celestial Central Sun forces.
    The Tibetan sacred text tells a story of Buddha has various levels of ascension too in the realm of the heavens. They too must continuously practice higher consciousness in order to transcend to the Celestial forces amongst the Central Sun.
    Now, that I have direct access, performing the “ceremony” should be even faster than before. I am very excited about it because it’s prepared me to do even a greater amount for the population at large.
    Thank you from the frame of my heart for choosing to earn karma credits, clearing of your karma, helping humanity with its own ascension, and making a difference in your “new” life. Your “new” life will help you produce the “gold child” for those wishing to have future children (given both parents are cleared). The continuation of karmic free life style allows you to return to earth as incarnate without karmic attachments in the 5D New Earth.

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