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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Every thing!! and i mean Everything!! is Becoming TRANSPARENT, the Good, the Bad, the Ugly....Time to take OFF All Costumes and Masks, and Become vulnerable and REAL..and TIME to clean OUT Everything from OUR CLOSETS, cuz it going to come out ONE WAY OR THE OTHER. The dross is coming up to the top, by THE FIRE!! and IT WILL AND IS being Exposed!!! With All of US!!! SO WE MIGHT AS KEEP IT EASY. and JUST YIELD to it. with that, here is an email i recieved. thanks for following this blog. Blessings to All, of Love, Peace, and Joy turning to Bliss!! Elizabeth Diamond

Subject: I am sorry for intruding on your privacy.
Sent: Fri, Dec 6, 2013 9:58:12 PM 

 Dear Hollow Earth contacts,
Of course I found you on the site as contacts. I had asked to be removed several weeks ago, I was under the Croatia contact. You may verify this with Anne. This email is going to be very long, so please take time out to read this very carefully. My purpose for writing this is only to give you information to think about. It is not my intention to hurt anyone, but I also feel it's my responsibility to do something if I see that someone is being fooled or hurt. I am sure you understand this, as you yourselves would not pass by when someone hurt and would stop to ask if they need help. If you are lightworkers, that is your job. 

Let me first introduce myself to you. My birth name is Ines Radman. I am writing to you from Croatia. I was born here and my parents immigrated to Canada when I was a very small child. I grew up, educated and worked in Vancouver B.C. I completed my PhD at the  University of British Columbia. 
I started my career working for the Ministry of Justice Canada, as a psychologist in the Max. Security Prison system. I worked with some of the worse criminals for 11 years until the stress got to me and I got sick from cancer. 
A Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor, Dr. Joseph Wu,  well known in Canada, who was responsible for Canada's health care system approving Acupuncture, he treated me for my illness and through time, he became my teacher and mentor. He passed away in 2002 at the age of 72, but you can verify all of this. I have no reason to hide, my name is all over the web through my FB, google and I am very active on many blogs and websites relating to Gaia, Ascension and channeling. 
I now live in Croatia and have a very successful TCM clinic where I am a therapist, healer, and use some new methods in clearing negative emotions, but don't have time to go into detail about that right now.  I am an Empath. 

From a spiritual level, I have spent the last 32 years searching for truth. I had an NDE during the birth of my son and that changed my life forever. Nothing made sense anymore and here I am today, still learning but achieved the goal of knowing who I am, why I am here and where I am going next.  I am a warrior of sorts, as a multidimensional being from Pleadeas my job here is to help people when I see them get trapped in false realities. Times are dangerous folks, as we near the Event, the dark entities have started using a different tactic, called LIGHT and it's very hard to know who is real and who is not. 
Channeling is probably one of the hardest to trust, especially the word "discernment", it doesn't help these people that work in the Love and Light Industry always use. How do we discern something we have never been faced before on Earth? How can we tell truth from lies, real or fake? Yes, some of us are connected with higher self, but most people that work for a living and are trying to put food on the table don't have time to spend hours each day working on their spiritual development. These "false" entities use the word "Discernment" knowing it's difficult, but to us it sounds "honest". 

I spend a lot of my time actively participating on blogs and websites that promote Ascension, Enlightenment, Galactic History, self development, etc. I know we will Ascend but there are dark entities out there masked as the LIGHT that will prevent many from not Ascending. 
Here is a very interesting article if you have not read it yet, it will save me time trying to explain it. 

I don't want to make this email so long, so that's why I will just add links so that you can read yourself. 
Anyway, I started to visit a few months ago. I also regularly visited the website. But within a few days  something didn't sit right with me.  Please note that I don't go looking for negativity, simply by visiting websites of interest I am able to discern if it's light or dark. It takes a while longer to be sure, they are very good at disguising themselves because they study us for a long time, know our weaknesses and then put together the program. I'm talking about visitors to their websites, listening to their blogtalkradio, they can even track you. 
For starters, I can't go around writing letters like this if I am not sure about something. As weeks turn into months, the list keeps adding until I consult with a few people, and if I get the same consensus from others then I proceed with notifying people involved. 
First I will explain what I personally felt wasn't right and then forward to you the research to back up my suspicions. 
At first, I thought Anne and Kathryn were being fooled unknowingly, but as time went by, the research confirmed that they are openly and knowingly harvesting negative energy, they are part of the darkness.  I know it's hard to think that, believe me I spent months just thinking about how to put this letter together, because the last thing I want to be is WRONG, and in a way I am hoping that I AM wrong because I know what it feels like to be taken for a fool. You are going to decide whether you believe me or not, trust me, I am not here to convince you of anything, only to share my thoughts and feelings. I know I would appreciate it if someone enlightened me, sure, it would shock me, but then I would be thankful because who knows how far it would have gone. 
For starters, I thought it was convenient that both ladies have business opportunities. Kathryn gets to sell her books and promote her teachings, Anne gets to sell her Soul products and other health products. I found it funny listening to this entity who claims to be "father god" that he is giving out nutritional advise and promoting Laminine. I felt like a small child, insignificant, dumb, and of course, following the product, I saw it was a pyramid scheme where 1% at the top get rich and you're paying 65% more for the product because everyone has to get paid commission. 

I thought that father/mother God had far better and important things to talk about than food and supplements. I got angry when they started talking about money and RV. For starters, from now on I will refer to these God entities as HE or SHE, as I don't feel they are gods, rather impostors. I think that personal investments should not be discussed by a HE or SHE. I wasn't there from the start, so I didn't hear how they promoted that currency deal, but I would not have gotten into it anyways because when someone is promoting something, there is always motive and profit behind it. I don't invest in risky business either. So, the last few weeks it's been nothing but money and RV and like I said, there is NOTHING new or important that they have to offer. This entity claiming to be St. Germaine he mentioned that the problem with RV now is hackers. No it's not. It's the US government stalling to create a new law I will mention in next paragraph.  Sorry, but whatever HE or SHE talks about is already on the internet, even the last call about Sirians, that's nothing new. Sheldon Nidle is contact with Sirians for years and years and he's described them many times. Sheldon is not the only one either! 

In the summer of 2010, The Restore America Plan became the Restored Republic. Tim Turner began this group and they are all tied in with trying to get you to invest in dinars. It is recommended now if you have dinars to not cash them in as of yet. It is best to wait until NESARA has been announced otherwise you will more than likely lose your entire investment. The Restore America Plan and the Restored Republic have always had dark intent. Anne and Kathryn are signatories to this group. There will be a whole unraveling of this by the Inconvenient Tax. Do your research before you cash in, do not believe this group, their interest is in you cashing so they can get their commissions. 
These two groups are the same ones that pulled off 911. These are the ones that Anne and Kathryn have aligned themselves with. There are many lightworkers who still don't realize that we are dealing with the "dark" masked as the Light. They have trouble realizing what is happening and don't know much about these groups and who is behind them, they are also responsible for "holding up Ascension" by joining with these murderers. DO the RESEARCH, don't believe me. 

Look, this crap about you eating right, taking supplements conveniently being sold by Anne and all the other suggestions by HE or SHE are intended to lower your vibration, not raise it. You feel inadequate, stupid, it's now conditional Love because you have to participate in achieving something in order to Ascend.  What they are doing is creating negative emotions, so they can harvest your energy and SLOW you down. I can just imagine how people are feeling that invested in the dinar. Anxiety, stress, desperation, anger, frustration. My dear brothers and sisters, anything that is not LOVE is food for them. It touched my heart when a man called in one day on the blogtalk radio asking "father god" if he can hold off paying his mortgage". 
They are giving you false information about Ascension. We don't need to earn it. It is our God given right. We have passed the experiment, we have graduated, it is our right to Ascend, those that decide to do so. The first group is the group that has soul contracts and agreements, we don't know who they are, maybe some of us are in that group, but you don't get in the first group for practicing better or taking lessons from Kathryn. Someone is making a lot of money here. 

So the keywords for this section for research: 
The Restore America Plan
Restored Republic
People's Mandate - Rise of the Republic

Andrew Bartzis who is a galactic historian says that there is not going to be any RV or NESARA until the governments go down and we get new ones. I have been listening to him for years and so far he's rarely been wrong. 

Now, here are some questions that Anne never answers back to me. Kathryn claims on her website that Mother/Father God chose her to be their spirit/voice. Do you know how many mother/father god's are out there? Which ones are the real ones? So, my question to her was: Why did these Gods choose an American woman, who lives decently, why did they choose her exclusively? What about the 2.5 billion people around the globe that live in poverty, have no running water or electricity, let alone internet, how are we to get the message out to them? Would it not be more important for mother/father god to spread their word out to the poor? Why is this whole group American? No, I have nothing against Americans, but if the whole Group was Swedish, I would question that also. 

Why don't you ask He or SHE to talk about the Akashic Records, or Galactic Akash? If they are who they claim to be then they have the codes to access it. Why don't they tell us about our galactic history, exactly how many times were genetically changed, or how many races or how many layers of blocks were put on Earth since Gaia was born? What about Gaia being moved several times into different timelines and Universes? You see, these are things that I would expect a God to be discussing, not nutrition or how to purchase supplements. I attended all the healing for Ascension, I didn't feel anything, yet my pendulum can put me to sleep if I ask it to. I don't hear any testimonials. I don't hear them boast about how many people were in the chatroom, things are going down, they are slowly being abandoned because people like me notice the details. I have heard Kathryn READ a script. There are certain words she corrects that I know cannot be caught verbally, telepathically but from reading. 

I thought by writing this letter I would feel a sense of relief. I think this group is different because the energy is heavy. This group you are in is investing in money, some have used their savings, some have borrowed, some have not been paying their mortgages, it must be horrific going through this experience. So, I'm not feeling good about this, but I could not sleep at night, this was really bothering me. Please, please, do not be angry at me. I have nothing to lose or gain by sharing this with you. Like I mention many times, you don't have to believe me, I don't claim to be right, but please think about what is written here, maybe then you will see the signs that you didn't before. I can't be logically 100% sure, but my gut tells me something is not right. Their claim of being the most informed network is a fallacy itself. Anything they have to say is somewhere, there is nothing new. These people are making money from their "followers" like Anne calls them, left and right. Kathryn is giving books away but she got huge donations, so it's the same as selling her books. She charges for her seminars, Anne sells supplements, and both are behind the scenes of the dinar investments, don't be fooled by their soft angelic voices, it's those that we need to be afraid of the most. 

After you read the article about Cameron Day, you might get a better understanding. I am just motivating you to do your own research because you should not believe me, that's where a lot of us get entrapped. Something or someone sounds good and we fall for it, but we don't do the research, then after a while we know something is not right, but we are afraid to find out that we were fooled. I have been there and done that, it's part of learning. 

There are a few good people out there, honest, and have been around for many years that I trust. 
Andrew Bartzis
George Kavasillas 
Mirabai Devi 
Cameron Day
Drumvalo Melchizedek 

Silver Legion - they are the best, they are spirit warriors and know what is going on. Both Andrew and George talk about them as being legitimate. Tanaath is the spokeswoman for the Silver Legion. 

 Beware of Healing Chambers. Anyone or anything that claims to love you, claims you are special and they are coming to help are not of the Light. We don't need help, we can handle this just fine. Don't fall for conditions such as do this and do that, mediate, practice, these are just more methods of creating anxiety in you because you are now having expectations from yourself that you need to deserve Ascension. We all go at once, it will happen in a blink of an eye, you don't need to do anything to prepare for that, what about those 2.5 billion people that don't have a clue what is going on? They will ascend as well, those that choose to. Think about it. 

Thank you so much for listening to my story. I know that some of you may not agree with me or believe what I have to say, and that's fine. Just do your research, that's all I ask for. I gave the girls a chance by writing to them, but they never responded, and also, by writing to them you would never have known my concerns and I am sure that this will get to them as well and I am expecting that they will talk about with sadness how someone among us has done terrible things, I don't and won't feel guilty. I am doing my job, and it's up to you to decide if you want to believe it or not. I owe that much to you, my brothers and sisters. Again, I apologize for invading your privacy, but your names were in public domain. 

Namaste and may good fortune and abundance be part of your lives. 
Ines Radman

There is no difference between Politics and Religion. They both work towards stripping humanity of their dignity. Neither one allow humanity to think for itself.  

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