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Sunday, December 22, 2013

The All-In-One Tool that is Intuitive & Designed For You
The Benefits of Using tNANO
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Report for Pilot Clinical Study of tNANO Healing Tools 

Submitted by the Energy Medicine Research Institute 
Lisa Tully, PhD 

December 22, 2013 

A pilot clinical study was conducted to determine the efficacy of the tNANO I AM ONE
WITH CREATOR Healing Tools Pendant (tNANO) to improve physiology as measured
by Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV). This technology was chosen to represent
physiological health and well-being and is described below.
The tNANO is a high-tech tool that performs as a multi-function energy generator. It can
protect one from negative energy and amplify ones energy field. In this study, the ability
of the tNANO to improve one’s energy field, as measured by GDV was assessed.
Results of this study show that wearing the tNANO pendant has a positive effect on GDV
measurements. The biofield and organ system functions were improved and the chakras
became more aligned. All of these changes represent an improvement in overall health
and well-being.


Technology Utilized for Human Measurements

The GDV camera ( is sophisticated Kirlian technology developed
in Russia. The GDV system allows for direct, real-time photos and videos of the entire
energy field of a human. The information is extracted from biophoton corona discharge
patterns produced by high-voltage electrophotography. It is analyzed by specially
developed computer software that measures brightness, size, fractality and other
parameters of the energy field. It is a unique system, based on, but distinctive from that
used in Kirlian photography. It allows the study of the biological energy fields of
humans. The "Kirlian Effect" refers to the resulting image of a gas discharge;
"fluorescence" or glow that appears around the edge of a subject after it is placed in a
high-intensity electrical field. It can be used to estimate the energy state of a person,
which can be an indicator of health. This technology is a non-invasive method that
allows an investigator to measure and analyze individuals in a scientifically objective and
reproducible manner. Furthermore, the biofield measured by the GDV can be correlated to specific organ system functions. The GDV is registered by the Ministry of Healthcare
of Russia as a medical device.

The biofield of a healthy active person is dense, uniform and has smooth changes of color
from the blue spectrum through the orange to the yellow. Holes, gaps, heterogeneities
and outbursts in the aura are indicators of disturbances in the energy field. They point to
disorders on mental, functional or organ levels, showing a direct link to the organ system
indicated on the biofield picture.

In addition to assessing general health, the GDV can measure chakra balance. There are
major energy centers throughout the body, which are connected to organs or glands that
govern the body. Each of these main energy centers is referred to as chakras. Chakra
means wheel in Sanskrit and is a concept that originated in traditional Indian medicine. It
refers to wheel-like vortices that are said to be "force centers” of the body and the focal
points for the reception and transmission of energies. Seven major chakras are located
within the subtle body and each center is connected to our being on several different
levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.


GDV Testing
The GDV assesses the subtle energy available for metabolic processes in the body. The
larger the area of color around the body and the more filled in it is, the better the overall
state of health. A higher level of symmetry also reflects a better state of health.

Figure 1 shows the area of the biofield produced by the GDV camera before and after a
wearing the tNANO for 10 minutes. The overall area of the biofield at baseline (left
image) is 18.852 and 10 minutes after (right image) is 20.559. The areas on the images
that are not filled in represent deficiencies of certain organ systems and seen in Figure 1,
these areas are beginning to fill in after wearing the tNANO. The symmetry, or
energetic balance of both halves of the body for baseline and 10 minutes after treatment,
is 89% and 94%, respectively. Improvements in both the area and symmetry of the
biofield indicate an improvement in the physiological systems of the body.

Baseline 10 minutes after wearing tNANO

 Area 18,852 Area 20.559
 Symmetry 89% Symmetry 94%

Figure 1. Kirlian photography before wearing the tNANO.

Figure 2 shows results of organ system function, as measured by the GDV technique for
the same subject before and after wearing the tNANO for 10 minutes. The red circles
represent energetic levels of the organs listed in the diagram before treatment and the
blue circles show energetic levels 10 minutes after wearing the tnano pendant. The pink
area on the figures indicates low energy levels (deficiency), the green area indicates
normal energy and the yellow area represents excessive energy levels (inflammation). In
this type of diagram, a perfect circle represents perfect health.

As shown, all of the organ systems that were out of the normal range were normalized.
The diagram (blue) after wearing the tNANO looks more circular, without the sharp dips
that indicate organ deficiencies that were observed for the baseline measure (red circle).
Figure 2. Organ System Function Before and After Wearing the tNANO.

Figure 3 shows results for the test of chakra balance of the same participant before and 10
minutes after wearing the tNANO. Each sphere from the bottom to the top represents a
chakra, ranging from the first to the seventh chakra. The closer the sphere is to midline,
the more balanced the chakra is. The green area shows the “normal” range for the
balance of each chakra. The graphs on the right show the values for both the amount of
energy the chakra contains (upper figure) and the balance of the chakra (lower graph).

In the figure, the circles with slashed lines represent chakra balance before treatment and
the solid circles represent the chakra balance after treatment. The closer the circles are to
midline, the more balanced the chakras are,

As shown, all of the chakras that were furthest from midline, or perfect balance are
moved closer to being in balance by the tNANO. The fourth chakra was moved away
from midline, but remained in the normal range (green area). The seventh chakra was the
furthest out of balance and was returned to close to midline, or perfect balance (purple
circle). These results indicate that the tnano pendant greatly improves ones energetic
field related to physical and emotional well-being.

Figure 3. Chakra Balance Before and After Wearing the tNANO.
The results of this pilot study show that tnano pendant produces improvements GDV 
measures. The GDV testing shows significant improvements in the human biofield, 
organ system function and balancing of the chakras after wearing the tNANO for 10 
Improvements were observed in the area and symmetry of the biofield. The biofield area 
increased 35.7% and the increase in symmetry was 10.2%. The results for organ system 
function correlated with the biofield results. Wearing the tNANO dramatically reversed 
the most negative organ system deficiencies and brought the values for the organ systems 
that had deficiencies back into the normal range. 
Results for the chakra balance were also impressive. Wearing the tNANO brought the 
chakras that were furthest out of balance more in to balance and the second and fifth 
charkas were perfectly balanced. These results suggest that the tNANO may provide 
more than physiological benefits. 
It should be noted that the increases in the biofield, improvements in organ system 
function and chakra balance were observed at 10 minutes. To see effects in such a short 
time is impressive. It is likely that further effects will be observed over a longer time 
period. Furthermore, the tNANO may provide additional benefits that were not tested in 
this study, such a brain effects and other physiological systems. Additionally, the tNANO 
may benefit animals and plants as well
In conclusion, these results are dramatic and very promising and a larger study repeating 
these observations and looking at time course of action is recommended. In addition,