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Monday, February 24, 2014

Benjamin Fulford February 25, 2014 War in the Ukraine and more banker murders as cabal end-game begins


The Eastern Europeans and Asians are mobilizing for some sort of big
global push against the cabal over the coming days, according to Russian
and Asian sources. The Russians say the latest shenanigans in the
Ukraine meant the cabal had crossed a red line and that Russia was ready
for war. The Asians were more secretive but nonetheless made it clear
some sort of line had been crossed and that action was imminent.
Meanwhile, the Bush and Rockefeller families are planning to murder
1200 bankers over the coming days in order to hide evidence against
them, according to Neil Keenan. The bankers will be young and mostly
involved in algorithmic trading and manipulation of various financial
markets, it is believed. Also, in a sign of how twisted these people’s
minds are, it turns out that each banker death means great derivative
profits, according to this article sent to me by alert readers:
In these circumstances, the White Dragon Society is offering
protection to any bankers who fear for their lives in exchange for them
making public what it is they have done to make them potential targets.
Remember, there is no incentive to kill a person in order to silence
them once the information is in the public domain. Also, because of all
the publicity and suspicion surrounding the recent spate of banker
deaths, from now own bankers will simply be disappeared and their bodies
will never be found, Keenan says.
The following people will be physically served with a cease and desist order by Keenan and his associates:
Also, last week the WDS had negotiations with the gnostic illuminati about what sort of post cabal regime
is likely and desirable.
The gnostic illuminati claimed it was they who ousted the government
of Viktor Yanukovych in the Ukraine, according to an illuminati
grandmaster going by the name Alexander Romanov. It is true that the
Yanukovych regime was overthrown despite an agreement by the governments
of the EU and all the major political parties in the Ukraine,
indicating the work of non-state actors. Romanov said his group hoped to
foment similar regime changes in the rest of Europe as well as oust
Vladimir Putin in Russia.
This group is also demanding a 100% inheritance tax in order to permanently end bloodline rule.
The WDS countered that a jubilee, or one time write off of all debts
public and private, combined with a redistribution of fraudulently
accumulated assets was a more benevolent and practical approach. It was
explained that people who earned their money by creating wealth should
be allowed to keep it and only those who got rich through depriving
others should have their wealth confiscated. The illuminati grandmaster
agreed with this approach.
However, they are insisting on criminal punishment for many of the
world’s elite, as are Keenan’s group and many others while the WDS still
believes justice and forgiveness is wiser than revenge.
In any
case, the turmoil caused in the Ukraine is not going to end quietly.
Here is what a Russian government source had to say about the situation:
“The Ukraine riots started by the US embassy have openly pissed off
the entire world. The initial rioters had American baseball caps and
brown shoes with laces. There are no brown shoe laces in Kiev and only I
wear a baseball cap. Directly after the Olympics the entire Eastern
bloc will be ready to move.”
The Olympics just ended and it is a good bet that the blue part of
the Ukraine seen in the maps at this link will become part of Russia
when the dust settles:
There is no way the Pentagon is going to start World War 3 with
Russia and China over a Nazi/EU organized coup d’etat in the Ukraine and
the Europeans alone will have their gas supplies cut off and will face
certain defeat if they try any military aggression in the Ukraine.
In any case, the Ukraine may turn out to be a side show soon if the
US government goes bankrupt this week as predicted by US Treasury
Secretary Jacob Lew or next week on March 4th as predicted by Grady
Means, former assistant to Nelson Rockefeller.
If this does happen, we can expect all banks and ATMs as well as the
internet and all credit cards to be shut down for a period of several
days until the fraud can be cleaned out and a new system put online.
During that time, emergency broadcast networks will be used to fill in
the brainwashed sheeple on what has really been happening over the past
100 years since a small group of gangsters took over the process of
creating and distributing money in the US.
This may not come to pass though because the cabal has proven itself
to be extremely difficult to dislodge. At their recent G20 meeting held
in Australia, and at other meetings they have held, they talk about
confiscating money from private bank accounts in order to keep
themselves going.
Neil Keenan, for his part, believes the cabal will crash the system
just to scare people into obedience and thus strengthen their control.
If they try such a thing, it is a pretty sure bet there will be a lot of
chaos and a lot of nasty things happening before the dust finally
settles into cabal defeat.
In Asia meanwhile, something is being planned but as mentioned above,
exactly what remains a mystery. However, in what may have been a
cryptic clue, somebody came from Kobe, Japan, home of the headquarters
of the Yamaguchi Gumi, to show this writer a video of a man laughing
hysterically as he throws a fish into the Pacific Ocean. Also, the pond
at Inokashira Park in Tokyo, home to a shrine to the Goddess Benten who,
according to legend, tamed the White Dragon and made it protector of
the weak, has been drained and all the invasive foreign fish species
have been removed. Watch this short Japanese language video to see it
being done:
Perhaps it is nothing but if I were a Goldman Sachs gangster in
Tokyo, I would be worried and might plan a vacation somewhere else for a
while, just in case.

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