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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Cutting The Threa-ds/3D's by kate of gaia: LOTS OF WISDOM!!, SUMS IT UP!!

   Cutting The Threa-ds/3D's by kate of gaia

As many have found, throughout the course of my writings, phonics plays the role of the 
major, not minor key in regards to the song of the universe. It is a magical world for 
those with the eyes to see it and the heart to accept it. If you doubt this, simply look into 
the eyes of a young child whom you are diligently painting their canvas for them to 
destroy that and create them in your image versus their own. All of my former beliefs 
were instilled on my canvas for me, long before I was able to hold my own paintbrush 
where I was raised in the image, as is everyone, of those around me. I was never given 
the choice to be anything other than what those closest around me painted on my 
canvas upon arriving here but I did have the choice to play this particular "gamepiece" to 
see if I could get out of this web of webs game we all create every instant of the now.
There will be those who cry foul and victim and will spend their entire game whining 
about how bad they have it, how wrong others are yet will never take the time to take a 
step back and see this world as just a game, one ride of infinite rides in our one mind 
universe. It is simple; You are god playing a game of what it feels like to not be god. In 
this sense, you already know that the outcome is immortality but there's no real game in 
that so we have to create the illusion of mortality to "get a rush" of emotions, something 
an all knowing god won't get to experience until I experience it. I could complicate it but 
then that's what the ego programs love and will maintain a circular pattern until the real 
you has had enough and learned the lessen. This is a game of complete separation from 
the all in all its glory.
We are the masters of stopping our own creations to experience the mirror. We are elite 
at defying natural order mand have broken away from the mainstream of creation and 
bought into the mainstream of destruction. Just have a look at the world around you and 
you'll see your own part in this destruction. I chose to stop that pattern. Our supposed 
court systems are the highest order of defying nature where some take it upon 
themselves to judge others. Mother nature is a serial killer where the creation of life is 
her modus operundi and she will stop at nothing, absolutely nothing to get her way.........


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