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Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I AM Presence
I AM Love
I AM Light
Note From Deb~
Hello Beautiful Being of Love & Light!
Something peaked your interest, triggered a truth, resonated with your heart or Higher Self in order for you to take action to sign in for this gift.
So thank you...for where ever you are in and with your journey of awakening.
Many, many noticeable changes are on the horizon for humanity.  This is not the time to hang on to old programs, beliefs and ways of being...hoping that something is going to be different.
"Waking up is not for the mamsy pamsy"!!  And I truly mean that...
 It's time to really face the truth of what has been going on behind the scenes and the truth of who we need to be in order to rise above the deception & order to fully awaken to our God Self Beings of Light...and I believe there are many "pop quizzes" about to be sprung on you and humanity!
The gift of the Channeled message is a first for me...Although I've been communicating telepathically and channeling messages from the Councils of Light, Ascended Masters & Angelic Realm for many years, I chose to NOT come out until September 2013 with these messages...because my intention has been to establish a stabilized field of Higher Vibrations, as well as keep everything GROUNDED in order to bridge the truth, the spiritual "woo" and the science of our alchemical transformational awakening...Now I am cleared for take off...many more messages of LIGHT will be brought forth sooner than later...until then, please engage with this Welcome GIFT as a way for me to support you further with your awakening...
We are In this Together!!
Much Love!
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Welcome Gift:
"Council of 33 Message & Code Activation"
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