Center of Mass Creation artist rendition: Central dome a 3 storey showcase of technologies and meeting place. Outlying domes are geodesic houses with 3-4 bedrooms, 3 domes in bottom are university in middle and two workshops one on either side.  The green within the sacred geometry will be aquaponic installations providing fish, lobster and an assortment of fruits and vegetables.                               Peru 2
Note this is a project that takes mother nature to heart. We will be finding a 5 acre plot of land that has few trees so that we have space to build, and will build with the land around us in mind. Incorporating as much of the natural environment within the 5 acres as realistically possible. All of this is utilizing technologies available to us for example windmills etc for electricity. Sustainable systems for plumbing utilising pressure to move water. So much more in planning I don't even know all the technological stuff! We have engineers with patents from Nicola Tesla, MT Keshe and the soon to be released QEG (quantum energy generator) to be implemented. We have 3d printers en route to the village shortly to utilise in the building processes!
Here is satellite imagery of the actual land we have available to work with! The numbers map out the border and give an idea of the size. This is 11 miles by 4 miles! 500,000 hectares!