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Monday, March 17, 2014

 New Experiences To Look Forward To                                                                                               

New Experiences To Look Forward To:

  • Become telepathic; communicate with Higher Self & Guides
  • Be guided to step into your Mastery for Ascension
  • Engaging with other people who are moving beyond the Enslavement Matrix
  • Detoxify your Pineal Gland and begin to create a new reality through your Activated Third Eye
  • Engage with & FEEL your heart’s desires
  • Learn the alchemy of Sacred Sex Magic
  • Immediate support to begin the transcendence from Duality & the Down-Trodden Matrix
  • Transmute triggers, wounds & programs so you can charge your Light Body

Clearing Your Field

“It wasn’t meant to be” becomes an expression from the past when you realize that there are outside interferences, entities and non-physical energies affecting you in moving forward.  Learn how to immediately shift that experience by becoming the warrior or warrioress and powerfully “Clear Your Field” to become an “untouchable”. Proactively engage and Activate your I AM Unified Field.  This experiential tool is a pre-requesite for EVERYTHING Deb & Team Magicland is doing! …more

3-day CoCoon Retreat

A unique, powerful, transformational in home retreat – YOUR home / sacred space.  Deb’s Higher Self works through the New Earth Unified Field to align you with Loving Your Self, Soul ReMembrance, Sacred Partnership and Transcending the down-trodden matrix. Working multi-dimensionally with YOUR Higher Self, Deb supports you over 3 days & 3 nights assisting you to step into your mastery. Transmute emotional charges, identify & clear triggers, and turbo charge your awakening. …more

I-Am Awakening Academy

The I-Am Awakening Academy is the online & virtual vehicle & community that’s been created for people who are ready to kick their conscious evolution and awakening into a “new-realm playing field”. It’s not “business as usual…it’s roll up your sleeves, open your heart, get vulnerable, transparent, hard-core while you pro-actively engage with your awakening! Waking up isn’t for the “mamsy pamsy” – are you ready to go beyond where most are engaging at this time? …more

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