Like Cobra said, there are now groups who are NOT going to wait for the mass arrests to remove cabalists.
He didn't name names, but it appears Drake is organizing something. He's been chomping at the bit for a long time, and since the Light forces "cannot and will not hold them back any longer", we may see the end of the dark sooner rather than later.
I wonder if some of the militias will mobilize now. I would think they would be most eager to use those skills they've been honing for years for just such an opportunity.
I say, "Have at 'er!"  All Drake wants is "a few good men", but let's hope cool heads prevail.  ~ BP
From the American National Militia web site...

I ask again . . .

Posted on March 10, 2014
I ask again… We need a few good men to take action… someone somewhere has to pick a couple off… if not it is the same as always just blah blah as you know.
This is from one of my international contacts.
‘WE’ are running out of time…any takers, get in touch NOW!
The Watchmen of America DEFCON site is still quiet, still showing "high alert" but just the usual talk in the chat room about how bad things are. None of them appear to be organizing to do anything either