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Thursday, May 15, 2014


Radio Show Mega-Download with David Wilcock!


Join David in a two-and-a-half-hour epic journey through time and space -- covering Flight 370, interplanetary climate change, hidden world pyramids, the holographic universe, ghosts, the defeat of the Cabal and the blending of realities!
UPDATED Same evening, 9:38 pm: A very interesting synchronicity happened by the LAX airport after we published this article! See in red below. Additional update next morning.

Our epic Flight 370 article came out a month ago yesterday. I had intended to finish the next part much earlier than this, but it's been a wild month!

Bryan Singer, a major Hollywood director who did the first and second X-Men films, has been slammed with pedophilia charges.
This event has already started triggering an avalanche of disclosure.
Until we face the problems in our world head-on, we cannot hope to ever change them.
I went through and watched all of Bryan Singer's movies to see if they promote a Cabal agenda -- and the answer became quite obvious.

"Apt Pupil" is such a Nazi-worshipping movie it was hard to watch. The degree to which the kid in the movie embraces Nazism makes it a true horror film.

Filmmaking comes from a place of passion about the subject material -- and it is common for the director to emotionally identify with the content.
The teenager played by Brad Renfro discovers that a Nazi war criminal, played by Ian McKellen, is living near his home under an assumed name.
The kid singlehandedly blackmails the Nazi into revealing all sorts of details -- including what it felt like to murder people in the gas chambers.
The more the boy hears, the more he wants to hear -- and he becomes increasingly obsessed with the details.

The boy's fantasy sequences led to the now-infamous shower scenes where molestation of the child actors was alleged.
"Apt Pupil" Shower Scene Controversy
In 1995, The Usual Suspects director Bryan Singer decided to buy the rights (reportedly for only $1), once they’d lapsed and been returned to [Stephen] King, in an effort to finally bring the story to the screen.
He had infinitely more luck than his predecessors and the film was released in 1998 to mixed, but predominantly positive reviews.
Despite this, rumours about Singer's purported predilection for the young actors who were reported to have been asked to strip for the locker room shower scene were rife.
A lawsuit from the extras involved was filed but was unsuccessful, quashing Singer's legal troubles. It was enough to leave a lasting impression and a nasty taste with some viewers....
[The movie] presents a fascinating look at the fragile psychology of a borderline sociopathic teen who happens to choose the most startlingly inappropriate mentor possible....
[Lead teenage actor Brad] Renfro is a more-than-adequate foil, proving once again what a tragedy it is that hepassed away at only 25.
Compared to River Phoenix while he was alive, he followed that comparison to the letter and suffered a similarly self destructive end....

In light of the new accusations of death threats, we have to wonder if Brad Renfro really committed suicide or if he may have been murdered -- as a warning to others.
This is precisely what we are hearing in the new round of allegations. Singer claimed to be part of something he called "The Group."
This group controls Hollywood, thereby controlling public information and belief -- and anyone who stands up to them is threatened with murder.
Or, as in the case of Corey Haim, the abuse Renfro endured may have been so intense that he self-annihilated in a death spiral of drug abuse.

Ian McKellen also appears in Singer's next film -- The X-Men -- and again is involved with Nazis, this time as their child victim rather than participant.

The scene of the young "Magneto" being pulled away from his parents as they are hauled into the concentration camp is very intense.


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