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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Just RECORDED!!! Current Events Update!! Much More Franco De Nicola DIAMONDS FOREVER31 SHOW: with FRANCO DE NICOLA TODAY SAT. MAY 3 2014 1pm CENTAL: clik picture for how to get to show details.GO BEYOND AWAKENING!!!! on THIS DIAMOND CALL FOR SURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BLAST OFF!!

Click to Listen to this Call: LOTS OF CURRENT EVENTS UPDATE and More!!!  :Check this out     Be sure to check out Franco's Retreat too....scroll down

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Click to Listen to this Call: LOTS OF CURRENT EVENTS UPDATE and More!!!  :Check this out

THIS IS FRANCO'S RETREAT HE WILL HAVE IN JULY OF 2014, listen to this preview call below link:  Summer Transformation Retreat 2014 Preview Call

Franco DeNicola   
Amazing Source Essence Elizabeth
Join Franco DeNicola, Sifu James Foo and myself tonight
for the live preview call for the Summer Transformation Retreat!!!
Here are your call details:
Title: Summer Transformation Retreat 2014 Preview Call
Time: Monday, April 28th at 9:00pm Eastern / 6:00pm Pacific
To attend via website visit:    
To attend via Phone: (425) 440-5100Pin Code: 171508#
Full list of local dial in Numbers: 
Click Here to get more information on the Summer Transformation Retreat

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