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Tuesday, May 6, 2014


  3. Matthew Kocel ~ Harmonium & Voice.MOV

    Amethyst Books & Essence, Chilliwack, BC, sponsored visionary musician and sound healer, Matthew Kocel, in an evening of ... 
    • HD
  4. Matthew Kocel Interview

    This is a video of Matthew Kocel, sound healer and musician. No digital effects were used in this edit. This was filmed and edited ... 
    • HD
  5. Matthew Kocel

    Everything in the Universe is in a state of vibration. From subatomic "particles" which appear to be frequencies, to the macrocosm ... 
  6. Meditation Music - Relaxing Music in a Himalayan Salt Cave Himalayan Salt Cave Meditation and Sound Healing Friday, May 16th, 2014 7:30 - 9:30pm. 
    • HD
  7. Throat Singing &Tibetan Bowls ~ Jerry DesVoignes, Duncan Hogg, Matthew Kocel

    ONE VOICE HARMONIC CHOIR (small ensemble) "Sacred Sound Journeys" ~ Left to Right: Matthew Kocel, Jerry DesVoignes ... 
  8. Throat Singing Sound Healer Matthew Kocel chants mantra Kyrgyraa style

    Go to for free music downloads and exclusive video of throat singer Matthew Kocel's healing meditation ... 
  9. Live Peace International-Matthew Kocel part 1

    You are watching Matthew Kocel, 
    • HD
  10. Throat Singing & Psychedelic Tribal Fusion: Lunar Fire with guest Matthew Kocel

    For more of Matthew Kocel's throat singing, sound healing music and meditation music visit Lunar Fire ... 
    • HD
  11. Shaman Chants and Throat Singing: Shaman/Healer Mauricio with Throat Singer Matthew Kocel

    Visit for free meditation music downloads and exclusive video from throat singer and sound healer Matthew ... 
  12. Matthew Kocel

    Matthew Kocel
  13. Sound Healing & Meditation Music - with Throat Singer/Sound Healer Matthew Kocel

    Aspen Public Radio feature with audience response to the music. Go to for free mp3 downloads of Matthew ... 
  14. Visionary Musician Matthew Kocel and "Throat Singing".mp4

    Amethyst Books & Essence, Chilliwack, BC, hosted Matthew Kocel in an evening of sound, "Healing Sounds of the Cosmos" on ... 
    • HD

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