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Thursday, May 8, 2014

"We will now take the Citezens Hearing Disclosure to Capitol Hill" Desired release date APRIL 2014 $7,500 – 535 DVD sets will be sent to each member of the House and Senate. This amount was calculated only to cover the cost to create the DVD sets.

This is going on Now.


The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure (CHD) was a great success. We brought 40 researchers and military/agency/political witnesses to the National Press Club in Washington to testify for 30 hours over 5 days before 6 former members of the U. S. Congress regarding events and evidence for extraterrestrial related phenomena since 1947.

We will now take the CHD to Capitol Hill. With your help DVD and Blu-Ray sets of the CHD are being produced and on track to finish production later this year. At that time a copy of these DVDs will be sent to each member of the House and Senate. That's 535 box sets, 10 disc for each set. This initiative will be accompanied by a public campaign to encourage Congress to review the CHD testimony and meet with lobbyist Stephen Bassett to discuss the immediate need for hearings for scores of witnesses ready to testify under oath.

*Desired date to release DVD/Blu Rays is
April 2014.*

Citizen Hearing Initiative

$7,500 – 535 DVD sets will be sent to each member of the House and Senate.
This amount was calculated only to cover the cost to create the DVD sets.
Note: this amount does not affect the production of the actual DVDs.


First and foremost this initiative would not be possible without the film record of the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure. We going to send over 5000 DVDs to the 535 congressional offices. These DVDs represent the hearings the Congress should be holding and provides a glimpse of what to expect. This is a game changer.

If congressional hearings are held in the House and Senate to take the testimony from hundreds of government/agency/political witnesses, we are quite confident the scores of sitting Members on those committees will undergo the same transformation as the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure Committee. The truth embargo will not last sixty days. This is exactly why certain persons in the know within Congress have blocked every effort to get such hearings since 1968, and there have been many. 

Our message to Congress will be simple and direct. Your approval rating is historically low. Trust in government has collapsed. All this could be turned around in a few months because the most important issue in the world today is yours to resolve. All you have to do is call witnesses and listen." This is not 1968. There are and have always been friends of Disclosure within Congress, but they have been isolated without a platform upon which to stand. The CHD provides that platform.


The Initiative will begin with the shipping of 10-DVD sets of the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure to each member of the 113th Congress. That will be day one. The current target date for the shipping of the DVD sets, which is subject to change, January 2, 2014.

Day 1

A multi-DVD set of the CHD will be sent to all 535 Members of Congress along with a letter signed by potential witnesses requesting a meeting between the Member or staff person and lobbyist, Stephen Bassett; to discuss the CHD and the immediate need for House and Senate hearings.

[Note: it takes about two weeks for shipping and security screenings.]

Day 1 - 14

Press releases and media appearances will be used to alert the congressional offices the DVD sets have been sent.

Day 14

A request will go out via email, websites and social media to all ET truth advocates to mail, email or fax their three congressional representatives a request to review the CHD material and meet with Steve Basset to discuss the need for hearings. Constituent correspondence is always given priority consideration. Paradigm Research Group's Fax on Washington website will help coordinate the email/fax/letter campaign.

Day 18

We will begin contacting Congressional offices with meeting requests. A spread sheet will track which offices accept or decline these requests.

Day 20

We will submit a new Disclosure petition to the White House "We the People" project calling for the President to ask the House Minority Leader and Senate Majority Leader to begin Congressional hearings in the appropriate committees. This petition will be posted on the White House website for 30 days while the congressional contacts are being made.

Day 25

Letters signed by former members of Congress and other notable persons will be sent to the specific chairpersons of the appropriate House and Senate committees in order to reinforce the process now 25 days in after they may have gotten some input from staffers or committee members.

Day 30

A request will go out via email, websites and social media to all ET truth advocates to mail, email or fax those congressional offices, which have declined to meet with us, to reconsider their decision.

Day 30+

We will continue to pursue meetings with Senate and House Members/staffers as well as the offices of the appropriate committees until such time as those committees initiate hearings for the government/agency/political witnesses ready to testify.


This crowd funding campaign is going to help fund the post-production cost for high quality DVD/Blu-ray box sets. This will include the post-production tasks of editing, subtitles, sound, music, and graphics.

These box set will contain prestige HD formatted Video that have been remastered and painstakingly reedited for clarity. Each DVD will have both an English and Spanish audio track as well as subtile option in Chinese, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese and Arabic.

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