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Sunday, June 15, 2014

''Even though we think that we make lots of decisions about lots of different things, we only ever really make two

''Even though we think that we make lots of decisions about lots of different things, we only ever really make two. We either dedcide to make our passage with a shield, or we make our passage with a Sword. When we take passage with a shield, we make all weapons redundant.

A man entered the court and said to the judge. "Sir, I come in peace. I am not a name on a piece of paper, or anything manufactured through the construct of man. I am a living being of the creator, given form and name by the universe. I come to ask what harm I have done to another living being to cause the accuser to take up his sword against me and demand recompense? Please bring the individual I have harmed to the court sir, so that I can make them whole. If the accuser cannot bring this witness to testify, I ask that the judge dismiss the case so as to not cause harm to himself on account of a deceiver. If that is not to be and the matter is judged in the favour of a deceiver, then you too also wield a sword against the innocent, for which you incur a debt that no amount of coins can pay. I leave it to your good judgment sir because now that I have delivered my obligation and debt to you, I can take leave just as I came, no matter the outcome, which is one of peace."

The judge contemplates for a moment and then replies.
"Aha! I've heard this before. You are using the freeman/sovereignty movement because you think you can beat the system. I've had many like you in my court!"

"No Sir, you are mistaken. You have had few if any like me in your court because even those things are the constructs of man. I use no "template" or "remedy" because I would be guilty of giving credence to yet another lie, the lie that this is me. I come as "I AM" with no labels or remedy, shielded only by the truth. What value will there be for me in showing you how studied and clever I am when it's basis is in lies? I am prepared to render unto Caeser what belongs to Caeser, even if it takes me the rest of my days to pay no matter the outcome. I'm not interested in lies, only the truth and I have delivered that to you today to consider in the worthiness of your judgment."

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