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Monday, June 9, 2014


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Andrew Bartzis
JUNE 2014

Last year, 2013  i was asked what true sovereignty is?... this is my response.
“Sovereignty starts in your heart, where you get out of your mind and you sit in the seat of your heart and realize that you are in charge of this hologram that is this world. We all are sharing a reality and when you stop sharing your own reality for long enough to stand up and say “NO” I do not consent to propaganda, I do NOT consent to construction to destroy the rainforest, I do NOT consent to a reality that harvests energy of it’s people, I do NOT consent to the murder and slaughter of people world wide. When you say “NO” and stand up in the boundaries of “NO’” that you created and say “I WANT CHANGE” In the mighty I AM presence, co creative pro-creative self, you have the balls or the ovaries to stand into your convictions and make change.
True sovereignty is standing with compassion and forgiveness for yourself and for all the things you HAD to do when domination and control as a system was your only option, until you began an awakening process that showed you a second, a third, a forth option until finally in sovereignty you realize you have an infinite amount of options because you are an infinite manifesting co-creating BEing in the seat of power, connected to your dream world connected to your true inspiration. You let your past be your teacher, the present be your creation and your future be your inspiration and in inspiration does not turn into hope, toxic hope, when you allow yourself to live in the moment.
Living in the moment is acting in self accord, allowing self nurturing, allowing others that need nurturing so you can train them to self nurture, allowing yourself to take time to heal, truly understanding what the words “healing” really means. And once you’re healed enough, it’s time to get out and act. You begin to help others go through the same sovereignty process so they can define their boundaries and say “YES” this is what I want in my reality and “NO” I don’t want this in my reality and when YOU the individual stand in the seat of your heart and have compassion and forgiveness for yourself and compassion and forgiveness for everyone that’s in service to the system of domination and control, we create change.
And in that change is sovereignty and in that sovereignty we stand in unity and in that unity, we create unity consciousness. In unity consciousness no one is left behind, no light, no dark, no neutral, everyone is in unity consciousness. And as something that all of the different industries out there that are promoting the consciousness change will have to come to terms with in their own self as they create their own sovereign boundaries. No one is left behind. As long as there is a hierarchal order, there will be no unity consciousness. In unity consciousness there is no hierarchal order, every one is equal and in equality there is no hierarchy. “
Who knows what show this quote of mine came from?

· JUNE 2014
All beings incarnating on earth mother now have a great precipice in front of them. A choice of such great magnitude that it makes them seem small and unworthy of the change at hand. At this exact moment in disunity time, countless millions of people are siting in confusion and disrepair, It is this state that unity mind wishes to heal. The feeling of loneliness and the magnitude of the choice at hand. When in fact the choice is very small. Create a new way out or stay in the old paradigm until you are ready to come into the power of a global dream time society.
The global dreamtime awaits those in unity with the heart space for all mankind. No one is left out of this dream. We all dream together as a species in unity with our earth mother. It is with in 2 leggeds grasp of nature to know dreamtime at this level of awareness. Those who currently have no frame of cultural or daily reference to dreams will soon learn the way of dreaming once again. It is the birth right of all who incarnate on this world to have dreams. Me dreaming you, you dreaming me, all of us dreaming this dream in oneness.
The time of the shift has come and gone. It is now with in our own grasp to make it stick. Coming together means setting aside difference more than the usual ways. Teachers, thinkers and healers will have to learn there are many systems to this world. There is no single belief system that can operate here on earth. It is counter to everything that is unity. That is the big lie in domination and control. We believe our belief system until we change the very nature of our belief systems. If one can not adapt to the new world then the old world will welcome you with open arms of domination and control. Freewill co-creative procreative beings admire the use of all systems to enhance the experiential nature of our reality.
We are at a time in human consciousness development where factions are more potent and destructive than disunity … factions are our own disunity creations that have been subtly manipulated over many generations. Factions have been passed down from generation to generation. This passing down of disunity wisdom is the nature of domination and control.
Who are you? What are you? How does this world interact with sentience. Is sentience mensurable? Questions asked by every generation of people since the dawn of time. So generations deep in the past learned why … now we have amnesia and can barely remember who we are, were or will be. Remnants of old societies eat away at the edge of our awareness. Seeping through dreams into a world created for our future selves going through the trauma of forgetting who we were....
Now we are at the point of remembering a portion of who we are as a collective species. Factions and groups have formed belief systems and set up the table of disunity negotiations into oneness. This is the old paradigm. It will never work until we get to the core of individual experiences. No group can negotiate unity consciousness. Only the many can experience it. Until more and more individuals share their experience in oneness as a being living in disunity. There is no comparison in human linguistics. We are so limited we cant even explain our experience to anyone who has not gone down the path.... we are so separated as a species we have no identity.
How do we reassemble earths childrens identity. Where do we start? Where do we start? Do we start as individuals or as a collection of collectives coming together in our truth. we will thrive even
No matter who you are source stream or homeless man, using one system of belief in the new world is disunity, domination and control of your self. If you can not come to the ala cart table of belief systems of the new world, then the new world is not for you. Using one system to process, fear or expectation LIMITS you to that single belief system.
Unity means we process each other with all systems in the tool box. No one person is right or wrong.. To believe right or wrong is JUDGMENT... and judgment will the be the biggest thing EVERY one must overcome.. Judgment on the most subtle levels is the foundation of domination and control. It can not exist with out it...
Each system created with in the disunity reality has a subtle judgment clause. Learning how it sneaks in will be the toughest thing each and every person will learn.... unity consciousness has no judgments just existence of creation and free thought.
Come together with a great pot luck dinner of belief systems and share with every one you know your tool box.. You never know some one who never tried sushi may just like it, if the company is right..
You are the resistance of free earth. Stand up for your rights set aside Factions and groups created in disunity. Come together in unity and cross pollinate all the tool boxes.