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Friday, July 4, 2014

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Thanka depicting the attainment of Rainbow body

Articles by Ursula-Maria Hanrahan
Transcendence, Tao and Attainment of Rainbow Body - the Spirituality of Embodied Oneness
In this article I would like to explain my views of the relationship between the transcendental state of consciousness, often referred to as enlightenment, and the fully embodied state of what is called the state of Tao as well as the buddhist term of attaining Rainbow Body. My understanding of the importance of a fully embodied spiritual consciousness is the basis for my healing modalities. I will partly use my own story and therefore my learning experiences in order provide insights into the concepts behind the healing work I offer, as well as research by modern scientists and teachers.I first like to reference some research by Dr. Hawkins (Ref1) who is known for the development of the "Map of Consciousness ®". Adopting a scale of 0, representing the consciousness field of death or nonexistence to 1,000, the highest level of awareness ever achieved on this planet (by great masters like Jesus, Buddha, and Krishna), Dr. Hawkins used Kinesiology to calibrate levels within the database of consciousness by listing the emotions prevalent within the levels of the map. These emotions are connected to what is known as Attractor Fields in modern physics, which is the reality field the person having a certain emotion is connected to and experiencing.
His research revealed that negative, anti-life and painful states calibrate below 200, the level of integrity and courage. The higher the level, the more power the Attractor Field has. Here it is important to note, that the calibration figures do not represent an arithmetic but a logarithmic progression. Thus, the level 200 is not twice the amplitude of 100, it is 100 to the tenth power. I will only mention some of the levels from the Map of Consciousness® for the purposes of this article.
Shame falls at the bottom of the range (20). When this attitude dominates, people wish they were invisible and are feel disconnected from life force. At the level of Apathy (50) a person is filled with despair, feeling hopeless in life as their reality. Grief is at level 75, fear at 100, anger at 150, until we reach courage at 200. Willingness and optimism is at 310, reason and understanding at 400, love at 500 and non-duality or enlightenment at 600. The levels higher than to 1000 represent pure consciousness in more expansive ways.
Dr. Hawkins describes the database of consciousness as an electrostatic condenser. My understanding is that the higher the power of the field of consciousness one is connected to, the greater the capacity of the nervous system and body needs to be in order to handle and integrate higher frequencies. In tibetan Buddhism and other traditions purification ceremonies are performed for this reason.
In the year 1991 I met an enlightened Teacher from the tradition of Advaita (Non-duality) in India called Poonjaji, a direct disciple of Ramana Maharshi. Sitting in Satsang (meetings of truth) with this Teacher daily for about three weeks my consciousness fields were entrained by the more powerful fields of the Teacher. I did have the experience of illumination. This was the most blissful and peaceful state I have been in, a level above 600. After I returned to the USA and some time passed I could feel that I no longer was in that state. What happened was, that some of the lower calibrating fields, coming from unreleased traumata and the connected emotions especially from the abusive childhood I had experienced, had not been fully transmuted. Therefore the higher state of consciousness was induced by entrainment with the teacher and was not integrated. I decided to pursue healing techniques, which helped me to transmute and release the traumata and emotions as well as their effects on my body, psyche and consciousness.
I could register real progress in my healing process when I received Colorpuncture treatments. The healing system of Esogetic Colorpuncture uses Kirlian photography as a tool to analyze what the imbalances are, as well as the priority in which they need to be treated in order to facilitate healing. Since then I got certified in this healing modality and have studied for the past three years directly under the founder Peter Mandel in Europe. I am deeply grateful to Peter Mandel for his compassion in helping people patiently to unravel the blockages created by trauma in the order they need to be treated, level by level. In my own experience I found that only by transmuting the trauma from my childhood step by step, in this case with the help of Colorpuncture, was I able to truly own my inner light.
Colorpuncture is based on the chinese system of acupuncture, which again is based in the Taoist chinese philosphy of Yin/Yang. The state of Yin/Yang balance is the state of being in the Tao, which means wholeness in a real and embodied way.

Tao, Wu Chi, Tai Chi and Oneness

In Chinese philosophy pure awareness is called Wu Chi. It is the infinite, formless place just before all meaning and form. This is another word for transcendent, non-dual consciousness. WU CHI, emptiness, is symbolized by the empty circle. The famous Yin/Yang symbol represents Tai Chi: the black and white within the circle symbolizes the dualistic energies of creation.
The Taoists of ancient China were like early scientists. There was nothing mystical or religious about the Tao. The Tao was simply a name they gave the energy that contained the seed of the material universe with the two aspects called yin and yang. Their ideas were not very different from the model used by modern scientists to describe matter which is composed of atoms which in turn are composed of negatively charged electrons, analogous to yin, and positively charged protons, analogous to yang. What the Taoists called the Tao, is called electromagnetic waves by scientists in our time. By balancing Yin/Yang energies within the body we can return to Wu Chi, an embodied state of Oneness.

Yin/Yang Balance and Cellular consciousness

The balance between Yin and Yang can be observed on many levels. The body needs to be understood as a holographic reality as opposed to a chemical matter based object as it is most often viewed by allopathic medicine. Modern researchers have confirmed the holographic nature of the body. Prof. Fritz Albert Popp, a german Nobel Prize winner in physics, investigated the relationship between coherence and the biophoton energy in our cells. He was able to prove that living cells emit and absorb light. A healthy cell emits coherent light and an unhealthy cell emits chaotic light. He also observed that the storage time of light is relative to the quality of the cell. He also discovered that the dying process of a cell is identical to that of a star. Shortly before its death, it will turn into a supernova, whereby its radiation increases a thousand-fold. According to Popp the most basic sub-molecular component of our body is made up of particles of light called biophotons. These biophotons make up the electromagnetic frequency patterns that are found in all living organisms. This matrix or field of frequency oscillations provides the energetics behind all cellular function, including DNA/RNA interaction. Cell membranes scan and convert signals into electromagnetic information as proteins within the cell's bi-layer change shape to vibrations of specific resonant frequencies.
A lack of coherency of the body's electromagnetic energy system leads to a breakdown in the body's self-healing mechanisms. Our thoughts and emotions are also frequency patterns and have a direct relationship on our energy field, health and our physical, emotional and mental well-being.
Peter Mandel has found many different micro-acupuncture holograms in the body, including in the hands, fingers, feet, toes, ear, tongue, on the skull and more. Mandel states that these micro-systems are holographic mirrors of the entire body. Just as in Bohm's assertion that every electron in some way contains the cosmos, Mandel has proven that for example every finger contains the information of the entire body. We can assume that even every cell may contain its own acupuncture micro-system.
It is the holographic nature of the body's energy field that provides physical, mental, emotional and spiritual feedback into areas of incoherence. It is exactly these energy fields that I access when using dowsing. The goal is to bring back the life-affirming state of coherence and equilibrium which has been distorted by our inner conflicts, trauma, beliefs and thought forms so we may come into a true state of embodied Wholeness.

Polarities, Karma and the Soul

We know that what animates the body is what we call the soul. During my studies of a french homeopathy system I learned to actually verify the validity of the fact that the soul is known by the name which was given at birth by the parents. The developer of this system calls the state of Yin/Yang balance or being Yin/Yang positive as the state of being on one's identity. In other words the soul in this case is driving the body and this is a healthy state. This actually means on a cellular level that the cell membrane is permeable for nutrients to pass through the membrane as it is in equilibrium. If I for example muscle test the statement "I am Ursula-Maria" with Kinesiology and the test is strong, this means that I am on my identity. The resonance of my voice will confirm this, as it will sound from within my body as opposed to sounding as if outside the body.
Often when a client comes to see me for the first time, the person may not be on their identity. The reason is often some subconscious conflicts with a spouse or another close family member. These conflicts whether they are conscious or subconscious can turn the person Yin/Yang negative and they are no longer on their identity.
What I have observed is that the charge of the conflict is literally held in the cells through a polarity, often turning the Yin/Yang balance upside down on many levels within the many aspects of the body: the organs, senses, body systems, endocrine glands etc. When we unravel those conflicts during a healing session, the person is shifting out of these polarities and is more and more aligned with the soul. In fact I have noted that when we unravel the most primal conflicts within the matrix of the cellular memories, we often encounter the next level of cellular memory which is of past lives and which we could call karmic.
The way the charge of the polarity is held within the body has to do with how we reacted to certain experiences. Often these reactions happen as unconscious survival mechanism of the body. For example if someone was beaten as a child such as fear which is recorded in the Kindney/Bladder meridian. Sometimes there are conscious reactions such as resentment, which can be found most often in the gallbladder meridian or anger in the liver meridian.
Often those feelings are held in the subconscious and we attract and repeat the same feelings over and over because it is played out by the electromagnetic charge held in the body like a recording. In the earlier part of this article I explained that the lower calibrating emotions are referred to as "Attractor fields" in physics. A true unraveling of those cellular polarities can result in the release of the electromagnetic imprints called karma. When we are clear of those cellular imprints we are able again to feel without reacting.
Clear feeling or clarity of pure awareness is taught in spiritual teachings such as Buddhism through meditation. My observation is that meditation becomes much more effortless when the negative charges held in the cellular memory are cleared. Using the analogy of the Map of Consciousness® we can say that the higher calibrating attractor fields of pure awareness become more of an embodied state as we clear the lower calibrating fields of negative emotional patterns. Peter Mandel has pointed out in his seminars that the new spirituality emerging on earth will be an embodied spirituality. When we embody the state of Tao we truly become one with creation and are able to express the sacredness of life.

Attainment of Rainbow Body

In Tibetan Buddhism there are teachings such as in the Bon tradition where the five elements of the body are being used to refine the physical body to support the state of clear awareness or meditation. Those teachings say that in turn the meditation practice transforms the physical body into the pure body. It is my understanding that when we use the body and its five elements in accord with the soul's intent of being of service and to learn the laws of creation such as the law of compassion and love, the physical body transforms to the degree that the very smell of the body becomes a fragrance. This is not to be confused with the magical appearance of beautiful fragrances which come and go and which would be called a Siddhi. What I am referring to is the result of true transmutation into pure love or compassion.
When I was traveling in India I visited several temples, which were built for enlightened Masters. What I liked about those places is the fact that they all had the peaceful vibration of enlightenment, but each of the temples had a different feeling like different fragrances. I am reminded of reading in the book "Love without End, Jesus speaks" (Ref.2) where Jesus says "Who you are is love" and "only you can love the way you love."
I have been drawn to the Tibetan Buddhist teaching of attaining Rainbow Body and truly believe that this is not only possible for select Tibetan Masters but it is the evolutionary potential of human beings as we grow into the love that we are. There is a study being conducted by the Institute of Noetic Sciences (Ref 3) by David Steindl-Rast and Father Tiso. The story is covered by the Snow Lion Newsletter (Ref 4) and it describes how at the time of death of certain highly evolved Tibetan Masters rainbows appear in the sky and that the body of the Master disappears into radiating light, often releasing a beautiful fragrance and sometimes accompanied by beautiful celestial music. Both Tiso and Steindl-Rast emphasize that these experiences are said to occur only in highly evolved individuals who are the embodiment of compassion and love. They speculate these qualities- conscience and consciousness- are a driving force of evolution.
It is my hope that the healing modalities of Sacred Transformation may be of help to those who wish to embody those qualities of conscience and compassion and want to live the purpose of the soul through their sacred embodiment.
Thanka depicting the attainment of Rainbow body

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